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Basic Info of Mineral oil

What is Mineral oil?

Mineral oil is a specific component fractionated from petroleum, and it is a kind of mineral source pesticide refined after being emulsified. Because of its low toxicity, no resistance, broad-spectrum control and environmental friendliness, it is widely used in annual crop diseases and insect pests. comprehensive control.

Appearance is an oily liquid, and it is a stable emulsion with water. Because it contains mineral oil, the permeability is good, but it is not combined with the leather firmly, and the finished leather will become hard if it is left for a long time.

Mineral oil Uses

  1. Emollient oils, oily excipients, solvents.
  2. As a defoaming agent and a film coating agent, it can be used for the preservation of soft candy and eggs in my country, with a maximum usage of 5.0g/kg; it can also be used for defoaming of bread stripping and fermentation processes, and it can be used in moderation according to production needs.
  3. It is mainly used in the manufacture of washing powder, synthetic detergent, etc. It can also be used to synthesize petroleum protein, plastic plasticizer, pesticide emulsifier, etc.
  4. Analytical reagents, such as used as a gas phase fixative. It is used in the pharmaceutical industry and can also be used as a temperature transfer fluid.
  5. Emulsion fatliquoring for various light leathers.
  6. Mineral oil is used in the manufacture of hair cream, hair oil, hair wax, lipstick, face oil, skin care grease, etc. It is also used for the lubrication of light machinery and precision instruments
  7. Used in daily chemical, rubber, machinery, textile, petrochemical, medicine, etc.
  8. Gas chromatographic stationary liquid (maximum operating temperature is 120°C, solvent is toluene) to separate and analyze hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, inorganic compounds and fatty acid esters. Thermal fluid. Refractive index liquid. lubricant. Pharmaceutical auxiliaries. Embedding grade is used to embed mouse embryo cultures and prevent drying.

The Power of Mineral Oil

Mineral oil pesticides are powerful as insecticides, fungicides and synergists.

The main mechanism of mineral oil pest control is generally to achieve the purpose of controlling damage by changing the normal behavior of pests.

Physical suffocation: After the liquid (oil film) wets the leaves, it contacts the stomata of the insects, causing the adipose tissue to expand and close the stomata, thereby causing the death of the insects. At the same time, physical suffocation can directly kill the eggs and prolong the duration.

Affect mating and avoid feeding: spraying mineral oil can seal the antennae of adult insects and young plant tissues, affect male and female mating, and make it difficult for them to find feeding sites and spawning places, thereby reducing their damage and spawning.

As a fungicide, it is mainly used to prevent or mitigate diseases through the principle of physical isolation.

Destroys the cell wall of the pathogen: interferes with its respiration and can interfere with the attachment of the pathogen to the host plant.

Control mycelium: Prevent spore germination and infection.

For example, in the prevention and control of powdery mildew, mineral oil can kill powdery mildew spores through the most basic physical contact, which has the effect of eradication and protection.

Since its main component, paraffin, and the waxy layer on the leaf surface are fused with each other (similar ones are compatible), after spraying mineral oil on the plant body, it can effectively remove the soot, moss, dust and other pollutants on the surface, and improve the leaves and fruit. The gloss of the surface helps photosynthesis.

It is also widely used as a synergist. Since it is used in combination with other herbicidal, bactericidal, and insecticides, it can improve the adhesiveness and spreading ability of the agent, so it can improve the control effect. Such as mixing with herbicides such as glufosinate ammonium, let the weeds die faster and more thoroughly.

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How to correctly understand white mineral oil and white mineral oil defoamer?

White mineral oil defoamer is actually a mineral oil defoamer, but the refining of white mineral oil is purer than that of mineral oil, and white mineral oil is above food grade, so everyone thinks that these are two kinds of defoamer The product is actually not. In the defoamer system, they are still the same product, but the color is different, so there are many malicious merchants who take the opportunity to raise the price several times. Is it a mineral oil defoamer?

The difference between white mineral oil and mineral oil:
Mineral oil refers to the base oil extracted from petroleum using physical distillation method called mineral oil, white mineral oil, usually refers to white mineral oil. It is a special deep-refined mineral oil, so it is colorless, odorless, chemically inert, and has good light stability. Its basic composition is a saturated hydrocarbon structure. Has good oxidation stability and chemical stability. Ordinary mineral oil is not deeply refined, so it is not chemically inert, which is the big difference between the two.

The difference between white mineral oil defoamer and mineral oil defoamer:

  1. White mineral oil defoamer inherits the characteristics of white mineral oil and has good chemical stability, so it is mostly used in product systems that cannot have any effect on defoaming and also has color requirements, such as: printing ink, construction Coatings, ink paints, drainage aids, etc.
  2. Mineral oil defoamers are mostly used in products with very color requirements and less stringent system requirements, because it is relatively cheap and cost-effective among the three major types of defoamers, so it is also very popular, such as : Adhesives, structural engineering, oil field drilling, cement mortar, etc.

When you encounter foam problems, you can’t just buy white mineral oil defoamer. Buying a cheap one may not be enough, and buying an expensive one may not be suitable for the system of the product.

Quality Control of Mineral oil

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