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Basic Info of Pyroxasulfone

What is Pyroxasulfone?

Trifenapyr belongs to the class of very long-chain fatty acid elongation synthase inhibitor herbicides, and exerts its efficacy by inhibiting very long-chain fatty acid elongation synthase (VLCFAE). Meafenazole can inhibit the conversion of stearic acid to arachidic acid, arachidic acid to behenic acid, behenic acid to behenic acid, and behenic acid in the biosynthetic pathway of ultra-long-chain fatty acid synthase in plants It is ceric acid, ceric acid is converted into montanic acid, and finally the synthesis of myristic acid is inhibited.

After application, it is absorbed by young roots and shoots of weeds, inhibits the early growth of seedlings, and destroys meristems and coleoptiles.

Rifenapyr has a wide range of applied crops and can be safely used in corn, cotton, peanuts, wheat, sunflower and other crops; it can effectively control grass weeds such as Setaria, Crabgrass, Barnyardgrass and Amaranth, Datura Broad-leaved weeds such as rosacea, nightshade, and abalone. Trifenapyr is considered the best agent for controlling resistant weeds such as ryegrass in countries such as Australia. Sufenapyr has the characteristics of broad herbicidal spectrum, high activity, low dosage and good safety.

Pyroxasulfone Uses

  1. Widely used and safe for crops
    Trifenapyr can be safely used in a range of crops, such as corn, soybean, cotton, peanut, wheat, sunflower, potato, etc.
  2. Low dosage per unit area
    The dosage of sulfofenazone is 125~250 g a.i./hm2, which is 8~10 times lower than the dosage of metolachlor and acetochlor, only equivalent to 12% of the dosage of S-metolachlor and 10% of the dosage of acetochlor. 10%.
  3. Wide spectrum of herbicides
    Meafenazole can effectively control a series of grass weeds such as foxtail, crabgrass, barnyardgrass, millet, milo, as well as broad weeds such as amaranth, datura, nightshade, amaranth, and Chenopodium. Leafy weeds.
  4. Can be mixed with a variety of drugs
    If used in corn, it can be mixed with atrazine and azithrone; it can be mixed with glyphosate after seedling in glyphosate-resistant corn fields to prevent weeds for a long time; it can be mixed with atrazine in pre-emergence treatment of sorghum fields.

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Application of Pyroxasulfone

Trifenapyr is a novel pyrazole selective herbicide, which is used to control the main grass and broadleaf weeds in dryland crop fields by pre-emergence application. It has a wide range of application times, from pre-plant to post-emergence, and is compatible with most commonly used herbicides.

The mechanism of action is that the biosynthesis of very long-chain fatty acids (VLCFAs) can be greatly reduced after treatment with sulfofenazone and lead to the construction of fatty acid precursors. Meafenazole specifically inhibits many of the elongation steps catalyzed by VLCFAs elongases. Through the indoor activity test and field efficacy test, the results show that 40% sulfofenazone suspending agent is effective against winter wheat field brome, kangaroo, wild oat, and other annual grass weeds, as well as artemisia spp. Some annual broad-leaved weeds have a good control effect. During the period from the sowing of winter wheat to the 1.5-leaf stage of grass weeds, the soil moisture is good or after irrigation and rainfall, add 30-40 L/mu of water, and carry out soil spraying or weeding. In the early post-emergence stem and leaf spray treatment, especially the soil spray treatment has the best control effect. Suitable for use in non-rice-wheat rotation winter wheat fields.

Use at most once in the whole growing season of wheat. It is safe to crops within the dosage range, and no phytotoxicity has occurred. It has no effect on predatory natural enemies and parasitic natural enemies. 40% sulfofenazone suspending agent to control annual grass weeds such as brome and small broad-leaved weeds, the highest formulation dosage is 210 g a.i./hm2, and the maximum application is once. According to the measured data and risk assessment results, The proposed maximum residue limit (MRL) is 0.1 mg/kg, and the safe interval can be suggested as the harvest period.

Characteristics of Sulfofenapyr Herbicide

  1. High activity and low dosage: According to reports by Yang Jichun (2010) and Su Shaoquan (2012) and the labels of foreign registered products, fenfenpyr is an excellent herbicide for pre-emergence soil treatment. According to different soil textures, the dosage is 125-250 g a.i./hm2, 8-10 times lower than the dosage of metolachlor and acetochlor, only equivalent to 12% of the dosage of S-metolachlor and 10% of the dosage of acetochlor.
  2. Wide control spectrum: sulfofenapyr can be used to control a variety of annual grass weeds and broadleaf weeds. The product label of 85% fenfenpyr water dispersible granules registered in the United States shows that fenfenpyr can be effective Controlling more than a dozen annual grass weeds such as barnyardgrass, bluegrass, crabgrass, foxtail, goose grass, wild oat, ryegrass, wild millet, etc. More than a dozen annual broad-leaved weeds such as nightshade, chickweed, quinoa, mandala, abalone, shepherd’s purse, and baogai. The above weeds almost cover the important weed species in common dryland crops in my country, so they have the same applicability in my country.
  3. Applicable to a variety of crops, with good safety: According to the foreign registration label, sulfometazone is suitable for a wide range of crops, and can be used in corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, sunflower, potato, peanut and other crops to control annual grass. Undergraduate weeds and broadleaf weeds. Such a wide range of applicable crops is rare among registered herbicide varieties. In particular, the herbicide varieties registered on the bulk crops of corn and wheat often cannot be shared due to the difference in herbicide selectivity, such as pinoxaden, methyldisulfuron, foxsuulfuron, and pensulam, which are common herbicides in wheat. At present, it is only registered for the control of weeds in wheat fields and cannot be used for the control of weeds in corn fields; for the same reason, commonly used varieties in corn fields such as nicosulfuron, mesotrione, atrazine, metolachlor, benzene Caroxazone, etc. are currently only registered for the control of weeds in corn fields and cannot be used for control of weeds in wheat fields. Investigating the reason, researchers from Japan Combinatorial Chemical Company conducted in-depth research and found that sulfofenapyr cannot inhibit the synthesis of very long-chain fatty acid VLCFA in several tolerant crops of corn, wheat and soybean, but can effectively inhibit weed plants. The synthesis of VLCFAs in the above-mentioned crops and weeds, therefore, creates good selectivity and thus appears safe for tolerant crops. The wide range of use has become a unique and excellent quality of fenflufen, and its successful application in bulk crops has also become its biggest bright spot, providing a good foundation for creating a wider market space.
  4. Good control effect and long lasting effect: According to a series of field experiments conducted by universities and scientific research institutions such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Wannesota, etc. The herbicidal spectrum of oxalazole is similar to that of chloroacetamide herbicides such as acetochlor and metolachlor, but it has a similar herbicidal spectrum to almost all weeds such as abalone, ragweed, Brachiaria, millet, and foxtail. The control effect was better than metolachlor, and the stable control effect lasted for 85 days after spraying; under drought conditions, its control effect on green foxtail, tribulus and amaranth was better than that of S-methachlor; low Dosages are effective for controlling various weeds (see the table below for details).
  5. Good mixability: Because fenflufenazole is safe to use on many crops, and the control spectrum is very wide. Therefore, many researchers at home and abroad have proved that it has a wide range of compounding properties. For example, it is mixed with methyldisulfuron-methyl, diflufenapyr, atrazine, carfenazone, methyl oxazolate, saflufenacil, propinoxafen, sulfentrazone, etc., and is used in the corresponding The crops produced excellent complementary weeding effect.


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