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Basic Info of Potassium Bromide

What is Potassium Bromide?

Potassium bromide is a not natural material with a chemical formula of KBr and also a loved one molecular weight of 119, colorless crystal or white powder, with solid salty taste, turns yellow when revealed to light. Somewhat hygroscopic. 1g was dissolved in 1.5 ml of water as well as the aqueous option was neutral. The relative density was 2.75 (25 ° C). Melting point 730 ℃. Boiling point: 1435 ℃. Annoying. It is generally utilized for spooky evaluation, copper silver point analysis, polarographic evaluation of indium, cadmium and also arsenic, as well as designer.

Potassium bromide is a colorless cubic crystal. Odorless, salted and a little bitter. It is simple to turn yellow when exposed to light and also has slight hygroscopicity. Soluble in water (102G/ 100ml water, 100 ° C) and also glycerol, somewhat soluble in ethanol and ether. The liquid solution is neutral. Its bromine ion might be replaced by fluorine and chlorine. And reacts with sulfuric acid to create hydrogen bromide. It reacts with silver nitrate to develop yellow silver bromide precipitate.

This white crystal is made by the activity of bromine and also hot potassium hydroxide remedy. It is soluble in water, yet its solubility in alcohol is a lot reduced. In the paper unfavorable film process, the healthy protein on glass process as well as the damp collodion procedure, potassium bromide is integrated with iodide to be made use of as a second halide. When the silver bromide latex was invented, potassium bromide was the primary halide. It is likewise used in mix with mercury dichloride, copper sulfate or potassium ferricyanide in photo lightening agents and as a prevention in alkaline developers utilized for jelly plates and also creating documents.

Potassium Bromide Uses

  1. The photosensitive product market is utilized in the manufacture of photosensitive movie, designer, film thickener, toner and also shade image bleach.
  2. Clinically utilized as a nerve sedative (tribromide tablets). On top of that, it is likewise used for chemical evaluation reagents, the transmission of spectroscopic and infrared rays, the preparation of unique soaps, in addition to inscription, lithography and so forth.
  3. Copper and also silver were identified by area evaluation. Polarographic evaluation of indium, cadmium and also arsenic. programmer. Chemical analysis.
    The 99.95% as well as 99.99% grades are used in molecular biology to eliminate peripheral membrane healthy proteins.
    FT-IR quality for FT-IR spectrometers.
  4. Bromide ions can boost the inhibitory procedure of the cortex, create a sedative impact, as well as bring back the equilibrium of excitation and restraint in the cerebral cortex to typical. Scientifically, it is mainly used for neurasthenia, nervous sleeping disorders, mental excitement, hysteria, and so on.
  5. Potassium bromide is used in veterinary medication to deal with epilepsy in pets, either as first-line treatment or in mix with phenobarbital, when phenobarbital alone does not adequately control seizures.

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Application of Potassium Bromide

Potassium bromide can be used in the manufacture of photographic paper, board, pharmaceutical synthesis intermediates.

It solves the technical problem that the traditional method of Fourier transform infrared can not carry out infrared scanning on the single particle of diamond mineral smaller than 1mm. , place the sample to be tested in the hollow sample chamber of the potassium bromide base, and then place it under the infrared microscope, close the door of the infrared microscope, evacuate and fill with argon, and scan and analyze the sample to be tested. The concentration distribution of N element.

The potassium bromide base uses pure potassium bromide tablet as the base of diamond single mineral, which solves the problem of background interference when other substances fix extremely tiny minerals.

1) Grind the potassium bromide particles and dry them in a vacuum for later use;
2) Put PBA in a volumetric flask, and use good solvent CHCl3 to make up the volume to completely dissolve PBA;
3) adding KBr to the prepared PBA solution to obtain a KBr blend solution;
4) Add ionized water to the obtained PBA solutions with different contents of KBr, and ultrasonically sonicate the volumetric flask at room temperature to prepare PBA/KBr suspension casting solution;
5) The obtained PBA film casting solution is subjected to spin coating method to obtain a composite film, and the solvent CHCl3 is completely volatilized at room temperature, and then vacuum-dried for 6 hours;
6) Incubate the prepared composite film at a constant temperature to eliminate thermal history;
7) Incubate the composite film that has eliminated the thermal history at a constant temperature to make it completely recrystallized;
8) Cool the fully crystallized product in step 3) to room temperature and wait for detection; the process is simple and scientific, the cost is low, the process is controllable, and it is expected to be industrialized production, with great potential application prospects and economic benefits.

  1. Ethanol, water and o-nitrobenzaldehyde are stirred and mixed, and the temperature is raised to the point where the solid o-nitrobenzaldehyde is completely dissolved.
  2. Add reduced iron powder, add 3-5 drops of hydrochloric acid dropwise, fully stir and continue to heat up until the reaction system reaches the reflux temperature, and keep stirring for reaction.
  3. The reaction solution is suction filtered, and the mixed solution of bromine, potassium bromide and water is stirred dropwise in the gained filtrate, and after the dropwise addition is completed, the temperature is maintained and the reaction is stirred.
  4. Excessive saturated sodium bicarbonate solution was added to the reaction solution, stirred well, accompanied by solid precipitation, and filtered to obtain 2amino-3,5-dibromobenzaldehyde.

The reaction of the invention organically combines the two-step reactions of reduction and bromination, omits the process of obtaining the intermediate product o-aminobenzaldehyde, simplifies the process, and reduces the workload.

Preparation of Potassium Bromide

  1. Electrolysis. The potassium bromide synthesized by bromine and potassium hydroxide was dissolved in distilled water to form an electrolyte, and the first batch of crude products was obtained after electrolysis for 24 hours. After that, take the crude product every 12 hours. The crude product was washed with water to remove potassium bromide and then hydrolyzed by distillation. Adjust the pH value to 8 with potassium hydroxide, and filter after standing for 0.5h.
  2. Chlorine oxidation. After the lime milk reacts with bromine, chlorine gas is introduced for chlorine oxidation reaction, and the reaction is terminated when the pH value reaches 6-7. After slag removal, the filtrate is evaporated. Add barium chloride solution to react to form barium bromate precipitate, add water to suspend and filter the precipitate to maintain a certain temperature, add potassium carbonate to carry out the double decomposition reaction, and use a small amount of distilled water to wash, filter, evaporate, cool, crystallize, separate, dry and crush the crude potassium bromate for many times to obtain edible potassium bromate product.
  3. Bromine potassium hydroxide method. Industrial bromine and potassium hydroxide are used as raw materials, potassium hydroxide is dissolved with 1.4 times the mass of water to make a solution, and bromine is added under constant stirring. After bromine is added to a certain amount, white crystals are precipitated out to obtain crude potassium bromate.
  4. Continue adding bromine until the liquid turns pink. While adding bromine, keep adding cold water to the solution to prevent bromine loss due to high temperature volatilization. Recrystallization, filtration and drying are repeated, and then dissolved with deionized water. During synthesis, a small amount of potassium hydroxide is added to remove excess bromine and recrystallized once. Finally, the crystal is taken out and dried to obtain the finished product.


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