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What is Ruthenium Nitrosyl Nitrate?

Ruthenium nitrosyl nitrate can be used as a precursor to prepare ammonia synthesis catalyst, which is the most important catalyst in the ammonia synthesis industry.

Ruthenium (III) nitrite solution is widely used as a precursor for preparing Ru based catalysts and thick film resistors.

Ruthenium (III) nitrosyl nitrate solution is used for inorganic catalysis.

Ruthenium Nitrosyl Nitrate Uses

Trinitro nitroso ruthenium is a kind of coordination complex, which is used as a catalyst for research purposes.

Ruthenium (III) nitrosyl nitrate is used as a catalyst in various reactions, namely hydrogenation, carbonylation, hydrosilylation, hydroformylation, CX coupling (such as Heck, Suzuki, Stille) and chiral catalytic reactions. It is also used to produce thick film resistors.

Ruthenium (III) nitrite solution can be used as synthesis precursor:

  • Ru catalyst supported on activated carbon was used for the hydrothermal degradation of alkali lignin.
  • The submicron crystalline ruthenium salt powder was obtained by spray pyrolysis.

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Application of Ruthenium Nitrosyl Nitrate

CN201210024855.9 provides an ammonia synthesis catalyst using ruthenium nitrosyl nitrate as a precursor and a preparation method thereof. The catalyst is composed of (RuL+M1+M2)/AC, RuL-M1-M2/AC, M1- (RuL+M2)/AC, one of M1-(RuL+M2)-M1/AC, wherein AC is graphitized activated carbon; M1 is one of barium, magnesium, ammonium nitrate, acetate or Various mixtures; M2 is one or more mixtures of alkali metal sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium, rare earth metal nitrate, acetate, hydroxide; RuL is ruthenium nitrosyl nitrate complex; ruthenium The impregnation amount is 2-9% of the weight of activated carbon, the impregnation amount of M1 is 4-16% of the weight of activated carbon, and the impregnation amount of M2 is 10-20% of the weight of activated carbon; the active component Ru and additives are impregnated multiple times with equal volume impregnated onto the carrier. The equipment and process of the present invention are simple, the preparation period is short, and it is easy to realize large-scale production; the catalyst prepared by the present invention is compared with the existing ruthenium-based ammonia synthesis catalyst with ruthenium chloride as a precursor, and the preparation efficiency of the catalyst is greatly improved. cost-effective.

CN201510083129.8 provides a method for preparing a phthalate hydrogenation catalyst, characterized in that: the carrier is one or a combination of amorphous silicon aluminum or silicon dioxide, and the BET specific surface area of the carrier is 80 -400m2/g, pore volume 0.2-3.0ml/g, pore diameter 5-20nm; the active component is noble metal Ru, the elemental Ru content is 0.02~1.3%wt; the chlorine content of the catalyst accounts for the total weight of the catalyst≤0.05%wt, prepared The following steps are adopted: slowly drop dilute ammonia water into the ruthenium-containing solution, and adjust the pH of the solution to 7.0-12.0; impregnate the carrier with the solution, and dry immediately after saturated adsorption, at a drying temperature of 60-150 ° C for 1-8 hours; roasting temperature of 150 -300℃, roasting for 1-6h. The catalyst for preparing the solid salt containing Ru is selected from one or more mixtures of ruthenium (III) acetate and ruthenium (III) nitrosyl nitrate. The prepared catalysts need to be activated by H2 reduction before being used for evaluation. The application fields of the catalyst include: the hydrogenation reaction of phthalates to produce 1,2-cyclohexanedicarboxylates.


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