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Basic Info

What is Pyriproxyfen?

Pyriproxyfen, also known as Mieyoubao and pyriproxyfen, is a juvenile hormone chitin synthesis inhibitor developed by Sumitomo Corporation in Japan in the 1980s. It mainly inhibits the synthesis of chitin in pests. The cuticle cannot be formed during molting, so that the eggs of the pests cannot hatch into larvae, and the pupae cannot emerge into adults, thereby killing the pests. The effect is the same as juvenile hormone of insects, and it can inhibit the pupation and eclosion of mosquito and fly larvae. Mosquito and fly larvae will basically die at the pupal stage after exposure to the agent and cannot emerge. The drug has a lasting effect of about one month, is convenient to use, and has no peculiar smell. It is a better drug for killing mosquitoes and flies.

Pyriproxyfen is a phenyl ether insect development regulator, a new kind of pesticide that is an adolescent hormonal agent analogue. It has systemic transfer task, low toxicity, long duration, safety and security to plants, low toxicity to fish, and environmental management Attributes with little influence. It has an excellent control effect on whitefly, range bug, diamondback moth, beetroot armyworm, spodoptera litura, pear psyllid, thrips, etc. At the same time, this item has a great control impact on flies, mosquitoes as well other hygienic parasites. It can be made use of to manage bugs of Homoptera, Thysanoptera, Diptera and also Lepidoptera. Its inhibitory result on insects is influencing the molt and reproduction of bugs.

Pyriproxyfen Uses

Phenyl ether insect growth regulator is an adolescent hormone-type chitin synthesis inhibitor. It has the features of high effectiveness, less dose, long duration, safety to plants, low poisoning to fish, as well as little effect on the eco-friendly setting. It can be utilized to manage parasites of Homoptera, Thysanoptera, Diptera as well as Lepidoptera. Its repressive result on insects is affecting the molt and also recreation of pests. For the sanitary insects of mosquitoes as well as flies, the use of low dosages of this product in the late 4th instar larvae will result in the death of the pupation phase and also prevent the development of adults. When in operation, the granules are directly put on the sewer fish pond or spread on the surface where mosquitoes and also flies breed. It can likewise regulate sweet potato whitefly as well as scale pests. Pyroxyfen likewise has systemic transfer task affecting larvae hiding on the underside of fallen leaves.

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Application of Pyriproxyfen

Bifenthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide/miticide that is classified as cyano-free pyrethroids. This active ingredient can efficiently prevent as well as control bugs through call and also tummy activity, without systemic and airing out effects, with vast insecticidal range, fast action and also lengthy recurring effect duration. It can be made use of to regulate different insects as well as red spiders on cotton, fruit trees, veggies, tea trees and other crops. CN201210582021.X located that the combination of bifenthrin as well as pyriproxyfen can be made use of to successfully prevent or regulate bugs. This combination functions particularly well. The collaborating combination of bifenthrin and also pyriproxyfen appropriates for the control of animal bugs located in farming, pet health, forestry, yard as well as leisure tools, defense and also hygiene of stored products.

Insecticidal cycle, English name: thiocyclam, chemical name: N,N-dimethyl-1,2,3-trithiacyclohexyl-5-amine and its oxalate. Insecticidal ring is a nereistoxin insecticide, which has stomach poisoning, contact killing, and systemic effects, and can conduct to the top. The action site is the cholinergic synapse, which blocks the normal transmission of nerves so that the nerves of pests do not produce external stimuli. Reaction, when the pest touches or eats the pesticide, the insect body will be sluggish, paralyzed, and die. Insecticidal ring has excellent insecticidal effect on thrips, whitefly nymphs and adults, but poor egg killing effect and short duration.

Pyriproxyfen has poor insecticidal effect on thrips, whitefly nymphs and adults, but it has a strong ovicidal effect and a long-lasting effect. The combination of insecticidal cyclocycline and pyriproxyfen can kill adults, nymphs, and egg masses with one dose, and prolong the effective period. When compounded with insecticidal cyclocycline and pyriproxyfen in a certain ratio, it has a significant synergistic effect on eggplant thrips and whitefly. CN201710182791.8 provides an insecticidal composition containing insecticidal cyclocyclone and pyriproxyfen, which helps to reduce the dosage, delay the development of resistance of pests and reduce the cost of use.

The technical solution is: an insecticidal composition containing insecticidal ring and pyriproxyfen, which contains active ingredients insecticidal ring and pyriproxyfen, and the weight ratio of insecticidal ring and pyriproxyfen in the composition is 1:30~ 30:1, the preferred weight ratio is 1:10-10:1. The beneficial effects produced by the present invention are as follows: 1. The ovum-killing effect of the insecticidal ring on thrips and whitefly is relatively poor, and the duration of effect is short. Insecticidal ring compounded with pyriproxyfen greatly enhances the ovicidal effect on thrips and whitefly, and prolongs the effective period. 2. The mechanism of action of insecticidal ring and pyriproxyfen is inconsistent, which can overcome the shortcoming of easy resistance to pesticides caused by long-term single use, and is of great significance to the comprehensive management of pest resistance.

CN201710788347.0 provides an insecticidal composition containing malathion and pyriproxyfen and its application. The advantages are that the two active ingredient insecticides have a synergistic effect, and the field control effect on target pests is good. Rice growth is safe, reduces the cost of rice production, achieves the purpose of reducing the use of pesticides and can delay the emergence and development of pest resistance, and also reduces the pollution of chemical pesticides to the environment. Adopt the following technical solutions:

An insecticidal composition containing malathion and pyriproxyfen, the active ingredients of the insecticidal composition are malathion and pyriproxyfen, and the mass ratio of malathion to pyriproxyfen is 1-24:1. The beneficial effects and advantages of the present invention are: (1) The insecticidal composition of the present invention has a significant synergistic effect, and the field control effect on target pests is better than that of a single agent, reducing the amount of pesticides used, The input cost of agricultural materials is reduced, and the pollution of chemical pesticides to the environment is also reduced. (2) The main active ingredients of the insecticidal composition of the present invention have different poisoning mechanisms to pests, and compound use can effectively delay the generation and development of pest drug resistance. (3) The insecticidal composition of the present invention is safe for rice growth, realizes the effect of “one spray for multiple preventions”, reduces the number of field application times, improves the efficiency of pest control, and reduces the labor cost of rice production.

Metaflumizone is an insecticide with a new mechanism of action. The drug mainly enters into the body of the pest to kill the pest through stomach poisoning. The contact effect is small and there is no systemic effect. The drug has a good control effect on the target pests and larvae of all ages. After the insects feed, the drug enters the insect body and blocks the sodium ion channel on the axon membrane of the pest neurons through a unique mechanism of action, so that the sodium Ions cannot pass through the axonal membrane, thereby inhibiting nerve impulses and causing excessive relaxation and paralysis of the insect body. After a few hours, the pest stops feeding and dies within 1-3 days. It can effectively control various Lepidoptera pests and some Coleoptera larvae and adults can also be used to control pests such as ants, termites, flies, and cicadas.

No cross-resistance with pyrethroids or other types of compounds. It has no neurotoxicity to mammals, low acute toxicity to birds, and low risk to bees. Because it can rapidly hydrolyze and photolyze in water, it has no actual harm to aquatic organisms. CN201010571927.2 Provides an insecticidal composition containing pyriproxyfen and metaflumiflunium that is highly efficient, low-toxic and has a long duration of action, is used to prevent and control pests of Lepidoptera and Homoptera in crops, and is beneficial to integrated pest management .

The technical solution adopted is: an insecticidal composition containing pyriproxyfen and metaflumizone, including commonly used adjuvants, pyriproxyfen and metaflumizone, and the weight parts of pyriproxyfen and metaflumizone The ratio is 10:1-1:10, and the weight percentage of the sum of pyriproxyfen and metaflumizone in the insecticidal composition is 5%-80%.

The insecticidal composition provided by the present invention has the following beneficial effects: 1. The insecticidal composition provided by the present invention shows obvious synergistic effect within a certain proportion range, and the control effect of the present invention has been significantly improved compared with a single agent , reducing the dosage of pesticides, reducing the impact of pesticides on the environment, and reducing the cost of pesticides. 2. The active ingredients of the insecticidal composition provided by the present invention have different action mechanisms. The application of the composition can delay or overcome the occurrence of disease resistance, prolong the service life of the agent, and be beneficial to the comprehensive management of pests. 3. The insecticidal composition provided by the invention is safe to crops.

Mechanism of Action and Prevention Objects


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  3. CN201010571927.2 An insecticidal composition containing pyriproxyfen and metaflumizone and its application

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