The Use and Purification of Rice Bran Wax

rice bran wax
Product Description:

Refined rice bran wax is a pure natural vegetable wax. The natural rice bran oil contains about 3% rice bran wax, and the rice bran wax with higher purity is obtained after deoiling, degumming, impurity removal, and decolorization.

Refined rice bran wax products have similar properties and uses to natural waxes such as carnauba wax, candelilla wax and beeswax to a certain extent.

  1. Rice bran wax used as cosmetics and Pharmaceutical excipients.
  2. Rice bran wax used for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, food packaging, chewing gum and other candy accessories.
  3. Rice bran wax used for shoe polish, floor wax, glazing wax for automobiles, leather, instruments and furniture.
  4. As raw materials for printing materials, inks, pigments, carbon paper, high-gloss paper, photo paper, etc.
  5. Replace or partially replace industrial waxes with poor safety, such as paraffin wax, montan wax, polyethylene wax, etc.
  6. Replace or partially replace natural waxes with lower yields and higher prices, such as palm wax, beeswax, candelilla wax, etc.
rice bran wax
Purification of rice bran wax:

Preparation of ternary azeotrope

Considering the performance limitations of single-component solvents, and the performance of mixed solvents basically retain the advantages of each single-component solvent, but can complement the shortcomings, so consider using the mixture to purify to achieve better results. However, the use of mixed solvents increases the difficulty of solvent recovery. In view of this, the use of azeotropes can solve the difficulties of solvent preparation and recovery. Based on the experience that esters, ketones and alcohols can activate each other to improve the performance of the solvent, and considering the influence of water, the ternary azeotrope of ethyl acetate-ethanol-water is used as the solvent for the purification of rice bran wax.

Purification method of rice bran wax

Take a certain amount of wax paste in a beaker, add a certain proportion of ternary azeotrope, stir and mix at a certain temperature for purification. When the purified mixture is cooled to the wax and oil stratification, centrifuge at 4000r/min Separate for 20 min. Rotary evaporate the bran wax after centrifugation to separate the organic solvent to obtain solid bran wax.

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