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Basic Info of Heartleaf Houttuynia Herb

What is Heartleaf Houttuynia Herb?

Houttuynia cordata extract was extracted from dried houttuynia cordata by solvent extraction.

The chemical components isolated and identified from the Houttuynia cordata extract include volatile oils, flavonoids, organic acids, alkaloids and sterols.

Houttuynia cordata extract has antibacterial, antiviral, immunity enhancement, anti-leptospirosis, anti-tumor, antitussive, anti-radiation, analgesia and hemostasis, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and other functions.

Heartleaf Houttuynia Herb Use

  1. Enhance the immune function of the body
    The research results show that the anti-allergic effect of Houttuynia cordata oil is related to its ability to inhibit the release of allergic mediators, antagonize the effect of allergic mediators and directly relax smooth muscle.
  2. Anti-cancer effect
    Houttuynia cordata has a certain anti-cancer effect. Houttuyniacin can inhibit the germination of seeds of higher plants, and new Houttuyniacin has a certain inhibitory effect on transplanted liver cancer in mice.
  3. Anti-pathogen
    Houttuynia cordata has different degrees of inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria and mycobacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus albus, hemolytic streptococcus, pneumococcus, catarella, diphtheria, mutans Bacillus, Shigella, Shigella, Freund and Sonnei Shigella, Cholera suis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, etc. It can also prolong the survival time of mice infected with human Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37RV and reduce mortality. The water extract of Houttuynia cordata has a strong inhibitory effect on leptospira in the test tube. When directly acting, it can weaken the activity of leptospirosis-death-lyse, and delay the onset of guinea pigs artificially infected with leptospirosis.
  4. Anti-inflammatory
    Houttuynia cordata has a significant inhibitory effect on formaldehyde-induced foot swelling in rats, and Houttuynia cordata also has a significant inhibitory effect on the thermal denaturation of human γ-globulin in the presence of Cu2+. Houttuyniacin has a certain anti-inflammatory activity and can significantly inhibit the ear swelling and hyperpermeability of skin capillaries in mice caused by croton oil and xylene.
  5. Diuretic effect
    Houttuynia cordata has a diuretic effect due to its large amount of potassium salts and quercetin. The perfusion test of toad kidney or frog web showed that the diuretic effect of Houttuynia cordata may be related to the expansion of renal blood vessels and the increase of renal blood flow.
  6. Other functions
    Houttuynia cordata water extract can inhibit serous secretion, promote tissue regeneration, and have analgesic and hemostatic effects. The quercetin contained in Houttuynia cordata also has good expectorant and antitussive effects, and has a certain antiasthmatic effect. In addition, quercetin also has certain effects such as lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, expanding coronary arteries, and increasing coronary blood flow.
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At this moment I did two mini batches of soap with a very good result. But Ihave to improve my procedure in this techinc. Thank you.
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The product has a very good quality and it was what we were looking for. shipping was on-time even due COVID-19. the supplier was very responsive and with us all the way.

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