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Basic Info of Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone

What is Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone?

Polyvinylpyrrolidone, abbreviated as PVP, is a polymer of vinylpyrrolidone, as well as is divided right into soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone and also insoluble PVPP (polyvinylpolypyrrolidone) because of various degrees of polymerization. The loved one molecular mass of soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone is 8,000-10,000. It can be made use of as a precipitant to precipitate with polyphenols. By this technique, there is easy to have recurring polyvinylpyrrolidone in the white wine. Due to the fact that polyvinylpyrrolidone has a buildup impact in the human body, the Globe Health Organization does not suggest the use of this material. In recent years, using soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone has actually ended up being uncommon. Insoluble PVPP has been made use of in the beer sector given that the early 1960s. Its loved one molecular mass is more than 700,000. It is a polymer insoluble issue formed by further cross-linking and polymerization of PVP. It can be utilized as an adsorbent for polyphenols with good outcomes.

As an artificial water-soluble polymer substance, poly vinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) has the general properties of water-soluble polymer substances, such as colloid protection, film-forming, cohesiveness, hygroscopicity, solubilization or coagulation, some The complexing ability of the compound, and so on. But its most characteristic, so people take note of its outstanding solubility and also physiological compatibility. Amongst artificial polymers, polyvinylpyrrolidone is soluble in both water as well as most natural solvents, with reduced poisoning as well as excellent physical compatibility. The outstanding efficiency of polyvinylpyrrolidone makes it an increasing number of widely utilized although it is pricey. The item is strong or liquid service, as well as the strong look is white powder. It is secure and also non-toxic, as well as can dissolve or compound with numerous polymers and also reduced molecules, so it has a variety of applications in medication, film, cosmetics, developing, food as well as beverage, textile printing and dyeing, lithium batteries, life science and also lots of other fields.

Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone Uses

  1. Poly vinyl pyrrolidone is a ketone organic substance, which can be used as clearing up agent; stabilizer; enlarging representative; tableting filler; spreading agent. Polymer PVP with a molecular weight of 360,000 is often utilized as a clarifying agent for beer, vinegar, as well as red wine.
  2. In day-to-day cosmetics, polyvinylpyrrolidone and also copolymers have good dispersibility and film-forming properties, as well as can be utilized as establishing representatives for styling liquids, hair sprays and also mousses, sun blocks for hair conditioners, foam stabilizers for hair shampoos, and wave establishing representatives. And dispersants as well as affinity agents in hair dyes.
  3. Add polyvinylpyrrolidone to disappearing lotion, sun block, and depilatory to boost moisturizing and also lubricating results. Making use of PVP’s superb surface area task, film-forming residential properties, and also no irritability to the skin, no allergy, etc, it has broad leads for applications in hair treatment items, skin treatment products, and so on.
  4. Poly vinyl pyrrolidone used to take in phenols and tannic acid from water removes to cleanse plant enzymes. Used as a chromatographic adsorbent to separate fragrant acids, aldehydes, and phenols. Used for explanation of beer and wine.

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Application of Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone

The flake nano-silver powder has relatively low resistance and good conductivity due to its relatively large surface area and surface or line contact between particles. In addition, the special surface plasmon resonance properties of the flake nano-silver powder make it exhibit optical properties that are completely different from spherical particles and bulk materials. Therefore, flake nano-silver powder has great application value in the fields of microelectronics, catalysis, surface-enhanced Raman, metal-enhanced fluorescence, infrared hyperthermia, biomarkers, nano-conductive adhesives, and electronic packaging materials.

CN201210500911.1 provides a method for preparing flaky nano silver powder, which is obtained by reacting a silver salt aqueous solution containing a surfactant and a ferrous salt solution at a temperature of 0-100°C. The silver salt is silver nitrate, silver sulfate or silver acetate. The surfactant is polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) or polyethylene glycol (PEG).

Positive effects that the present invention has:
(1) The method of the present invention has short reaction time, high efficiency and mild reaction conditions.
(2) The method of the present invention is simple in process and equipment, low in production cost, simple in operation, green and pollution-free, and is especially suitable for industrialized large-scale production.

CN201010613387.X provides a preparation method of graphene/aqueous polyurethane conductive composite material, which mainly uses polyvinylpyrrolidone to assist to improve the dispersibility and stability of high-concentration graphene aqueous solution, and uses a simple and environmentally friendly solution composite method to prepare graphene / Waterborne polyurethane conductive composites.
The technical scheme that realizes the present invention is:
Step 1: Graphite oxide is prepared by chemical oxidation;
The second step: disperse the prepared graphite oxide and polyvinylpyrrolidone in an aqueous solution;
The third step: reducing graphite oxide to graphene by thermal reduction;
Step 4: The water-based polyurethane and the graphene aqueous solution are made into composite materials.

Ureteral stent tube (double pigtail catheter, or D-J tube) is widely used in urological surgery, suitable for upper urinary tract surgery and lithotripsy, ureteral stricture expansion and other treatment processes. It plays an important role in draining urine and preventing ureteral stricture and adhesion blockage. CN201210538575.X provides a degradable ureteral stent tube and its composite material and preparation method. The degradable ureteral stent tube has a smooth surface, good flexibility, controllable degradable fragment shape, and a degradation rate that meets clinical requirements. A composite material for a degradable ureteral stent tube, in percent by weight, comprising:

L-lactide/ε-caprolactone copolymer 60%~98%

Cross-linked polyvinylpyrrolidone 2% to 40%.

The beneficial effects of the present invention are reflected in: the L-lactide/ε-caprolactone copolymer and the cross-linked polyvinylpyrrolidone in the composite material used in the ureteral stent tube of the present invention are both biomedical composite materials with good biocompatibility. Material, the degradation time is about 1-2 months, which is very suitable for the requirements of drainage of urine after surgery to prevent ureteral stenosis, and it can degrade and excrete itself without extubation, reducing the pain and burden of patients.

Preparation of Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone


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  2. [China Invention, China Invention Authorization] CN201711166303.0 Preparation method and application of polyvinylpyrrolidone

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