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Basic Info

What is Resorcinol?

Resorcinol is likewise referred to as 1,3-benzenediol, and also its typical name is Resoxin. It is an anemic crystal, which reddens under the activity of light and damp air. The specific gravity is 1.28. The melting point is 109-111 ° C. The boiling point is 280-281 ° C. Soluble in water, ethanol and ether, a little soluble in benzene, virtually insoluble in chloroform. There are lots of artificial courses of resorcinol reported in the literature, and also there are just 2 developed ones, particularly benzene sulfonation alkali blend method and also m-dicumyl oxidation approach.

This item has antiseptic, fungicidal and antipruritic results, its bactericidal result is 1/3 of that of phenol, and also its irritability as well as corrosiveness are additionally tiny. Reduced focus has the impact of advertising keratin regrowth, as well as high concentration has the result of keratin exfoliation.

Resorcinol Uses

Resorcinol is used as a basic material for dyes as well as plastic artificial fibers, and also is utilized in rubber tire cord dipping, material, film, farming film and explosives and various other sectors.

  1. Organic chemical resources
    Resorcinol is used in natural chemical basic materials such as artificial celluloid, tannic acid, p-aminosalicylic acid, m-chlorophenol, trinitroresorcinol, etc. Its derivatives are raw materials for lots of great chemicals.
  2. Rubber and also tire industry
    Many resorcinol is made use of in rubber adhesives. It is mostly utilized for wheel cable (towel). Resorcinol, formaldehyde material and resorcinol, formaldehyde and also vinylpyridine synthetic material are utilized as adhesives in the tire industry. The intake of resorcinol in residential cable (fabric) manufacturing is very large. Additionally, residential chemical fiber manufacturing facilities and also cotton spinning factories likewise need resorcinol.
  3. Adhesion promoter
    Adhesives are extensively utilized in my nation, such as rubber, plastic elastomers, wood (laminated timber), light metals, ceramics, fabric products, fibers, paper (laminated paper), and so on, especially for roof covering frameworks and also hull structures. And so forth require a lot of representative. For instance, resorcinol and also formaldehyde material can be used to create adhesives for various products. With the appeal of premium furniture, these adhesives can replace urea collection adhesives, and also the demand is expected to increase.
  4. Agriculture
    Resorcinol can be made use of to synthesize farming movies, as well as can additionally be used to synthesize pesticides (masphos) and herbicides (ethoxyfluorfen).
  5. Dye
    Resorcinol is utilized to synthesize fluorescent dyes as well as acid eosin. It can likewise be blended with catechol, amines and oxidants for hair dyeing and hair dyeing. Furthermore, resorcinol can additionally be made use of to create plasticizers, stabilizers, detonators such as trinitroresorcinol, etc.

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Application of Resorcinol

Resorcinol is an important organic chemical product and synthetic intermediate with a wide range of uses. In tires, hoses and tapes, the use of resorcinol-formaldehyde resin (RF resin) to impregnate rayon and polyamide fiber cords can increase the bonding between the cords and rubber. RF resin can be cured at room temperature and neutral conditions, and will not be eroded by water and will not cause the decomposition of the adherend. Therefore, in addition to being widely used in the rubber industry, it can also be used as an adhesive for synthetic fibers, wood, metal, ceramics, plastics, etc. Treating steel cord with resorcinol-triaryl cyanurate-formaldehyde resin can improve the adhesion of steel wire to rubber. Adding resorcinol, hexamethylenetetramine and silica to the rubber compound can improve the reinforcement of short fibers in the rubber matrix.

Because the polycondensation reaction and curing speed of resorcinol and formaldehyde are fast, it can be used in the modification of phenolic resin and urea-formaldehyde resin to accelerate the curing of the resin and the product has better water resistance. Bis(diphenylphosphonic acid)resorcinol ester synthesized from resorcinol is a non-halogen flame retardant with high thermal stability, suitable for modified polyether, polycarbonate, Plastics such as ABS resin and various thermoplastic resins and polyurethane. Resorcinol has a certain bactericidal effect, and is often used to make ointments and externally applied to treat skin diseases caused by fungi; airgel made of resorcinol and formaldehyde can be used as an electrode of a chemical battery, when saline wastewater Or when seawater passes through the electrode, a large amount of ions in the water can be removed, so that saline waste water can be treated or seawater can be desalinated. Ether compounds prepared from resorcinol can be used as stabilizers and plasticizers for cellulose ethers or esters, crosslinking agents for epoxy resins and unsaturated polyesters, and are also important chemical reagents.

The 2,4-dihydroxybenzoyl ketone prepared by condensation of resorcinol and acetaldehyde can be used to prepare the intermediate of the drug “ethoxylated flavone” for treating coronary heart disease. The 2,4-dihydroxyphenyl ethyl ketone produced by the condensation of resorcinol and propionic acid can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to prepare the neurostimulant “Huisulin”. 2,4,6-trinitro-resorcinol obtained from trinitration or first nitrosation and then oxidation of resorcinol can be used as explosives and propellants containing nitrocellulose. The 2,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid produced by the reaction of resorcinol and carbon dioxide is an intermediate for the preparation of dyes, photosensitive materials and cosmetics. As an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry, it is often used in the synthesis of fungicides and antirheumatic drugs. In the dye industry, instead of salicylic acid as the coupling component, azo dyes with darker color and higher intensity can be synthesized than salicylic acid as the coupling component. In addition, it can also be used to prepare various halogenated, nitrated or sulfonated products of resorcinol.

The m-aminophenol synthesized from resorcinol can be used in medicine to make p-aminosalicylic acid (PAS), a good medicine for treating tuberculosis. In the dye industry, it can be used to make N,N-dimethyl-3-aminophenol, which is used as intermediate of mordant dye and basic dye and photographic developer; it can be used to make 3-anilinophenol, an intermediate of azo dye, to make fur Dyes such as fur brown, fur yellow and so on. In addition, it can also be used as a catalyst for the polymerization of propylene oxide and dimerization of acrylonitrile, as a corrosion inhibitor for metals in alkaline media, and for the production of herbicides, insecticides, antioxidants, stabilizers and developers, etc. . 7-Hydroxyvanillin synthesized from resorcinol and maleic anhydride has antifungal, antibacterial and choleretic activities, and can be used in ointments of medicines; it can also be used to prepare antihypertensive medicines. In addition, it can also be used as a fluorescent whitening agent for plastics, textiles, soaps, and detergents. 4-Methyl-7-hydroxycoumarin obtained from the reaction of resorcinol and ethyl acetoacetate can be used to mask the yellow color in soaps, detergents, paraffin, plastics, fibers and paper, and can also be used as an ultraviolet ray shielding agent. In addition, resorcinol can also be used for fur dyeing and hair dye, as a chemical analysis reagent, as a raw material for the synthesis of plastic polybenzobisoxazole, azo dyes, fluorescent dyes and acid eosin, for Synthetic agricultural films, synthetic insecticides (masphos), herbicides (ethoxyfluorfen, etc.) and intestinal disinfectants, etc.

Resorcinol Derivatives

Resorcinol derivatives were used as antiseptic and antiseptic in the early stage. Since it is similar in structure to the tyrosinase substrate, it is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor, and a low dosage can achieve excellent and rapid skin whitening effect.

Four common resorcinol derivatives on the market: phenylethylresorcinol, 4-butylresorcinol, hexylresorcinol, dimethoxytolyl-4-propylresorcinol phenol.

Numerous literatures show that 4-butylresorcinol is the strongest tyrosinase inhibitor among these resorcinol derivatives.


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