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Basic Info of Pure Vanillin Powder

What is Pure Vanillin Powder?

Vanillin, generally called vanilla powder, vanillina pura, vanillin powder, vanilla essence, is a vital spice drawn out from the rutaceae plant vanilla bean. It is one of the most effective varieties of artificial flavors. It is an important raw material for the prep work of chocolate, gelato, eating gum tissue, cakes and tobacco flavors. Naturally discovered in vanilla coverings, along with in clove oil, oakmoss oil, Peruvian balsam, turmeric extract, as well as benzoin.

Pure vanillin has a solid and also special vanilla bean scent, stable aroma, and also is not easily volatile at higher temperatures. It is easily impacted by light, slowly oxidizes in the air, as well as is easy to change shade when it comes across alkali or alkaline compounds. The aqueous remedy responds with ferric chloride to create a blue-violet service. It can be used in lots of everyday scent formulations, however it is mostly used in food tastes. Especially it is commonly utilized in candy, delicious chocolate, beverages, ice cream, as well as alcohol, as well as it is also extremely beneficial in cigarette tastes. IFRA has no restrictions. However, it is very easy to cause discoloration, so care ought to be taken when using it in white fragranced products.

Vanillin is also an essential edible spice, made use of as a structure spice, used in mostly all tastes, and also is widely utilized in the food industry. As a food taste, it is extensively utilized in bread, cream, gelato, brandy, etc. The enhancement quantity is 0.01-0.04%, and also in candy, it is 0.02-0.08%. It is just one of one of the most used seasonings in baked items and also is used in delicious chocolate, cookies, cakes, desserts and also ice cream. For better impact, liquify in warm water prior to use. The optimum use is 220mg/kg for baked products and 970mg/kg for chocolate. It is extensively used in aesthetic significances as fixatives, coordinators as well as conditioners. It is also an essential seasoning representative for drinks as well as foods. Additionally utilized in the manufacture of pharmaceutical L-dopa (L-dopa), methyldopa and so forth. It can additionally be made use of as a brightener for nickel as well as chromium steel plating.

Pure Vanillin Uses

  1. Standard for testing protein, azaindene, phloroglucinol, tannic acid, iron ion, determination of chlorine and flavoring spices from benzoic acid, and determination of methoxy by organic microanalysis.
  2. Pure vanillin naturally exists in a variety of foods and plants, such as orchids; The main commercial source of natural vanillin is vanilla bean extract. It is produced in large quantities by lignin based by-products or guaiacol of papermaking process.
  3. The biggest use of vanillin is as a flavoring agent, usually used in sweet food. The ice cream and chocolate industry accounts for 75% of the seasoning in the vanillin market, and a small amount is used for candy and baked goods.
  4. Pure vanillin is used in the perfume industry, perfume, and to mask unpleasant smells or tastes in medicines, livestock feed, and cleaning products. It is also used in the essence industry as an important keynote for many different essence, especially cream flavors such as cream soda.
  5. Pure vanillin powder can be used as a global color to observe areas on slim layer chromatographic plates. This color generates a variety of colors for these various active ingredients. Vanillin HCl staining can be used to visualize the area of tannins in cells.
  6. Pure vanillin is a kind of edible spice allowed in China. It can be used as a fixative and is the main raw material for preparing vanilla essence. It can also be directly used for flavoring biscuits, cakes, candies, beverages and other foods. The dosage is 970mg/kg in chocolate according to normal production requirements; 270mg/kg in chewing gum; 220mg/kg in cakes and biscuits; 200 mg/kg in candy; 150mg/kg in condiments~95mg/kg in cold drinks.
  7. Pure vanillin powder is a good spice for obtaining powder taste as well as bean flavor. It is frequently utilized as structure cosmetics fragrance. It can be extensively made use of in nearly all fragrance types, such as violet, grass orchid, sunflower and also asian scent. It can be utilized together with piperonal, isoeugenol benzyl ether, coumarin, musk, and so on. It can likewise be made use of as a fixative, modifier and also consistency representative, and also can additionally be utilized to conceal foul-smelling breath. It is likewise extensively used essentially for food and also cigarette, and also its dosage is likewise huge. In vanilla bean type, cream, chocolate as well as toffee kind, they are all necessary flavors.

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Application of Pure Vanillin Powder

Vanillin has a wide range of applications in light industrial production. It can be added to food, toothpaste, soap, and tobacco as the main raw material for aroma modification and aroma setting. Vanillin is an important raw material or intermediate in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Manufacture of commonly used drugs for the treatment of hypertension, heart disease, skin diseases and the elimination of bad breath and diuresis. In addition, it can be used as a chemical adjuvant in the chemical industry, as an anti-hardening agent for plastic products, and as a catalyst for metals such as Ni, Cr, and Cd. Electroplating brightener. In agricultural production, vanillin can be used as a sugarcane yield and ripening agent, and can be used to prepare herbicides and insect attractants.

Vanillin can be widely used as an important raw material for fixatives, flavoring agents and blending agents, and is widely used in cosmetic flavors, food industry and beverages. Vanillin (4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde) in food has always been the main component of natural vanilla flavoring, it is used in ice cream, beverages, chocolate, baked candies and flavorings; also as a food preservative Agents are used in sausages, seasonings, etc. In the cosmetic industry, it is used as a fragrance ingredient in perfumes and creams; in the chemical industry, it is used as a defoaming agent, a vulcanizing agent and a chemical precursor; in the pharmaceutical industry as an odor masking agent. Recently, vanillin has also been used in the synthesis of various intermediates, for example, in the synthesis of various drugs such as levodopa, methyldopa, and papaverine.

Preparation of Pure Vanillin Powder

  1. Coniferin hydrolysis method
    In 1874, vanillin was first synthesized by Tiemann et al. using coniferous glycosides as raw materials, which was the earliest synthetic method. Coniferous glycosides were hydrolyzed into coniferyl alcohol and coniferyl alcohol in the presence of inorganic acids and esters. Glucose becomes vanillin upon oxidation.

    This method was once suitable for small-scale production and has a certain historical significance, but is rarely used now.

  2. Lignin method
    Lignin has the basic structure of vanillin. Under the conditions of temperature of 160-175℃ and pressure of 1.1-1.2MPa, the pulp waste lignin sulfonate is oxidized with air. After 2h, the product is treated with toluene and alkaline solution, and then After being treated with sulfur dioxide, by-products and impurities are filtered out, vanillin can be obtained. It can also be heated to 180 ° C under alkaline conditions with the concentrate of distiller’s grains, air is introduced, acidified, extracted with benzene, treated with sodium sulfite, and finally distilled and recrystallization to obtain vanillin. The yield of vanillin in each of the above processes is about 10% (calculated by lignin). Oxygen, the yield of vanillin can be doubled.

    Lignin is widely found in nature, such as waste wood, straw, peat, pulp waste liquor from paper mills and distillers grains concentrate, which all contain lignin. This provides a large amount of cheap raw materials for vanillin production, and makes full use of waste It is also beneficial to environmental protection.

  3. p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde method
    This is a relatively new preparation method, which is currently being studied in Dalian University of Technology. p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is a by-product of the production of o-hydroxybenzaldehyde (salicylaldehyde) from phenol using the Reimer-Tiemann reaction. First, p-Hydroxybenzaldehyde Bromination, and then the bromine atom is replaced by a methoxy group to generate vanillin. The yield of each step in the overall reaction process is about 90%, and the yield of vanillic acid can reach 85%.


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