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Basic Info

What is Prilocaine?

Prilocaine belongs to amide kind anesthetic. The anesthetic intensity and speed are similar to those of lidocaine, yet the duration is long and also the vasodilation effect is weak. It is much less toxic than lidocaine. It is clinically used for regional anesthesia, especially for clients that can not utilize adrenaline.

[Pharmacology] The anesthetic result of its 3% service resembles that of 2% lidocaine plus adrenaline. The effect is slow-moving, lasting regarding 6 ~ 7min, lasting about 1.5 ~ 2h. It has a strong capacity to pass through mucous membrane layers. The action time of adrenaline is slightly longer. PPB is 55%, T1/2 is about 1.5 h. It is influenced by liver metabolism, and its metabolite nitroso toluidine can oxidize hemoglobin to develop methemoglobin. It can be supplied to the unborn child via the placenta.
[Adverse response] If the dose is more than 600mg, methemoglobinemia, cyanosis, tachycardia, migraine, lightheadedness, weakness as well as various other symptoms may occur.
[Preventative measures] Individuals with anemia, hereditary or gotten methemoglobinemia, breathing failure or heart failure, and hypoxia are prohibited. It is forbidden to use it for obstetric anesthetic.
[Usage and dosage] Infiltration anesthesia: 0.5%~ 1% option, action time: 1 ~ 1.5 hours.
Nerve block anesthesia: use 1%~ 2% service for 2-3 hours.
Epidural anesthetic: 1.5%~ 1% remedy 10 ~ 30mL, action time 2.5 ~ 3.5 hrs. Make use of a maximum dosage of 600 mg.

Prilocaine Uses

  1. Prilocaine (NSC 40027) is a local anaesthetic of aminoamide. It acts on the sodium channel on the cell membrane of neurons and limits the spread of seizures.
  2. In terms of pharmacological specifications, prilocaine is equivalent to lidocaine; Nonetheless, due to numerous toxic symptoms, it is hardly ever used in clinical technique. Citanest as well as xylonest are well-known synonyms for prilocaine.
  3. Local anesthetics. The medication has better effectiveness than procaine. The anesthetic effect resembles lidocaine in strength and also rate, yet it has a much longer activity time, much less poisoning, as well as much less build-up as a result of fast metabolic process. It appropriates for epidural anesthetic, conduction anesthesia as well as seepage anesthesia.

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Pharmacology and Clinical Use

The toxicity of prilocaine is lower than that of lidocaine, and the clearance rate is high, which can be attributed to the metabolism in the lung, kidney and liver. When the dose is>600mg, it is related to methemoglobinemia. It is sometimes used to provide intravenous local anesthesia at a concentration of 0.5%, while the combination of 3% prilocaine and felypress can be used for low volume local infiltration anesthesia in dental surgery. 2% of the formula can also be used for spinal anesthesia. Propocaine is also made into an eutectic mixture with lidocaine (EMLA) for local anesthesia.

The metabolic rate of prilocaine has been extensively studied in pet models, yet little is known about human metabolites or human CYP enzymes involved in its formation. The metabolism of prilocaine in the liver creates o-toluidine, which is a feasible health hazard. Numerous aromatic amines, consisting of o-toluidine, have actually been shown to be mutagenic and metabolites of o-toluidine have actually been revealed to form DNA adducts. It is believed that the metabolites of o-toluidine are additionally related to methemoglobinemia observed with prilocaine. In order to minimize the opportunity of methemoglobinemia, the maximum advised dose should be strictly observed. The metabolic rate of prilocaine is really substantial, as well as the dose less than 5% is discharged from the pee in model type.


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