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Polyethyleneimine is a colorless, highly viscous liquid. Soluble in water, ethanol, hygroscopic, insoluble in benzene, acetone. Any encounter with sulfuric acid with a pH below 2.4 will cause precipitation. The aqueous solution is positively charged, and the addition of formaldehyde produces coagulation.

Polyethylenimine (PEI) is divided into two types: linear and branched. Linear polyethyleneimine contains all secondary amines, while branched polyethyleneimine contains primary, secondary and tertiary amine groups. . Linear polyethyleneimine of any molecular weight is solid at room temperature, while branched polyethyleneimine is liquid. Linear PEI is soluble in hot water or low pH methanol, ethanol or chloroform, but insoluble in cold water, benzene, ether and acetone; one end of the polymer chain is a methyl group and the other end is an amino group; the melting point is 73-75°C ; can be stored at room temperature.

Polyethyleneimine (PEI) or polyaziridine is a polymer with repeating device, which is made up of amine group and 2 fatty carbon CH2 CH2 spacer groups. Linear polyethyleneimine contains all second amines, while branched Pei includes main, secondary as well as tertiary amino teams. A fully branched dendritic kind is likewise reported. [1] Pei is generated on an industrial range and has discovered that many applications come typically from its polycation homes.


  1. Polyethyleneimine used as a wet strength agent for unsized breathable paper, a retention aid and a beating agent in the papermaking process to reduce the beating degree of the pulp. Improve paper dewatering ability. Increase the dryness of the paper by 1% to 4%. Production capacity increased by 5% to 20%.
  2. High adhesion and adsorption
    Amino groups can respond with carboxyl groups to create hydrogen bonds. Amino groups can react with carboxyl teams to form ionic bonds. Amino teams can react with carbonyl teams to create covalent bonds.Polyethyleneimine can combine with different substances due to its polar group (amino group) and hydrophobic group (vinyl group) structure. Using these comprehensive binding forces, it can be widely used in the fields of adhesives, inks, coatings, adhesives, etc.
  3. Highly cationic
    Polyethyleneimine exists as a polymeric cation in water, which can neutralize and adsorb all anionic species, and can also chelate heavy metal ions. Using its high cationic residential or commercial properties, it can be made use of in the fields of papermaking water treatment, electroplating solution, as well as dispersant.
  4. Sensitivity
    Polyethyleneimine reacts easily with epoxy, acids, isocyanate compounds as well as acid gases as a result of its highly reactive primary as well as additional amines. Making the most of this residential property, it can be utilized as epoxy material reactant, aldehyde adsorbent and dye fixer. Polyethyleneimine has several applications in the complying with items: cleaning agents, adhesives, water therapy agents and also cosmetics.
  5. Due to the fact that it can modify the surface area of cellulose fiber, Polyethyleneimine is made use of as wet strength representative in papermaking procedure. It can likewise be made use of as a flocculant with silica sol and also a chelating agent with the ability to complex steel ions such as zinc and zirconium.

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Preparation of ethyleneimine
300kg of ethanolamine and 50kg of water were added to the reaction pot, and 50kg of concentrated sulfuric acid was slowly added dropwise under stirring, and the temperature was controlled at 10 to 30° C. when the sulfuric acid was added dropwise. After dripping, keep stirring for 1h. Continue to heat up to 50°C, and dehydrate under reduced pressure until crystals are precipitated. The vacuum distillation was stopped. Cool and crystallize and filter. The filter cake was washed with a small amount of water and dried to obtain aminoethanol hydrogen sulfate.

Transfer it to the hydrolysis kettle, add 200kg of 30% NaOH aqueous solution, and steam the azeotrope of ethyleneimine and water after hydrolysis at 100°C.

The ethyleneimine aqueous solution prepared above is added to the polymerization kettle, hydrogen chloride and carbon dioxide are introduced, and the vinylimine is polymerized under acid catalysis to obtain polyethyleneimine.


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