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Basic Info

What is Proglumide?

Proglumide is the earliest discovered gastrin antagonist, and both it and benzotript are derivatives of glutaramic acid. Proglumide is also a racemic compound, its name is (±)-5-dipropylamino-4-benzamido-5-oxo-pentanoic acid, its English name is proglumide, and it is included in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2000 The second volume of the annual edition, page 96, is a gastrin receptor antagonist, and its chemical structure is similar to the terminal chemical structure of two intestinal kinins, gastrin (G-17) and cholecystokinin (CCK). Its functional group amide group specifically competes with gastrin for gastrin receptors on parietal cells, thus it can significantly inhibit the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin caused by gastrin, but has no effect on gastric acid secretion caused by histamine and vagus nerve stimulation. obvious.

Proglumide Uses

  1. Proglumide has also been proven to serve as a δ- Opioid agonists may contribute to their analgesic effects.
  2. Proglumide is a non peptide oral active cholecystokinin (CCK) – A/B receptor antagonist.
  3. Proglumide (Mild) is a drug that inhibits gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduces gastric secretion. As a cholecystokinin antagonist, it can block CCKA and CCKB subtypes. It is mainly used to treat gastric ulcers, although it has now been largely replaced by new drugs for this application.
  4. Proglumide selectively blocks the effects of CCK on the central nervous system (CNS). Proglutamide has the effect of inhibiting gastric juice secretion and protecting the gastric and duodenal mucosa. Proglumide also has anti epileptic and antioxidant activities.

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Application of Proglumide

Proglumide can increase the content of hexosamine in the gastric mucosa, promote glycoprotein synthesis, protect the gastric mucosa and promote healing, and can improve the symptoms of peptic ulcer and promote ulcer healing. The treatment of peptic ulcer and gastritis does not cause the rebound phenomenon of gastric acid secretion. After the treatment is terminated, gastric acid secretion can still be maintained at a normal level for half a year. In addition, proglumide also has choleretic effects through three pathways:

  1. By stimulating bile acid-independent bile secretion, it is beneficial to stone removal, flushing, and clearing of the bile duct.
  2. Change the stone-forming factors in bile, significantly increasing the concentration and discharge of bicarbonate, while reducing the concentrations of free bilirubin, cholesterol and calcium ions.
  3. By antagonizing CCK and inhibiting the gallbladder contraction-promoting effect of endogenous CCK, it expands the gallbladder capacity and dilutes the bile components in the gallbladder, thus preventing stone formation.

Proglumide is commonly used for gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic superficial gastritis, and duodenal inflammation.

Pharmacological Effects of Proglutamide


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  2. Li Qingeng, Fu Yubin. Improvement of the synthesis process of proglumide[J]. Chinese Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 1995, 5(1): 54-55.

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