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Basic Info

What is Polyisobutylene?

Polyisobutylene (described as PIB) is a colorless, odor free, safe thick or semi-solid compound with good warmth resistance, oxygen resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid resistance as well as alkali resistance., with high volume resistivity, small growth coefficient, no dangerous compounds in the dielectric, excellent electric insulation, and no residual carbon in splitting. It is widely utilized in lubricating oil ingredients, oil ingredients, putty adhesive adhesives, eating periodontal ingredients as well as electric insulation. In addition to products, the most important point is that it is widely made use of in the fields of rubber as well as various other high polymers, and also the growth as well as usage prospects are really broad.

Generally talking, polyisobutene is split into low molecular polyisobutene, tool molecular polyisobutene and high molecular polyisobutylene. Products with a loved one molecular mass between 350 and 3500 are called reduced molecular weight polyisobutylene, those with a relative molecular mass between 10,000 and 100,000 are moderate molecular weight items, and also those with a relative molecular mass between 100,000 and 10 million are high molecular weight items. Products with a relative molecular mass of less than 30,000 are generally in a liquid state, while materials with a higher loved one molecular mass are in a solid state.

Polyisobutylene Uses

Polyisobutylene with a relatively low molecular weight is mainly used as lubricating oil additives, insecticides, electrical cable insulating oils, sealing putty, adhesives, plasticizers, softeners, pigment dispersants, ink tackifiers, metal rust inhibitors, leather Impregnation agent, road marking paint, etc.; poly(iso)butylene with relatively high molecular weight is mainly used as lubricating oil index improver, adhesive, self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, sealing material, chewing gum base material, waterproof membrane, Shock-absorbing materials, energy-absorbing materials, protective materials, etc. Among them, high-end polyisobutylene (polyisobutylene with a vinylidene double bond at the end position, referred to as HRPIB) refers to polyisobutylene products with an average molecular weight of 500-5000 and a terminal hydroxyl content greater than 60%. This polyisobutylene has a high Reactivity, can introduce appropriate groups through a relatively simple process, can be used as raw materials for the preparation of ashless dispersants and detergents for lubricating oils and fuels!

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Polyisobutylene Residential or Commercial Properties

Polyisobutylene is an anemic, odorless, non-toxic isobutylene homopolymer. As a result of various preparation methods and also process conditions, the molecular weight of polyisobutene differs in a large range. When the molecular weight of a lot of items reaches 10,000-200,000, it will certainly transform from a thick liquid to a sticky semi-solid, and then to a rubber-like elastomer. Polyisobutylene is resistant to acid, antacids, salt, water, ozone and aging, as well as has superb air tightness and electric insulation. It has good compatibility with wax, asphalt, polyethylene, etc.

High molecular weight polyisobutylene is a typical saturated straight polymer, its head team is -CH3, as well as its tail team is -CH2-C= CH2 or -CH= C-CH3. It has excellent warm resistance, light resistance and also ozone aging resistance, and also has optimal chemical stability. At area temperature level, it is secure against dilute alkali as well as focused acid, antacid as well as salt. Polymer polyisobutylene still has exceptional water resistance and also airtightness at greater temperature levels, and also its dielectric residential or commercial properties are fairly outstanding. High molecular weight polyisobutylene is usually in the strong state.

Reduced molecular weight polyisobutene (referred to as oligoisobutene) is a colorless, odor free, non-toxic viscous things, which is made use of in the fields of petroleum ingredients, adhesives, chewing gum ingredients, as well as blending with various other high polymers. The application of oligomeric isobutylene mostly depends upon its thickness actions, thermal security as well as electrical insulation in lots of fields. Oligomeric isobutylene has good heat resistance, oxygen resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and also various other properties., Its growth coefficient is tiny, it does not include unsafe substances in the dielectric, and it has superb electric insulation.

Oligomeric isobutylene is a Newtonian fluid with a high thickness index. It appropriates for thickness adjustment of oil products, 100% pyrolyzed without recurring ash at high temperature, and also can be utilized as ash-free additive. Oligomeric isobutylene has great compatibility with polymer materials, great compatibility with basic non-polar materials, and also has low-temperature dispersibility and also high-temperature detergency. Low molecular weight polyisobutylene is usually thick fluid or semi-solid.

The performance attributes of regular low-molecular-weight polyisobutylene are: the content of methylvinylidene team at the end of the chain in the molecule is fairly low. Even if of its low content, only “chlorination path” and also “catalytic thermal enhancement course” can be used in the preparation of lubricating oil ashless dispersants, resulting in “chlorination route” although it can considerably improve the polyisobutylene (PIB) as well as maleic acid The conversion rate of acid anhydride (MA) reaction is high, yet the chlorine web content in the end product is high, which is much less and much less preferred with users; while the “catalytic thermal addition course” has long reaction time, reduced conversion rate and also matching boost in price as a result of the presence of various degrees as well as other concerns are limited.

Polyisobutylene is an anemic, odorless, non-toxic isobutylene homopolymer. Due to various preparation methods and also procedure problems, the molecular weight of polyisobutene differs in a large range. When the molecular weight of the majority of items reaches 10,000-200,000, it will certainly transform from a viscous liquid to a sticky semi-solid, and then to a rubber-like elastomer. Polyisobutylene is resistant to acid, antacids, salt, water, ozone and aging, as well as has outstanding air tightness as well as electrical insulation. It has good compatibility with wax, asphalt, polyethylene, etc.

The Main Application Fields of Polyisobutylene

  1. Lubricating oil, fuel oil additives: two-stroke oil, transmission oil, hydraulic fluid, insulating oil, metal processing fluid, etc.
  2. Adhesives: Mainly used as tackifiers for pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as cellophane tapes, packing tapes, insulating tapes, and adhesive plasters. Generally speaking, the pressure-sensitive adhesive is made of high molecular polymer as the base material, and two or three compounds may be mixed in order to balance the surface adhesiveness and gelling property. This type of glue can be used alone, or it can be shared with petroleum resin, rosin, rosin resin, etc. The adhesive made of polyisobutylene is non-toxic and highly transparent. It is not only used for pasting trademarks of articles, but also widely used in the field of waterproof sealants for automobiles and refrigerators.
  3. Polymer modification: It can be blended with a variety of high molecular weight substances (such as natural rubber and synthetic rubber) to improve the properties of polymer materials. For example, after polyisobutylene is mixed with natural rubber or synthetic rubber (such as butyl rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber), it has good waterproof and high-strength breathable properties.
  4. As an additive: coated on the surface of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to protect against ultraviolet rays and heat. It can be added to EVA copolymer, PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE to improve its physical strength.
  5. Coating field: mainly used in coatings with high weather resistance requirements, such as roof coatings.
  6. Building materials and sealing materials: caulking and sealing materials made of polyisobutylene have excellent properties, such as low gas transmission rate, strong weather resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good adhesion, and prevent falling. Polyisobutylene, carbon black, antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers are used in the production of sealant for insulating glass, which can increase the flexibility and permeability of the product.
  7. Protective film: It can be made into a variety of waterproof sealing films, such as the protective film coated on the top of the car, waterproof sealant/membrane in the construction industry, roof waterproof sealant, tunnel/beam column/chimney waterproof sealant, asphalt and waterproof Corrosion protection film, as a conductive film with graphite, and as a magnetic film with barium ferrite.


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