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Basic Info of Rose Essential Oil

What is Rose Essential Oil?

Rose has abundant cultural connotation and also sensible value. Its blossom tastes sweet, somewhat bitter, tepid in nature, and comes from the liver, spleen, and belly meridians, as well as is fragrant as well as spread. Rose is also a conventional Chinese medicine in my country. It is pointed out in lots of Chinese medicine standards. It can profit the spleen as well as lungs, profit the liver and also gallbladder, prevent evil qi, and also eat it with a pleasant scent, which is revitalizing. There are many selections of roses, which meet the needs of seasoning as complies with: Rosaceae Rosaceae, deciduous hedges. Native to Northwest China. Shandong, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, northeast and northwest all have. The yearly output of climbed oil in China has to do with 100kg; Damascus climbed: likewise referred to as Turkic climbed. Taxonomic name Rosa damascena Mill. Belonging To Asia Minor, generally Bulgaria. Bulgarian climbed oil accounts for the world’s biggest manufacturing; 100-leaf rose: also referred to as May rose. Taxonomic name Rosa centifolial. The primary creating locations are France and Morocco; black rose: scientific name Rosa thea hydrida. Flowers are purple. Zhejiang has a certain growing area, and also the yearly output of Mohong extract is about 1000kg.

Rose oil is a light yellow or yellow-red fluid. It is a necessary oil obtained by steam purification of climbed flowers. The oil return is 0.02% to 0.04%. There are lots of ranges of roses, which satisfy the demands of flavor as follows: Crinkle-leaf increased: scientific name Rosa rugosa Thunb. Rose oil is called liquid gold, and 275 parts of climbed oil have been determined. There are 9 kinds with a content of more than 1%: citronellol 38%, veggie wax 16%, geraniol 14%, nerol 7%, phenethyl alcohol 2.8%, eugenol methyl ether 2.4%, linalool 1.2%, Eugenol 1.2%, Farnesol 1.2%. It has been confirmed that trace parts such as rose ether, rose furan, and nerolidol have a special payment to the scent of roses.

Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world and is known as the “after important oils”. In particular, the climbed vital oil from Damascus, Bulgaria, can lighten and also get rid of spots. It is far better to utilize with jojoba oil, which is the purest worldwide. Rose blossoms are picked out in the early morning within 24 hr to extract the yellow-brown increased oil. Concerning five tons of blossoms can just remove two pounds of increased oil, so it is among one of the most costly necessary oils in the world.

Rose Essential Oil Uses

  1. The charm effect of rose is popular, particularly for completely dry, sensitive and also aging skin.
  2. Rose essential oil can boost the skin’s immune feature as well as boost the skin’s natural moisturizing system.
  3. Rose essential oil can enhance the task of flexible fibers and collagen fibers.
  4. Soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory, gradually conditioning and converging micro-vessels, and has a certain curative effect on cheek redness caused by micro-vessel dilation.
  5. Rose essential oil can effectively regulate the balance of the endocrine system, lighten spots inside and outside, promote the decomposition and metabolism of melanin, so that women have fair, elastic and healthy skin.
  6. Rose can stimulate the secretion of women’s own hormones, increase the level of estrogen in the body, maintain the body’s sensitivity to sex hormones, increase the body’s response to estrogen, thereby speeding up fat metabolism, making women have obvious concave and convex contours of the waist and abdomen. Plump and firm breasts.
  7. Rose essential oil Rose with strong feminine qualities is a superior uterine tonic.
  8. Rose has a strong effect of nourishing the body and mind: it can improve the body’s immunity, regulate hormone levels, promote circulation and metabolism, improve and enhance the function of the urinary system, diuresis, strengthen the kidneys, and promote the elimination and metabolism of toxins.
  9. Rose has certain antibacterial and antibacterial functions; and can promote intestinal peristalsis, has a laxative effect, purifies the digestive tract, helps toxin elimination and metabolism, can improve nausea, vomiting and constipation; and can enhance and improve liver function, Remove toxins, especially to reduce the toxic effect of alcohol on the liver, improve liver congestion caused by excessive alcohol.
  10. Rose can balance and strengthen the function of the gastrointestinal tract, regulate the secretion of digestive juice, and promote digestion and absorption; it has a certain adjustment and improvement effect on chronic diseases such as indigestion and excessive gastric acid secretion; Stomach pain has significantly improved function.

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Application of Rose Essential Oil

CN201210161572.9 discloses a multi-purpose nutrient solution of rose oil, which can give full play to the rich nutritional value and pharmacological effect of rose oil, and can be used as an edible additive solution or alone. With rose oil as the main ingredient, supplemented by collagen, olive oil, honey, vitamin E oil, mixed and prepared. The present invention has multiple functions such as regulating human immunity and nervous system, helping to improve endocrine, removing organ sclerosis, adsorbing cells, and promoting digestive tract function.

CN201810834700.9 discloses a preparation method of a beauty and skin care emulsion containing rose oil, which belongs to the technical field of emulsion preparation. The preparation method of the present invention comprises: preparation of rose oil, preparation of Poria cocos extract, preparation of aqueous phase material and liquid, and oil phase The process of liquid preparation and emulsification. The cosmetic skin care emulsion prepared by the invention has no chemical addition, has excellent cosmetic skin care effect, can make the skin smooth and translucent after long-term use, and is suitable for allergy-prone people.

Four Whitening Methods of Rose Essential Oil

  1. Rose oil massage and whitening
    Dilute the single rose essential oil with the base oil, apply the diluted rose essential oil evenly to the skin, and then massage properly until the skin completely absorbs the rose essential oil, and then apply daily skin care products. . You can see the whitening effect after using it for a while.
  2. Rose essential oil face wash and whitening
    Before washing your face every day, put one or two drops of rose essential oil in a hot water basin, then stir well, wash your face with the prepared water, and massage gently while washing your face, so wash your face for about two or three minutes, and then dry the water stains, apply skin care products. Using rose essential oil in this way can also have a whitening effect.
  3. Rose essential oil sunscreen whitening
    Use antioxidant-rich essential oils to provide the skin with a protective barrier against free radicals and prevent premature skin aging. Mix rose oil with your daily moisturizing day cream and rub on the face and neck area.
  4. Whitening rose oil mask
    You can add a drop or two of rose essential oil into the mask liquid before using the compress mask, or you can make your own mask with rose essential oil. The use of rose essential oil mask can hydrate and whiten at the same time. Depending on the materials used, the mask can also exert more effects. However, it is best not to use it every day. It is better to use a rose essential oil mask every few days for whitening.


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