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Basic Info of Pure Sandalwood Oil

What is Pure Sandalwood Oil?

The scent of sandalwood oil is recognized for its woody, wonderful preference and is often utilized as the base for items such as scents, perfumes, cosmetics and aftershaves. It mixes well with other essential oils, making it an optimal friend oil.

The best quality sandalwood is indian sandalwood, Latin name: Santalum album. Sandalwood is also produced in Hawaii and Australia, but not in the same quality and purity as indian sandalwood. Demand for indian sandalwood has been increasing and prices have been rising, making it one of the most expensive essential oils on the market.

The main ingredients of sandalwood diffuser oil are α-santalol, β-santalol, α-santalene and β-santalene. These molecules are the source of best sandalwood oil’s intense fragrance. Also contains tricyclic santalal, trans-alpha-bergamotene, alpha-arcurcumene, citronol, alpha-santalal and beta-santalal.

Alpha-santaol in particular has been evaluated for a variety of health benefits, ranging from improving blood sugar control in mice, reducing inflammation, helping to reduce the proliferation of skin cancers, and more. The benefits of sandalwood are many, some are more prominent.

Pure Sandalwood Oil Uses

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Benefits of Pure Sandalwood Oil

A major benefit of sandalwood is that it promotes mental clarity when used as an incense or perfume. A 2006 study evaluated the effects of best sandalwood oil on levels of attention and arousal.

Compared to the control group, those who used sandalwood oil felt more awake and exhibited behaviors with corresponding increases in attention and cognitive clarity. If you need to concentrate during a certain period, consider sniffing sandalwood oil to maintain clarity and focus.

Best sandalwood oil also helps create a feeling of relaxation and calm. The 2006 study discussed above found that while sandalwood can help relax when sniffing or massaging the skin, it doesn’t promote drowsiness the way lavender does. Instead, it promotes what the researchers call a sense of harmony, more like a present, clear, but peaceful awareness.

Another study, published in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, found that among patients receiving hospice care, those who were treated with sandalwood diffuser oil aromatherapy compared with those who did not receive treatment. Patients feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Since one of the benefits of sandalwood diffuser oil is mental clarity, it can also act as a memory booster. It can be difficult to remember important things when we are overwhelmed and stressed, so use best sandalwood oil to improve mental clarity to help improve memory.

Sandalwood diffuser oil is also an aphrodisiac that can help boost libido, especially in men, and help provide energy. Adding sandalwood essential oil to a massage oil or topical lotion is a great option.

Best sandalwood oil is a mild astringent, which means it can cause slight contractions in our soft tissues, such as our gums and skin. Many shaving creams and facial toners use best sandalwood oil as one of the main ingredients to help soothe, firm, and cleanse the skin.

Best sandalwood oil is an excellent antiviral agent. It has been found to be beneficial in preventing the replication of common viruses such as herpes simplex virus. It can be used on the skin to reduce inflammation caused by mild skin irritations, such as superficial wounds, pimples, warts or boils. Mix with base oil before applying directly to skin, test on a small area of skin first. It has also been used to treat urinary and chest infections for centuries. You can also add a few drops of sandalwood diffuser oil to a glass of water and use it as a mouthwash if you have a sore throat.

Best sandalwood oil is also an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve mild inflammation such as insect bites, contact irritation, or other skin conditions. It is believed that sandalwood works in a similar way to NSAID medications, but sandalwood essential oil has no potential side effects.

Best sandalwood oil is great at treating coughs because of its relaxing properties. It can also help fight bacteria or viruses that are the root cause of coughs and other respiratory illnesses. Put a few drops on a paper towel or washcloth and slowly inhale the scent of the essential oil to help reduce the severity and duration of your cough.

Best sandalwood oil has the potential to lower blood pressure. A 2004 study found that when subjects applied sandalwood diffuser oil directly to their skin without deliberately smelling it, systolic blood pressure was reduced compared to a control group.

Endometriosis is a painful condition caused by the lining of the uterus growing outside the uterus. Taking 3 drops of sandalwood oil daily may help reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

Best sandalwood oil contains high amounts of antioxidants that help reduce damage caused by free radicals, which can accelerate aging.

Due to its relaxing properties, sandalwood oil fights spasms of nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Try diffusing sandalwood diffuser oil with an aromatherapy lamp or other aromatherapy device.

Areas of Application of Pure Sandalwood Oil

  1. Change fragrance: Apply a small amount of sandalwood necessary oil to the body and skin, to ensure that the all-natural and also elegant fragrance will certainly last for a very long time, which is better than the solid chemical smell of perfume.
  2. Anti-mosquito bites: With the favorable yang power of sandalwood, it can repel all sort of mosquito harassment, particularly ideal for outings.
  3. Eliminate the warm as well as alleviate fatigue: Summer season warmth is especially simple to make individuals tired and sleepy. Right now, apply best sandalwood oil, utilize the scent of pure and also healthy and balanced power, the fragrance will get rid of the orifices, the coolness will certainly be leisurely, the breath will certainly pass through the top of the foot, and also the mind will be freshened.
  4. Relieve tiredness: the incense of old sandalwood is the king of sanctity, pure yang gas, qi goes into the nose, strolls twelve meridians, and also circulates in 8 directions. The pure yang power in the body is raised, naturally, the spirit is a hundred times more powerful, as well as there is no exhaustion.
  5. Soothe the nerves and purify the heart: Top quality sandalwood, made use of for aromatic and also elegant scent when shedding, can get rid of the body and mind, eliminate irritation, manage breathing, promote rest, enhance immunity, etc, the old royal family members, nobles, princes as well as preachers are all valuable sandalwood fragrant behavior.
  6. Stay clear of evil and also eliminate filth: The fragrance of sandalwood is exemplary, which has the favorable power to eliminate all dirty qi, use sandalwood vital oil, detoxify the mind and body, and stop all wicked and also turbidity, particularly joining various dharma seminars, or making offerings to the expert, it is very essential. Pure spiritual things.
  7. Necessary oil fumigation and also crucial oil baths.


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If you have a demand for pure sandalwood oil and related products, please contact our service staff Zhishang Chemical – White directly, and we will provide you with high-quality products at the best price.

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