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Basic Info of Polymaleic Acid

What is Polymaleic Acid?

Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride is referred to as HPMA, or polymaleic acid. Polymaleic acid is a polycarboxylic acid type organic compound, which is resistant to high temperature and can chelate calcium, magnesium and iron in water. Good thermal stability, using PH range, wide water hardness, is an excellent scale inhibitor.

Polymaleic acid (HPMA), as a green water treatment agent with low price and excellent performance, has become an important member of high-efficiency water-soluble scale inhibitor and dispersant. Especially under harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, high pH value, high alkalinity, high hardness, etc., polymaleic acid has a remarkable anti-scale effect on calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate, which is beyond the reach of general polyacrylic acid and other organic copolymerization dispersants.

At the same time, polymaleic acid has low toxicity, no carcinogenic and teratogenic effects, and is often used as a water treatment agent for circulating cooling water, low-pressure boiler water, and anti-scaling treatment for oilfield water injection, crude oil dehydration and other systems.

Polymaleic Acid Uses

  1. Polymaleic acid can be used for descaling and anti-scaling in seawater desalination by flash evaporation. And used for the ingredients of advanced cleaning agents. The general dosage is 1-5PPM.
  2. Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride can be used in oil field water pipelines, steam locomotive boilers, medium and low pressure boilers, seawater desalination, circulating cooling water, as a scale inhibitor and dispersant. It can also be used as a textile cleaning agent. The general dosage is 2×10-6~10-5.
  3. Polymaleic acid is used as scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor in steam locomotive, industrial boiler water and cold water, and oil field water injection treatment.
  4. Polymaleic acid is a high-efficiency scale inhibitor, mainly used in low-pressure boilers, industrial circulating cooling water systems, oilfield water pipelines, crude oil dehydration, etc.
  5. Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride has high chemical stability and high temperature resistance, and also has obvious solubility limit effect when the pH value is 8.3. It is especially suitable for scale inhibition of high temperature water systems such as boiler water.

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Properties of Polymaleic Acid

Polymaleic acid (Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride) is a kind of polycarboxylic acid scale inhibitor, which can be compatible with other corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors. The molecular weight is about 600~1200. It has stable chemical properties and can be used under the conditions of 350 ℃. HPMA has excellent scale inhibition performance against carbonate and phosphate, has obvious solubility limit effect and significant dispersion effect, and is suitable for water quality with different pH values.

  1. Scale inhibition performance of polymaleic acid, polymaleic acid has the following scale inhibition characteristics:
    • Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride is quite effective for calcium carbonate scale, and has both lattice distortion and threshold effect (that is, it has unidirectional conductivity). Even if scale is formed, it is relatively loose and easily washed away by water flow without forming hard scale.
    • High temperature resistance, usually decomposes above 350℃, and can be used at high temperature.
    • In addition to being effective for calcium carbonate, hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride also has a certain dispersing ability for calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate.
    • Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride can be compounded with zinc salt, which has a synergistic effect on the corrosion inhibition of carbon steel
    • Non-toxic, no obvious impact on the environment.
  2. The corrosion inhibition performance of polymaleic acid, the corrosion inhibition mechanism of polymaleic acid is: the oxygen atoms in the polar groups (-COOH) and (-OH) in the HPMA molecule can become adsorption centers and form chelates with metal ions in water. It is adsorbed on the metal surface and forms a protective film along the metal surface, thus playing a role in corrosion inhibition.

Use Polymaleic Acid Compound Antiscalant

  1. The main functions of polymaleic acid and ATMP compound aminotrimethylidene phosphonic acid (ATMP) as water quality stabilizer: one is complexation, which can soften water and remove scale; Due to the interference effect, the crystal structure of CaCO3 is greatly distorted.
  2. Polymaleic acid and PESA compound polyepoxysuccinic acid (PESA) has a non-phosphorus, non-nitrogen structure, biodegradable, and has dual functions of scale and corrosion inhibition. The compound of HPMA-PESA has a good inhibitory effect on calcium carbonate scale. Scale performance. The increase in the addition amount of HPMA-PESA compound agent also increases the scale inhibition performance of calcium carbonate. When added to a certain amount, it will tend to be saturated and flat. This compound formula is the largest when the concentration time is 10h, and with the concentration With the further extension of time, the scale inhibition rate began to decrease slowly.
  3. Polymaleic acid and EDTMPS compound ethylenediaminetetraminemethylenephosphonic acid sodium (EDTMPS) is miscible with water and can chelate with multiple metal ions to form multiple monomeric macromolecular network complexes, making The normal crystallization of calcium scale is destroyed, and the scale inhibition rate of HPMA is greatly improved.
  4. Polymaleic acid and PAA compound polyacrylic acid (PAA) is a kind of scale inhibitor and dispersant with excellent performance, which has a good effect of inhibiting the formation of scale and peeling off old scale, and can be reacted under the conditions of alkaline and medium concentration multiples No scaling. HPMA-PAA, as a new type of composite scale inhibitor, has the advantages of good scale inhibition effect and good thermal stability.
  5. Polymaleic acid, HEDP, AMPS ternary compound macromolecule corrosion and scale inhibitor contains two important groups, “stabilizing group” and “docking group”. The docking group is adsorbed on the crystallites and has poor water solubility. The adsorption force is strong. The stabilizing group has a good affinity with the solvent. A large number of carboxyl groups on hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride have negative charges after ionization, which is an excellent stabilizing group. 2-Acryloyl-methylpropanesulfonic acid (AMPS) The amide group has strong adsorption to the scale-forming crystallites and is an excellent docking group. Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride is easy to form a six-membered ring chelate with metal ions, and has a synergistic effect. Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride is compounded with APMS and HEDP, and excellent docking groups are introduced into the polymaleic anhydride molecule, which improves the adsorption of the polymer, thereby improving the “lattice distortion” and “adsorption and dispersion” of the polymer. Mildness and timeliness. A very small amount of scale inhibitor can achieve a high scale inhibition rate.


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