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Basic Info

What is Salicylaldehyde?

Salicylaldehyde, also known as o-hydroxybenzaldehyde, 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde, is a colorless oily liquid at room temperature, with a burnt and almond smell. Salicylaldehyde is a raw material for preparing a variety of chelating ligands, which can be prepared by heating phenol and chloroform in sodium hydroxide solution to undergo a Reemer-Tiemann reaction. It is an important fine chemical product, widely used in the synthesis of intermediates such as pesticides, medicines, spices, dyes, etc.

O-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is a fine chemical product with a wide range of uses, and is widely used in the synthesis of pesticides, medicines, spices, chelating agents, dye intermediates, etc. In terms of pesticides, halogenated salicylaldehyde, salicylaldehyde hydrazone and phenylhydrazone are all important raw materials for the preparation of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and preservatives; in medicine, salicylaldehyde can be used to prepare antibacterial drugs, and as Production of intermediates of racemic pituitary-stimulating gonadal hormones and production of adrenaline-mimetic drugs and anti-cough and asthma drugs; also used in the preparation of porous plastics and as antioxidants for plastics, metal passivators for oil refining industries, etc. ; Low concentration of o-hydroxybenzaldehyde is often used as a preservative in flavors and fragrances because of its strong ability to reduce bacterial activity.

Salicylaldehyde Uses

  1. Used as analytical reagents, flavors, gas ingredients and also organic synthesis.
  2. Basic material for natural synthesis, used to make coumarin and prepare tastes such as violets, and likewise used as insecticides.
  3. Used as analytical reagent, also made use of in natural synthesis.
  4. GB 2760– 1996 stipulates that it is enabled to make use of edible seasonings. Mainly made use of to prepare cinnamon as well as nut tastes.
  5. The product is an intermediate of spices and also other organic synthesis.
  6. Decision of hydrazine. Photometric resolution of scandium. Extraction and splitting up of nickel as well as cobalt. Test the smell of nickel, copper, as well as fusel alcohols and ketones, and natural synthesis. flavors.

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Application of Salicylaldehyde

CN201811305638.0 discloses a method for preparing liquid crystal materials, which belongs to the technical field of liquid crystal materials. The raw materials o-ethylaniline and o-hydroxybenzaldehyde used in the present invention are both cheap and easy to obtain, wherein o-ethylaniline is brominated through the protection of acetyl groups , Suzuki coupling, deprotection, diazotization, halogenation, lithiation and boration to obtain the intermediate biphenylboronic acid; at the same time, o-Hydroxybenzaldehyde undergoes bromination, Williamson etherification reaction, Wittig reaction, hydroboration? oxidation reaction to obtain the intermediate Bromobenzene containing alcohol ether, biphenylboronic acid and bromobenzene containing alcohol ether were subjected to Suzuki coupling, ester formation and deprotection to obtain the final liquid crystal material. The solvent used in the present invention is relatively environment-friendly, easy to operate and has few risk factors, the Suzuki coupling reaction does not produce coupling impurities produced by multi-substituted halogenated products, and the single-step reaction has high selectivity. The invention adopts convergent route design, the total yield can reach more than 40%, the cost is low, and the economic benefit is good.

Preparation of Salicylaldehyde


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