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Basic Info of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate?

Houttuynia cordata, an active component with anti-bacterial activity, is drawn out from natural Houttuynia cordata, and its chemical name is salt lauryl sulfoacetate (decanoyacetaldehyde). This pharmaceutical preparation has actually been widely made use of in professional technique. The brand-new houttuyrin sodium synthesized by chemical methods in China, the chemical name is sodium dodecanoylacetaldehyde sodium bisulfite, and also the medicinal activity and alleviative result of decanoylacetaldehyde are basically comparable. The medicine has the functions of anti-bacterial, antiviral, enhancing immune function, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti-leptospirosis.

Salt new houttuyfonate, chemical name: salt bisulfite adduct of dodecanoylacetaldehyde, molecular formula is C14H27NaO5S, relative molecular weight 330.41, has the functions of removing warm and also detoxing, eliminating carbuncle as well as pus, diuresis and drenching. Houttuyniacin sodium is a broad-spectrum antibacterial drug, which can enhance the immunity of the body as well as has obvious repressive effects on Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus typhi, pneumococcus, Escherichia coli as well as spore mycelium. Chronic bronchitis, top respiratory tract infection and also various other breathing system inflammation, it is also used to deal with pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, persistent cervicitis as well as other gynecological swelling.

New houttuycin sodium is an adduct of new houttuycin and sodium bisulfite. Since new houttuyniacin is an oily substance, it is insoluble in water, and its solubility is increased after the addition. During the storage process of sodium in solution state, it is easy to precipitate out, which causes the increase of adverse reactions during clinical application. In addition, the new houttuyniacin sodium solution is sensitive to light, which can cause the deterioration of medicines.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate Uses

  1. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate can be made use of to prepare new surfactants, such as salt palmitoyl threonate and also salt palmitoyl glutamine, with superb mildness, dampness retention and good frothing residential or commercial property.
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfate is commonly made use of as a surfactant or frothing representative. It additionally serves as an emulsifier to assist maintain oil-based as well as water-based components mixed. In many of our toothpastes, SLS is utilized as a surfactant to help appropriately disperse components throughout brushing and also to make certain very easy rinsing and also elimination of debris.
  3. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate comes from coconut oil and also hand oil; A risk-free, skin friendly surfactant (frothing representative), suitable for skin and hair. This light plant derived surfactant generates an abundant, lavish foam that efficiently gets rid of oil, dirt and also microorganisms from the surface without peeling off or drying out sensitive skin or hair.

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Application of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate has actually constantly been an ingredient in shampoo. It serves as a surfactant, capturing oil and also dust in the hair, so it can be cleaned off with water. As an efficient frothing representative, SLS can assist to produce rich foam in shower gel, hand soap, facial cleanser, bubble and various other items Similarly, SLS aids to generate lathering result in toothpaste and also aids to eliminate food residues from teeth.

Cleaning up products
Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate is an efficient surfactant used in household cleansing products to help eliminate oil spots and also deposits, such as food spots on rugs. Since it can break down oil and grease, SLS is also a component of many commercial cleaning items, such as engine degreaser and industrial toughness cleaner.

As a preservative, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate is used as an emulsifier or thickener. For instance, SLS assists to make marshmallows as well as dried out egg products light as well as fluffy. SLS also assists to better mix acids with fluids, such as in fruit juices as well as punch.

Preparation of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

  1. Preparation of 2-tridecone
    First add 2.3g of metallic sodium into the reaction flask, then add 3mL of anhydrous ethanol, heat to 25-30°C, then dropwise add a solution of 13.0g of ethyl acetoacetate, 10mL of ethanol and 12.5mL of anhydrous ether, and stir. Reflux for 1 hour; then add 21.85 g of lauroyl chloride and 30 mL of ether into the reaction flask, stir and reflux for 2 to 3 hours; after cooling, dissolve with dilute sulfuric acid, separate the ether layer, extract the aqueous layer twice with ether, combine the organic layers and use Distilled water was washed, and ether was recovered to obtain 15.7 g of intermediate 2-tridecone, with a yield of 92%.
  2. Preparation of dodecanoylacetaldehyde
    Using absolute ethanol as a solvent, add 1.1 g of sodium metal to the reaction vessel, heat under reflux for 1 hour, add dropwise 8 g of 2-tridecane ketone and 3 g of ethyl formate, stir and react for 4 to 6 hours, let stand overnight, and then use distilled water Washed, then extracted several times with ether, combined ether solutions, dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate, filtered, and finally separated ether to obtain 8.3 g of dodecanoylacetaldehyde with a yield of 90.3%.
  3. Preparation of sodium a-hydroxydodecanoylethylsulfonate
    After adding 60ml of saturated sodium bisulfite saturated solution to the reaction vessel, slowly add 6.9g of dodecanoylacetaldehyde to it, react at 85~90°C for 1.5 hours, cool down, filter, wash, and dry to obtain a-hydroxyl dodecyl The yield of 8.1 g of sodium acylethylsulfonate was 89.3%, and the content was determined to be 99.4% by HPLC. Infrared spectral data: IR(KBr)δ3376, 2967, 2925, 2841, 1713, 1310, 1153, 1049, 721. Hydrogen nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum: 1HNMR(DMSO300MH)0.86(t,3H,J=7.1Hz),1.22(m,1H),1.29(d,2H),1.44(m,1H)2.33~2.60(m,16H), 4.28 (m, 4H). Mass spectrum MSm/z: 227[M]+, elemental analysis: Calculated value (%): C50.85, H8.17; Measured value (%): C50.57, H8.11.


  1. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate – PubChem
  2. [Chinese invention] CN201210492405.2 A kind of preparation method of new houttuyrin sodium

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