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Basic Info of Propoxur

What is Propoxur?

Propoxur, chemical name: 2-isopropoxyphenyl-N-methylcarbamate, is one of the four carbamate insecticides recommended by WHO to prevent and control health pests. It has contact, stomach toxicity and fumigation effects. It has a wide range of insecticides, quick knockdown, low residue and long lasting effect. With the wide application of pyrethroids such as permethrin and cypermethrin in recent years, the resistance of health pests such as mosquitoes and flies to pyrethroids has been greatly improved. Experiments show that, Propoxur has a unique sensitivity to these resistant pests.

The prior art involves the combination of propoxur and some pyrethroid active ingredients, such as permethrin, (highly effective) cypermethrin, fenvalerate, fenpropathrin, cyhalothrin, cyhalothrin, permethrin, etc. However, the existing combination of these sanitary insecticides has poor control effect, knockdown and resistance. However, The combination of propoxur and selected pyrethroid compounds in a specific ratio has unexpected technical effects.

Among them, new highly effective knockdown pyrethroid compounds such as dextran trans cypermethrin, tetrafluorofenvalerate, heptamethrin, mefenvalerate, and tetrafluoropermethrin have the best combination effect with propoxur. These five insecticides themselves have excellent knockdown effect on mosquitoes and flies of health pests, and their lethality to mosquitoes is slightly insufficient, but their lethality to houseflies is strong, which is easy to produce resistance when used alone. However, propoxur has a certain knockdown effect on mosquitoes and excellent lethality, while it is slightly insufficient for houseflies. After the combination of pyrethroid and propoxur, the synergism of pyrethroid on mosquitoes and flies is very obvious, and the knockdown and lethality have been greatly improved.

Propoxur Uses

Quick acting and also long-acting carbamate insecticides. It has the impacts of call, tummy poisoning and also airing out, without internal absorption. It is generally utilized to control rice borers, rice leafhoppers, planthoppers, cotton aphids, scale bugs, rust ticks, grain bugs and crop wellness insects. It can eliminate exterior bloodsuckers, house wellness parasites (mosquitoes, flies, roaches, etc) and also stockroom pests.

  • Propoxur is a non systemic carbamate pesticide. Propoxur is made use of against a variety of insects, such as fleas, mosquitoes, ants, gypsy moths and various other agricultural bugs. Propoxur works by reversibly suspending acetylcholinesterase in bugs.
  • Pesticide made use of to manage eating and sucking pests in fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants as well as forestry.
  • Propoxur is a pesticide with get in touch with and also belly poisoning. It is mainly utilized in food storage space area. It can also regulate eating as well as sucking parasites of many crops.

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Application of Propoxur

Propoxur (methyl 2-isopropoxyphenylcarbamate) is a non-systemic insecticide with contact killing, stomach poisoning and fumigation effects against external parasites, household hygiene pests (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc.) and Warehousing pests can be knocked down quickly and have a long lasting effect.

Propoxur belongs to the carbamate class of chemical insecticides and is one of the four carbamate class insecticides approved and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for home hygiene pest control. It was first developed successfully by the German Bayer Company, and was introduced into the national “Seventh Five-Year Plan”. Propoxur preparations are mainly used for the control of economic crop pests (such as cotton aphid, vegetable aphid, etc.), and the elimination of various sanitary pests (mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc.) in households and public places. It is fast, has a long lasting effect, and has the characteristics of wide insecticidal spectrum, long residual effect and high killing rate. At present, domestic manufacturers have carried out large-scale production of original drugs and preparations and have been well promoted.

Fast-acting, long-acting carbamate insecticides, with contact, stomach and fumigation effects, no systemic effect. It is mainly used to control rice borers, rice leafhoppers, rice planthoppers, cotton aphids, fruit tree scale insects, rust ticks, grain pests and sanitary pests. The dosage is 3~7.5g active ingredient/100m2, and the general usage content is 0.03%~0.075%. For example, to control rice leafhopper and rice planthopper, use 2%~3% powder 225~338g/100m2 to spray powder, or use 0.05%~0.1% emulsion spray, or use 4% granule 300~338g for control. To control rice borers, spray with 15% EC diluted 400 times.

Preparation of Propoxur


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