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Basic Info of Thiacloprid

What is Thiacloprid?

Thiacloprid is a new type of chloronicotinoid insecticides. We are familiar with nicotinic insecticides including dinotefuran, thiamethoxam, clothianidin, imidacloprid, and acetamiprid. Produced with nicotine as raw material, it is now synthesized with related chemical raw materials.

Thiacloprid was developed by Bayer Agrochemical Company of Germany and Bayer Agrochemical Company of Japan in the 1990s. It has special effects on piercing and chewing mouthpart pests. The mechanism of action is different from other traditional insecticides. It mainly acts on the post-junction membrane of insect nerves. By binding to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, it interferes with the normal conduction of the insect nervous system, causing blockage of nerve channels, resulting in a large accumulation of acetylcholine. As a result, the insects are extremely excited, and the whole body convulses, paralyzes and dies. It has strong contact killing, stomach poisoning and systemic effects. We know that organophosphates and carbamates act on acetylcholinesterase in insects, and pyrethroids act on nerve axons and affect sodium ion channels in insect nerve cells. , due to different action sites and mechanisms, thiacloprid has no cross-resistance with conventional insecticides, so it can be used for resistance control, and is widely used in those that have developed resistance to organophosphorus, carbamate, and pyrethrins. control of agricultural and forestry pests. It is one of the high-efficiency agents for the control of piercing-sucking and chewing mouthparts pests.

Thiacloprid Uses

Hiacloprid mainly acts on the post-junction membrane of insect nerves, and by combining with nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, it interferes with the normal conduction of the insect nervous system, causing blockage of nerve channels, resulting in a large accumulation of acetylcholine, which makes insects abnormally excited, systemic spasm, paralysis And die. Thiacloprid has strong systemic, contact and stomach toxicity, and has no cross-resistance with conventional pyrethroids, carbamates and organophosphorus pesticides, so it can be used in a variety of sucking and chewing types The control of mouthpart pests, and the compound performance is good.

Thiacloprid has the characteristics of less dosage, fast-acting, long-lasting effect and high activity, and can be developed into dosage forms such as granules, suspensions, dispersible oil suspensions, water-dispersible granules, and suspoemulsions. Thiacloprid-based products can be used in pine, poplar and other wood, pear, citrus and other fruit trees, cotton, cabbage, cucumber and other vegetables, rice, tea, potato and other crops, control planthoppers, aphids, psyllids, leafhoppers , beetles, leaf miners, apple moth and other pests.

As a new biomimetic pesticide, thiacloprid has the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity, safety and environmental protection, and little impact on the environment, forest trees and fruits:

  1. Safety for humans and animals: Thiacloprid has high insecticidal activity against Longhorn beetle, but its toxicity is extremely low, and it has high safety for humans and animals, and the agent has no odor or irritation, which is not suitable for application operations. Safety of personnel and residents of the spraying area.
  2. Safe for the environment: Due to the low vapor pressure of its active ingredients, it will not pollute the air. Due to the short half-life, thiacloprid residues will also decompose rapidly after entering the soil and water, with little impact on the environment.
  3. Safety to aquatic organisms: The toxicity to fish and other aquatic organisms is also very low, and generally has no effect on aquatic organisms.
  4. Safe for beneficial insects: Thiacloprid has very little effect on beneficial insects, especially for bees, and it can also be used during the flowering period of trees and crops.
  5. The microcapsule sustained-release technology greatly prolongs the duration of the drug. When used under rainy conditions, it can last for about 40 days; when used under less rainy conditions, it can be effective for up to 90 days. This greatly reduces the number of times of application and the amount of medicine, so that pests in different insect stages can be controlled, and the cost of control is greatly reduced.
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What is the difference between imidacloprid, thiamethoxam, and thiacloprid?

In 1991, Bayer’s pyrid was first listed, which is the first listed product in new nicotine insecticides.

Mode: It is a role of acetylcholine esterase receptor, and interfering pest hooding nervous system makes chemical signals fail, and the central nerve is normally conducted to cause paralysis.

Pyridine is the first nicotine insecticide, with broad spectrum, efficient, low toxicity, low residue, etc., and tactic, stomach and internal drug effects, seed treatment, soil treatment and foliar spray However, the speed is good, and there is a high degree of control after 1 day after the drug. The residual period is about 25 days. The efficacy and temperature are positive, the temperature is high, the insecticidal effect is good. Not only can effectively prevent aphids, flour pickles, etc., but also prevent chew-type oral insects.

In 2000, the worship of the worship, which is the second new nicotine insecticide after the worship of the forefront.

Mode: It mainly acts on the insect neurosurgery after combination with nicotine acetyl choline receptor, interfering insect nervous system normally conduction, causing the obstruction of the nerve channel, resulting in a large amount of acetylcholine, thus making the insect unusually excited, full body spasm, Paralyzon is dead. Has strong endodes, tacked and stomachic effects,

Thiacloprid is followed by pyrulphia, a broad spectrum, inner sucking new nicotine insecticide, foliar spray, is used in many crops, and has a small amount of use, more efficient, and active. High, long-lasting period, etc.

The endoproticity of thiacloprid is very strong, and it is very prominent. It can be used to prevent even Tianshu, so this price and effect are proportional, naturally, it is much higher, but is lower than the acrylate.

Thiamazine is developed by Zhenzhengda company, and in 2011 beyond pyrine becomes the world’s largest new nicotine insecticide.

Mode: Similar to the pyriform, selectively inhibit the nervous system of the insect central nervous system, which in turn blocks the normal conduction of the insect central nervous system, resulting in paralysis death

The amount of thiamazine is low, with gastrictrictricum, troculum and intravation, for leaf spray and soil irrigation root treatment. The inner suction Mars is high, and the roots, stems, and leaves can be quickly absorbed after the application, and there is a better safety, a broader insecticidal spectrum and the end of the insecticidal spectrum, and the tingle. Such pests such as aphids such as aphids, mahcia, leaf, flour and underground pests.

The supramine incense is stronger, the speed is slow, usually two to three days to reach the peak period of the dead insects, but the ending period is longer, generally more than a week! At the same time, there is also good effect on the effects of aphids and thrips.

Summary, these three drugs have tricks, stomach, and intramid.

The difference
Pyridine has fast efficiency, the day after the drug, the higher the temperature, the higher the temperature, the better the insecticidal effect, suitable for summer use, and can be used for foliar spray, seed treatment, soil treatment, but pyrrine as the first Nicotine insecticides, along with the drug resistance problem, should pay attention to rotation using drugs

After the pyridoline of thiamulopine, thiacloprid inherits a variety of advantages of pyrlin, and the endose is stronger, the amount is lower, can effectively prevent the heaven, the chinger, etc., providing long aging protection; low toxicity It is one of the safest products of the nicotine insecticide in the nicotine.

Thiamazine is a second-generation new nicotine insecticide, compared to higher activity, and more solubility in water, even in a dry environment, it does not affect the absorption and utilization of thiazine. Using thiamazine in a drought environment better, and slowly in plant and soil, with a longer biological activity, the leaves of the blade spray can reach 20-30 days, the soil support period can be 90 sky.

But the disadvantage is that the speed is poor, usually two to three days to reach the peak peak period, so it must be used in the early days of pests.

Quality Control of Thiacloprid

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