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Basic Info of Monostearin

What is Monostearin?

Monoglyceride (MG) is the full name of monostearin (or glycerol monofatty acid ester), which has 2 setups namely 1-MG and also 2-MG.

According to the name of the main constituent fatty acids, monostearin can be separated into glycerol monostearate, glycerol monolaurate, glycerol monooleate, and so on. Amongst them, glycerol monostearate is the most commonly utilized in manufacturing. Glyceryl monostearate is typically oily, fatty or waxy, light yellow or cream color in shade, oily or odorless, which is related to the size and saturation of the fatty team, as well as has superb sensory properties.

Furthermore, monostearin is a polyol type non-ionic surfactant, because its framework has a lipophilic long-chain alkyl team as well as two hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, so it has excellent surface area task and also can It has the features of emulsifying, lathering, dispersing, defoaming, as well as anti-starch aging. It is one of the most commonly used emulsifier in food and cosmetics.

Additionally, monostearin also has vital usages in the pharmaceutical sector, such as polyunsaturated fatty acid (EPA, DHA) glycerides have the impact of protecting against cardiovascular disease. In the field of polymer synthesis, glycerol monostearate is also widely utilized.

Monostearin Uses

  1. Monostearin is widely used in the cosmetic industry, especially in shampoos and bath preparations.
  2. As an emulsifier and surfactant in food or cosmetics, Monostearin is also an internal and external lubricant for plastic products.
  3. Monostearin is used as a stationary liquid, dispersant and emulsifier in gas chromatography, and also in the pharmaceutical industry.
    Biochemical research, thickening of margarine, solvent for oils and waxes, emulsifier, protective agent for hygroscopic powder, opaque sunscreen. Gas chromatographic stationary solution (maximum operating temperature is 125°C, solvent is hot ethanol) to separate and analyze oxygen-containing compounds and volatile oils.
  4. Monostearin is a demulsifier and preservative for food; it is used as a demulsifier in skin care products and pharmaceutical plasters to make the paste fine and smooth; it is used as a demulsifier for industrial production of silk degreaser and a lubricant for textile products ; As a dripping agent and anti-fogging agent in plastic films; as a lubricant and antistatic agent in plastic granulation, and as a defoaming aid, thickener, emulsifier, wetting agent, etc. at other levels.

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The Preparation Method of Monostearin

Fatty acids and glycerol can be directly esterified to obtain a mixture of monoglycerides, diglycerides (diglycerides), glycerol and oil esters. The reaction formula is as follows:

The reaction equation of the direct esterification method


Fig. 1 is that R=CnH2n+1 in the reaction equation formula of direct esterification, the same below in order to improve the conversion rate, often add a little excess glycerol in the production process, use acid, alkali or metal oxide as a catalyst, and the reaction temperature is 180~200℃, the reaction time is 2.5~3h. The reaction formula is a reversible reaction, so it is necessary to continuously remove the generated water (using high temperature or introducing CO2) during the reaction process, so that the reaction moves in the direction of ester formation. Changing the ratio of reaction materials, reaction time, reaction temperature, catalyst type and amount will affect the proportion of each component in the esterification product; increasing the amount of glycerol can increase the content of monoglycerides; using dioxane or phenol for the reaction Solvents can also generate higher proportions of monoglycerides.

Alcoholysis reaction method, also known as transesterification method, is actually the redistribution of glycerol and corresponding fatty acid esters under certain conditions to obtain a mixture of monoglycerides and diglycerides. According to the raw materials used, the alcoholysis reaction method can be divided into two types: the alcoholysis method of oil ester glycerol and the alcoholysis method of methyl ester glycerol.

(1) Glycerol hydrolysis method of oil ester Reaction formula:

The reaction equation of the alcoholysis reaction method


Figure 2 shows the reaction equation of the alcoholysis reaction method. This is the most important and common method for producing monoglycerides in industry at present. The usual process is as follows: the oil and glycerol undergo an alcoholysis reaction under the action of an alkaline catalyst (such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, etc.), the reaction time is 2~4h, and the reaction temperature is 180~250℃. Inert gas was introduced to prevent the product from being too dark. The product obtained after alcoholysis is a mixture of monoglyceride, diglyceride, unreacted glycerol and oil, and the composition is relatively complex, and purification treatment is required to obtain high-purity monoglyceride.

(2) Glycerol alcoholysis of fatty acid methyl ester Reaction formula:

Reaction equation of fatty acid methyl ester glycerolysis method


Fig. 3 is the reaction equation of fatty acid methyl ester glycerol hydrolysis method. Mix fatty acid methyl ester and glycerin in a certain proportion, add KOH etc. as a catalyst, and react at 215 to 220 ° C under vacuum conditions for 25 to 30 min to obtain monoglyceride. , a mixture of diglycerides and glycerol. Excess glycerol is distilled off under high vacuum, and then purified to obtain high-purity monoglyceride.

Reaction equation of epichlorohydrin method


Fig. 4 is the reaction equation of epichlorohydrin method. This method is divided into esterification and ring-opening two-step reaction, with quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant as catalyst, with toluene as solvent, epichlorohydrin and fatty acid soap ratio are 2:1, the reaction temperature is 90~110°C, and the reaction is carried out for 2 hours. After cooling and filtering, the organic phase is washed with water, and after toluene and unreacted epichlorohydrin are evaporated, the intermediate product fatty acid glycidyl ester can be obtained, and then in Ring-opening hydrolysis is carried out under alkaline or acidic conditions, and high-purity monoglyceride products are obtained after cooling, crystallization, filtration and drying.

The reaction equation of the glycidol method


Fig. 5 is the reaction equation of glycidol method. Glycidol is also called 1, 2-glycidol, which has hydroxyl and epoxy groups in the molecule, so its chemical properties are active, and it can be carried out with fatty acid under the catalysis of basic catalyst or cation exchange resin. One-step location-based esterification to produce high-purity monoglycerides. First, a certain proportion of stearic acid, toluene solvent and sodium hydroxide catalyst are heated together and kept at 100°C, and then glycidol is added to fully reflux for esterification. When the acid value of the system drops to a certain value, the reaction is terminated, and the obtained monoglyceride has a purity of more than 93%. (C2H5)4NI can also be used as a catalyst, but the resulting product has a lower purity.

There are three hydroxyl groups in the glycerol molecule. If it is directly esterified, the three hydroxyl groups have the opportunity to form esters, and a mixture of monoglycerides and diglycerides will be formed. Using the action of some compounds and glycerol, after protecting the two hydroxyl groups of glycerol, it is directionally esterified with fatty acid, and finally hydrolyzed to remove the protective group under certain conditions, and high-purity monoglyceride can be obtained. Currently used protective agents are boric acid, ketone and aldehyde.

  1. Partial hydrolysis of fats and oils Under the action of enzymes, fats and water undergo directional hydrolysis at positions 1 and 3, and fatty acid esters at positions 2 are retained to generate monoglycerides, but the yield of monoglycerides is low.
  2. Esterification method Under the action of enzymes, glycerol is esterified with fatty acids or fatty acid esters to obtain monoglycerides.
  3. Glycerol hydrolysis or alcoholysis method Glycerol and oil undergo alcoholysis reaction under the action of lipase to generate monoglyceride.
  4. The group protection method will esterify the glycerol derivatives (such as isopropylidene glycerol) with two hydroxyl groups in advance and fatty acids under the action of enzymes to form monoglycerides, and then hydrolyze to remove the protective groups. This method can obtain monoglycerides with high purity.

Method of Operation of Monostearin

  1. It can be used for sugar cubes and chocolate to avoid the separation of vegetable oils and fats in toffee and toffee; avoid chocolate sugar crystals and oil-water separators, and improve the sense of detail. The reference dosage is 0.2% to 0.5%.

  2. When used in ice cream, the tissue can be mixed evenly, the tissue is fine, smooth, and active, and the shape retention is improved.
  3. When used in margarine, it can avoid oil-water separators, layers and other conditions, and improve the quality of products.
  4. When used in beverages, it can be added to fat-containing protein beverages to improve reliability and avoid the increase of vegetable oil and the downward movement of protein. It can also be used as a thickener in emulsion spices.
  5. For toast, it can improve the structure of the batter, avoid the crispiness of the toast, the toast is soft, the volume is expanded, it is quite malleable, and the shelf life is increased.
  6. It is used in desserts, combined with other demulsifiers, as the styrofoam for desserts, and forms a complex with the protein, thereby forming a suitable bubble pad, and the volume of the small snacks produced will expand.
  7. For cookies, adding to the batter can evenly disperse the vegetable oil in the form of an emulsion, reasonably avoid the extravasation of the vegetable oil, and improve the ductility of the cookies.


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