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Basic Info

What is Polyethylene Oxide?

Polyethylene oxide is a linear polyether, depending upon the level of polymerization, it can be liquid, oily, waxy as well as solid powder, white to slightly yellow. The n of the solid powder is greater than 300, the conditioning point is 65-67 ° C, and also the embrittlement point is -50 ° C. It is thermoplastic; it is a thick fluid with reduced loved one molecular mass as well as is soluble in water.

Polyethylene oxide (PEO), also known as polyethylene oxide, is a crystalline, thermoplastic, water-soluble polymer. It is completely soluble in water and soluble in some organic solvents. Its option has high thickness at low focus; it is a thermoplastic material with versatility and also high toughness. It can be refined by calendering, extrusion, spreading, etc; it is immune to microbial disintegration, will certainly not be damaged, and its hygroscopicity in the atmosphere is usually tiny; the high molecular polymer has flocculation; it has good compatibility with various other materials.

Polyethylene oxide is completely water-soluble and soluble in many solvents; non-ionic polymer; efficient thickening (high viscosity even at very low concentrations); good ductility due to thermoplastic resin , plasticity and bending properties; prevent biological invasion; reduce liquid friction; can be combined with a variety of polar resins (such as urea-based resins, acrylic acid, furan resins, etc).

Polyethylene Oxide Uses

Polyethylene oxide, referred to as PEO, has the characteristics of thickening, slow release, lubrication, adhesion, drag reduction, and dispersion. It is suitable for different industries such as papermaking, cosmetics, medicine, fertilizer, ceramics, water treatment, and fire protection.

Main performance

  • Completely water soluble, soluble in many solvents
  • nonionic polymer
  • Efficient thickening (high viscosity even at very low concentrations)
  • Because it is a thermoplastic resin, it has good ductility, plasticity and bending properties
  • prevent biological infestation
  • reduce fluid friction
  • Can be combined with a variety of polar resins (such as urea-based resins, acrylic, furan resins, etc.)

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Application of Polyethylene Oxide

As a high value-added product, the application and development prospects of polyethylene oxide are quite broad. The raw material price for producing polyethylene oxide is only a few thousand yuan, but the price of the product polyethylene oxide is more than ten times that of ethylene oxide. , its economic benefits are considerable, the development of polyethylene oxide can be used in textile, paper, film and other industries, its application and development prospects are very broad.

Polyethylene oxide has minimal toxicity and pseudoplasticity. Its solubility can be used to prepare soluble film, which has unique advantages. It can be used for agricultural seed belts. Next, the water in the soil dissolves the film and the seeds begin to germinate. In addition, cross-linked polyethylene oxide can absorb nearly 100 times its own weight of water, which is suitable for the soil roots of plants to retain water and enhance the plant’s anti-aging ability. Blending polyethylene oxide with other resins can be used to make plastic packaging. As a degradable plastic, it is a green product and is of great significance to environmental protection.

In wood pulp papermaking, it is often necessary to add fillers to make the paper white and non-reflective, but in the production process, there will be a considerable loss of fine fibers of fillers. In order to avoid this situation, 0.03 Kg/ The polyethylene oxide of t can significantly reduce the loss, and, as a flocculant, polyethylene oxide has a synergistic effect, which can improve the retention rate of fillers, pigments and fibers and increase the drainage rate. The solution of 1% to 5% concentration of polyethylene oxide is very viscous, and the viscosity disappears after drying. It can be used as an adhesive for paper-making rolls, using polyethylene oxide with a molecular weight of 400,000-500,000, which can open the paper roll without tearing the paper.

High molecular weight polyoxyethylene ether has many functions such as bonding, dispersing, flocculation and thickening, etc. It can be used in textile pulp, thickener, etc., and has been widely used in the textile industry.

Polyethylene oxide has a high viscosity and can be used in adhesives. High-molecular-weight polyethylene oxide has a strong thickening ability and can be used as a washing additive. It can increase viscosity and produce a soft and smooth feeling. It can be used in cleaning agents. In contact with the surface to be washed, the cleaning effect is improved, and the application effect of polyethylene oxide with high molecular weight and narrow molecular distribution is better.

Adding polyethylene oxide resin to synthetic strip detergent can increase lubricity and softness, the effect is very obvious, and its lubricity can exceed that of soap. Adding polyoxyethylene to liquid detergent can not only enhance foam stability, improve hand feeling, but also thicken detergent liquid. Adding polyethylene oxide resin to toothpaste, shaving products, creams, lotions and other beauty cosmetics and shampoos can increase the consistency of these products and improve their lubricity.

The flow of water in the pipe is subject to dynamic resistance, which can be converted into the pressure loss of the fluid in the pipe and the frictional resistance of the water against the pipe surface. High-molecular-weight polyethylene oxide is the most effective polymer for reducing fluid turbulent frictional resistance. Its resistance reduction rate is higher than that of polyacrylamide and guar gum. A small amount of PEO in turbulent water flow can make the internal pressure of the fluid And the impact force becomes larger, reducing the turbulence of the water flow. It has already been applied to fire-fighting water pipe systems in foreign countries, and the fast water additive VCAR of United Carbon Chemical Company has been commercialized in the 1970s.

A small amount of PEO [(30~100)×10-6] can reduce the frictional resistance of water passing through the fire pipeline by more than 80%, double the range of water, and transport about 60% more water through the general standard diameter (6.35 cm) fire hose. If this additive is used in the fire extinguishing process, it can not only improve the fire extinguishing efficiency and minimize the economic loss caused by the fire, but also ensure the personal safety of firefighters due to the increased range.

This additive is a semi-fluid thin mixture, which is PEO with a molecular weight greater than 500,000 (preferably 1 million to 12 million) and a vacuum density of (1.15 to 1.26)×103 m3/kg, and an inert carrier. Mix and add a small amount of thickener to prepare. The carrier used is a mixture of two miscible liquids or a solution of one solid dissolved in another liquid. This solution is a non-solvent for PEO, but it is easily miscible with water; the thickener does not mix with polyethylene oxide To react with the carrier, silica gel is generally used, and the dosage is 0-3.5% of the total weight of the additive.

In addition, using this characteristic of PEO, adding a small amount of this resin (about 200×10-6) into the sewage pipeline can increase the sewage flow rate by 50% to 100%, and improve the drainage capacity of the sewage pipeline. When the pipeline is seriously overloaded, adding high molecular weight PEO to the sewage system in the form of dry powder can make the sewage pipeline still competent when the load is too large.

Advantages of Using PEO

  1. Since both the water coating process and glass tube cleaning work use water, the cleaning and drying of glass tubes in the production process of fluorescent lamps, the coating of phosphor layers and their drying can be combined on one washing-drying-coating combined machine to quickly Finish. This not only makes the production process compact and improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the breakage rate of the glass tube due to the reduction of the number and process of loading, unloading and transfer.
  2. The water coating process using PEO as the adhesive is not affected by the environment and temperature, and the production is stable.
  3. The phosphor water coating using PEO as binder can increase the viscosity of phosphor paste by about 3 times, and it does not contain impurities. The prepared phosphor paste does not produce air bubbles and will not deteriorate during long-term storage.
  4. The use of PEO can improve the phosphor paste preparation process and phosphor layer coating process, which can reduce the thickness difference of the phosphor layer at both ends of the fluorescent tube to less than 5%, that is, if the light transmission current at the upper end (thin end) is 100μA, Then the light transmission current at the lower end (thick end) is greater than 95μA.
  5. The phosphor water coating using PEO as the adhesive can make the phosphor layer uniform and dense (delicate), without bright spots, streaks (black and white prints) and pinholes and other defects, and can make the fluorescent lamps in the production process The powder removal rate is below 1%, and the luminous flux and lumen maintenance rate of the lamp are not inferior to the best level of the organic solvent powder coating process.
  6. The water slurry powder coating method is to use deionized water (or distilled water) instead of traditional butyl acetate as a solvent, and use water-soluble high-molecular polymers instead of traditional nitrocellulose as a binder to prepare fluorescent powder. Suspension to coat the method of phosphor layer. For the rare earth tri-based toner, non-ionic high molecular polymer-polyethylene oxide is used as a temporary binder in the water slurry powder coating process. The binder decomposes at a low temperature and begins to decompose at 2000°C. After reaching the decomposition temperature, it decomposes from the polymer to monomers, and these monomers run away in a gaseous state. Therefore, the use of polyethylene oxide as a temporary binder can ensure that the formed glass tube is completely baked out of the binder during the tube baking stage, and the glass tube is not deformed, which prevents the formation of a black light-absorbing film layer on the phosphor layer.


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