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Basic Info of Tris Base

What is Tris Base?

Tromethamine, alias trihydroxymethylaminomethane, ammonium tromethamine, Trishydroxymethylami- nomethane, THAM, Tromethane, TRIS. Tromethamine is commonly used in intense metabolic as well as respiratory acidemia. It is an alkaline barrier. It has a good buffering result on metabolic acidosis and chemical activity. It can create hypoglycemia, hypotension, nausea or vomiting as well as vomiting., can also inhibit breathing, and even quit breathing. Alkalemia can be triggered by extreme consumption or kidney lack. When used as an organic buffer and also a recommendation substance for acid titration, the pureness needs are fairly high, typically 99.9%-100.1%.

Tris or tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, or called tromethamine or tham in clinical usage, is a natural substance with the molecular formula (hoch2) 3cnh2. It is widely made use of in biochemistry as well as molecular biology as a component of barrier services, such as tae and tbe buffers, specifically nucleic acid options. It includes primary amines, so reactions associated with typical amines occur, such as condensation with aldehydes. Tris also complexed with steel ions in solution. In medicine, albuterol is sometimes made use of as a medicine, as well as its residential properties as a buffer for the therapy of extreme metabolic acidosis under particular conditions are given in intensive care. Some drugs are created as “tromethamine”, consisting of heme (carboprost as tromethamine) and “ketorolac tromethamine”.

Tris Base Uses

  1. Tris base, just nucleic acids and proteins are commonly used as solvents.
  2. Tris base was made use of for healthy protein crystal growth under different pH conditions.
  3. Tris base has low ionic strength and can be used to develop intermediate fibers of lamin in C. elegans.
  4. Tris base is the major part of protein electrophoresis barrier.
  5. Tris base is utilized to prepare surfactants, vulcanization marketers as well as some pharmaceutical intermediates.
  6. Tris base was also made use of as a requirement.
  7. Tris bases made use of:
    In Tae barrier for preparing Tae agarose gel for running PCR products by gel electrophoresis
    As part of the SDS-PAGE sample barrier
    In the preparation of IEC (ion exchange chromatography) buffer

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Application of Tris Base

Tris is widely used in acute metabolic and respiratory acidemia. It is an alkaline buffer and has a good buffering effect on metabolic acidosis and enzymatic activity. The original synthesis method of tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane uses nitromethane and aqua formaldehyde as the main raw materials, the price of nitromethane is 11,400 yuan/ton, the consumption of materials is 1.05 tons/ton; the price of water formaldehyde is 12,000 yuan / ton, the material consumption is 1.6 tons / ton; the price of solvent methanol is 2450 yuan / ton, and the material consumption is 2.5 tons / ton. This method consumes a lot of materials, and the manufacturing cost is high, 40,000 to 45,000 yuan / ton. In addition, the product recrystallization adopts the traditional methanol refining, the product quality is poor, the content is 99.2%, the absorbance (260nm) is 0.15, and the waste methanol produced in the process of manufacturing tris with the original synthesis method is more, three wastes many.

Tris buffer solution is a biological reagent, a buffer solution commonly used in biological preparation and medical preparation. Such as commonly used in peprotech recombinant cytokines and protein solubilization, tris buffer solution is also widely used as nucleic acid, protein solvent, electrophoresis solvent, etc., the amount is large. However, this buffer solution is not easy to store for a long time, the concentration of the stock solution is low, and the number of times of use is also small. Moreover, the preparation of this buffer solution is troublesome, especially when it is necessary to obtain a buffer solution with a specific pH value, it is laborious and time-consuming to adjust the pH value. Generally, the pH meter cannot accurately measure the pH value. The preparation of aminomethane buffer solutions presents difficulties.

The pH value of Tris buffer solution varies with temperature, and the variation range is large, which makes the preparation of Tris buffer solution more difficult, and the technology is difficult to master. This patented product is currently not produced in China, and it mainly depends on the import price, which is expensive.

Preparation of Tris Base


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  2. Zhang Qinyue; Wu Yongyang. Synthesis method of trihydroxymethylaminomethane. CN200610037713.0

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