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Basic Info of Retinoic Acido

What is Retinoic Acido?

Retinoic acido is a commonly used drug in dermatology. It is the metabolic intermediate product of vitamin A (vitamin methanol) in the body. It mainly affects the growth of bone and epithelial metabolism, can promote the proliferation and renewal of epithelial cells, and can inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes. It can restore the hyperkeratosis to normal, so it has a certain therapeutic effect on many diseases with complete keratinization, incomplete keratinization and hyperkeratosis, and can treat a variety of skin diseases.

Topical application of retinoic acido penetrates the skin quickly and can significantly increase epithelial cell turnover. In addition, this product also has anti-tumor, promoting wound healing and anti-infection effects.

Retinol, retinal, and retinoin are all used in skin care products to simulate the role of retinoic acid (retinoic acido, also known as all-trans retinoic acid). They will eventually be converted into retinoic acido, so the effect of retinoids is actually similar. However, the stimulation of retinoic acid directly is relatively large, so the common ingredients in skin care products are retinol and retinoid.

Retinoic Acido Uses

  1. Retinoic acido is mainly suitable for the treatment of psoriasis, ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris, acne, lichen planus, verrucous epidermal nevus, subcorneal impetigo, vitiligo, pityriasis rubra pilaris and pityriasis simplex on the face, etc. . In addition, it also has a certain preventive effect on skin cancer.
  2. Retinoic acido for abnormal acne, ichthyosis as well as irregular psoriasis.
  3. Anti-keratosis medicines.
  4. Retinoic acido likewise called retinoic acid, retinoic acid, this item is the metabolic intermediate of vitamin A in the body, which mostly impacts the growth of bone and also the metabolism of epithelial cells, and has the results of advertising epithelial cell spreading and also keratin dissolution.
  5. Retinoic acido can additionally be made use of as an adjuvant therapeutic drug for psoriasis (psoriasis), and also can also be made use of to treat multiple typical warts as well as various skin diseases such as ichthyosis, follicular keratosis, and so on.

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Action Mechanism of Retinoic Acido

Retinoic acido medications exert their pharmacological results via retinoic acid receptors. The successful growth of receptor-selective retinoic acid as well as its scientific application is among the success of this research study.

Retinoic acido receptors come from a subfamily of the nuclear receptor superfamily, which likewise consists of steroid, vitamin D and also thyroid hormone receptors and also peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, insect ecdysteroid receptors. receptors and numerous orphan receptors whose ligands are unknown.

Retinoic acido can increase the DNA synthesis as well as mitotic index of skin cells by regulating the mitogen impact of skin development factor, generate skin hyperplasia, as well as thicken the granular layer as well as the spinous cell layer.

An additional vital function is to advertise the distinction of epidermal granular layer cells to the stratum corneum by influencing K1, K10 keratinase hydrolysis, impacting the process of filaggrin to filaggrin and the development of cross-linked envelope in the later stage of epidermal cell distinction.

Its activity on melanocytes is multi-site, and it has repressive impacts on the tasks of three sorts of catalytic enzymes such as tyrosine hydroxylase, dopa oxidase and dihydroxyindole oxidase, consequently decreasing melanin formation as well as skin coloring. It has no result on normal human melanocyte tyrosinase activity and melanin structure.

Retinoic acido can extend the maturation process of basal cells of sebaceous glands, decrease the variety of sweat glands, and lower the proportion of proliferating cells in sebaceous glands, leading to minimized sebum synthesis.

It can hinder the movement of neutrophils, prevent the manufacturing of arachidonic acido and also its metabolites, hinder the production of leukotrienes and also oxide anions by neutrophils, and prevent the launch of lysosomes.

It influences both humoral resistance as well as mobile immunity. Reduced dosages have immunostimulatory impacts, while low and high doses have immunosuppressive effects. It can boost the variety of Langerhans cells in the skin and prevent lymphocyte expansion.

Retinoic acido can remedy or avoid the irregular biochemical structure and also morphological structure of facial connective cells triggered by harmful factors such as ultraviolet radiation, promote the synthesis of extracellular matrix healthy protein in the skin, and also increase the development of brand-new connective cells bands in the top dermis.

The Preparation Method of Retinoic Acido


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