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Basic Info

What is Sarcosine?

Sarcosine (Creatine, N-methylglycine) is a sort of non-protein amino acid. As an intermediate in the natural metabolic rate of choline to glycine, it is very important to the human body. There are four sources of it: the body itself Synthesis, chemical synthesis, plant extraction, food resource. The polymer with sarcosine as the repeating system, specifically polysarcosine (pSar), has excellent biocompatibility, as well as its degradation items are completely physiologically safe, as well as polysarcosine is uncharged and also has excellent fondness Liquid and also stealth impacts.

Sarcosine is an intermediate in the natural metabolism of choline. It is a light yellow solid at normal temperature and pressure. It can be fully liquified in water, however its solubility in organic solvents is reduced. Sarcosine is an amino acid with 2 ionizing teams that can be ionized right into positive as well as adverse ions in water. At pH=7, sarcosine exists as its neutral molecule, while at pH > 7 it will certainly be adversely billed, and at pH<7 it will certainly be positively charged. Sarcosine belongs to amino acid derivatives and also can be used as an intermediate in biochemistry and organic synthesis. It is mostly made use of for ligand synthesis and modification in biochemical chemistry research and organic chemical reactions. Sarcosine is optically active, and there are two optical isomers, namely D-sarcosine as well as L-sarcosine, amongst which L-sarcosine is the kind existing in nature and also the primary type of sarcosine in the human body element.

Sarcosine Uses

  1. Sarcosine can boost individuals’s intelligence, especially for celebrations that call for “momentary intelligence renovation” such as pupil examinations.
  2. Sarcosine can be used as a dye stabilizer for industrial products and also as an amino acid surfactant in everyday chemicals. It is likewise the primary raw material for the production of creatine monohydrate, a tiredness healing representative for healthcare medications. It takes part in the synthesis of anti-enzyme representatives and also can as an organic reagent.
  3. Sarcosine is an intermediate in the manufacturing of glycine from nutritional choline. It is utilized in the manufacture of tooth pastes as well as biodegradable surfactants. Sarcosine is located in veggies, pork, egg yolk, turkey and also beans. The normal focus of sarcosine in human lotion and also urine are 1.4 µ M and also 1.6 µ M specifically.
  4. Supplementing sarcosine can boost muscular tissue anaerobic strength and also explosive power. Sarcosine exists in the muscle in the form of phosphocreatine. The human body generally counts on ATP to offer energy throughout high-intensity exercise, however the ATP reserve in the human body is extremely tiny and also needs continual synthesis. Phosphocreatine can advertise the synthesis of ATP.
  5. Sarcosine can properly enhance sports efficiency, strength, recovery time and also pure lean muscle mass. Sarcosine exists in the muscle in the type of phosphocreatine. The body primarily depends on ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to provide energy throughout high-intensity exercise, yet the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) get in the human body is really small and calls for constant synthesis. Can promote the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

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Application of Sarcosine

As an amino acid, sarcosine has certain solubility and ionicity in water, and also has certain thermal stability and optical activity. It can participate in a variety of chemical reactions, such as reacting with glucose to form choline, and can also participate in the formation of acid alkali reaction etc. Sarcosine can be used as an organic synthesis reagent to participate in the synthesis and modification of organic ligands, and is also used to prepare organic molecules with specific biological activities. Sarcosine can be used as a dye stabilizer for industrial products, as an amino acid surfactant in daily chemicals, and it is also the main raw material for the production of creatine monohydrate, a fatigue recovery agent for health care medicines. It participates in the synthesis of anti-enzyme agents and can be used as a biological reagent. Sarcosine is a compound widely used in medicine, health care products, food and other fields. Sarcosine, as a commonly used sports nutrition supplement, can improve the explosive power and exercise capacity of human muscles. During high-intensity, short-term exercise, supplementing creatine can increase the creatine reserves in the muscles and improve the energy utilization efficiency of the muscles. In addition, sarcosine can also improve human immunity and anti-fatigue ability, and has a health care effect. In health care products, sarcosine is usually used together with other nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. In the field of medicine, the compound can be used to synthesize drug molecules for treating various diseases. In addition, this compound can be used as a flavor enhancer in food, which has the effect of increasing umami taste and improving the taste of food. In some beverages, meat products, and instant foods, sarcosine is widely used as a common condiment additive use.


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