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Basic Info of Methylparaben

What is Methylparaben?

Paraben, also known as parahydroxybenzoin ester, paraben (NipaEster.Paraben). Methylparaben, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, butyl, isobutyl, etc. are used as fungicides and preservatives. Representative is ethyl paraben (paraben A. Nipagin A. Ethylparaben. Ethylparasept).

This product is colorless fine crystal or white crystalline powder, with special aroma, slightly bitter taste, burning numb. Melting point: 116~118℃, Boiling point: 297~298℃ (decomposition). Soluble in ethanol and ether, slightly soluble in water, chloroform, carbon disulfide and petroleum ether. Molecular formula: C9H10O3, molecular weight: 166.18. LD505g/kg (mice, oral), no abnormal blood picture and pathological changes of internal organs were found in the subacute toxicity test. Concentration below 5% is not irritating to human skin. ADI is 0 to 10 mg/kg. Among the parabens, butyl ester has the lowest toxicity and the strongest antiseptic and bactericidal effect, but has poor water solubility and is often used in combination with other esters.

Parabens are a class of preservatives used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, and sometimes in food additives, and their salts and compounds were originally used as bactericides and fungicides. Such compounds can be found in shampoos, commercial body creams, shaving creams, body lubricants, topical medicines, spray solvents, cosmetics and toothpaste.

Methylparaben Uses

  1. Methylparaben has a wide range of antibacterial effects on molds, yeasts and bacteria, and has the strongest effect on molds and yeasts, but has poor effects on bacteria, especially Gram-negative bacilli and lactic acid bacteria.
  2. The mechanism of action of Methylparaben is to inhibit the activity of respiratory enzymes and electron transfer enzymes of microbial cells and destroy the cell membrane structure of microorganisms, thereby preventing the development of molds, yeasts and bacteria.
  3. The mechanism of action of Methylparaben is to inhibit the activity of respiratory enzymes and electron transfer enzymes of microbial cells and destroy the cell membrane structure of microorganisms, thereby preventing the development of molds, yeasts and bacteria.
  4. Methylparaben is the most widely used in cosmetics, except that the saturated solution is slightly irritating to the eyes, the general concentration below 5% is almost non-toxic and non-irritating. In fact, the concentration of Rupin used in 0.2% has a good antibacterial effect.
  5. Methylparaben is also widely used in water preparations, injections, ointments, pills, tablets, bandages and sterilization and preservation of surgical instruments, as well as cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments. In industry, it is used for anti-corrosion and mildew prevention of oil, fat, starch and rubber solutions, and it has broad development prospects.

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The Preparation Method of Paraben

Since the concept of green chemistry was introduced into China in the late 1990s, traditional chemical processes have encountered serious challenges from the sustainable development requirements of human society. Research on new catalysts has become an important direction for chemists, mainly divided into sulfonic acid catalysis Synthesis, inorganic catalyzed synthesis, solid superacid catalyzed synthesis and heteropolyacid catalyzed synthesis of parabens.

The sulfonic acid catalyzed synthesis of ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate can be divided into p-toluenesulfonic acid, sulfamic acid, strong acid cation exchange resin to synthesize ethyl hydroxybenzoate.

  1. p-toluenesulfonic acid p-toluenesulfonic acid is a strong organic acid, its corrosion to equipment and three waste pollution are less than sulfuric acid, it is not easy to cause other side reactions, the product has good color and luster, cheap and easy to obtain, easy to store, transport and use , with less dosage and high activity, it is a good catalyst to replace sulfuric acid and can be suitable for industrial production.
  2. Sulfamic acid Sulfamic acid (H2N-SO2OH), like p-toluenesulfonic acid, is a cheap, easy-to-obtain and stable crystal. It is convenient and safe to transport, store, and use. The difference is that it is insoluble in the organic reaction system, so it has little corrosion to equipment, high yield of synthetic products, and the separated sulfamic acid can be used repeatedly for catalytic use. Good catalyst for ethyl esters. When the molar ratio of p-hydroxybenzoic acid and ethanol is 1:4, sulfamic acid is 10.3% of the total amount of reactants, and the water is refluxed for 3 hours, the yield of ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate reaches 90.38%.
  3. Strong acid cation exchange resin Strong acid cation exchange resin is a kind of polymer sulfonic acid, which is cheap and easy to obtain, has no corrosion to equipment, does not pollute the environment, does not cause side reactions, and is insoluble in the reaction system, easy to recover, It can be reused and regenerated, is easy to operate, is a good environment-friendly catalyst, and has industrial use value.

The uniqueness of inorganic catalysis is that its catalysis varies with different compounds, and it is not catalyzed by protic acids like sulfonic acid catalysis. There is a large class of inorganic substances that are inexpensive and readily available Lewis acids, whose metal atoms have empty orbitals that can coordinate with the carbonyl oxygen in carboxylic acids, thus catalyzing esterification. At the same time, they have less corrosion to equipment, less environmental pollution and less catalyst consumption, and are good catalysts for the synthesis of certain esters.

  1. Lewis acid catalysis Zhang Nairu et al. discussed the synthesis of ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate catalyzed by neodymium trioxide. When 0.1mol p-hydroxybenzoic acid, 0.5mol ethanol, 1.2g catalyst (6% of the acid amount), reflux heating for 4h , the product yield is 78.4%. The catalyst is insoluble in the reaction system, can be reused, does not corrode equipment, does not pollute the environment, and is a catalyst with practical value.
  2. Protic acid catalyzed sodium bisulfate monohydrate (NaHSO4·H2O) is also a good esterification catalyst. It is also a cheap, easy-to-obtain and stable crystal, and its aqueous solution is strongly acidic. Due to the presence of H+ in the ionization of HSO-4, it belongs to the catalysis of protic acid and can catalyze the synthesis of ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, and the yield of the product is 91.5 %. The microwave radiation was introduced into the reaction, when 0.1mol p-hydroxybenzoic acid, 0.4mol ethanol, 0.4g catalyst, 522W microwave radiation was used for 7min, the product yield reached 83.0%, which greatly accelerated the reaction.

Superacids are acids with stronger acid strength than 100% sulfuric acid. Solid super acid has the advantages of not corroding equipment, not polluting the environment, not afraid of water, high temperature resistance, high reactivity, good selectivity, easy preparation, easy separation from the reaction system, convenient operation, not easy to poison, easy to recover, reuse and regenerate. , is an excellent environment-friendly catalyst. Since Hino et al. first synthesized new solid superacids such as TiO2/SO2-4 in 1979, research and development applications have been very active. This SO2-4/MxOy solid superacid has also been widely used in the synthesis of ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate.

Quality Control of Methylparaben

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