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Basic Info of Polyethylene Glycol

What is Polyethylene Glycol?

Polyethylene glycol (PEG), likewise known as polyethylene glycol ether, English name: Polyethylene Glycol CAS No. 25322-68-3, chemical architectural formula is HO (CH2CH2O) nH, it is based on ethylene oxide as well as water or ethylene glycol Alcohol is prepared by stepwise enhancement reaction as basic material, and also its basic material is generally derived from oil items.

As the level of polymerization boosts, the physical look and also buildings of polyethylene glycol gradually modification:
Those with a loved one molecular weight of 200-600 are fluid at space temperature, and also those with a relative molecular weight over 600 progressively come to be semi-solid. With the boost of molecular weight, it alters from a colorless and odor free viscous liquid to a waxy strong, as well as its hygroscopic capability reduces accordingly. It has the chemical residential or commercial properties of alcohol and can undertake esterification with fats to create esters. Soluble in water, ethanol and also different natural solvents. Steady to warm, acid and also alkali, and does not deal with several chemicals. Has excellent hygroscopicity, adhesion and also lubricity. Non-toxic as well as non-irritating. Harmless to people as well as animals.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) has solid water absorption, it can absorb water from the air under typical temperature level problems, as well as the fluid can be miscible with water in any kind of proportion. It can be miscible with water in any kind of proportion. When the temperature is as high as the boiling point of water, the polymer will speed up. The precipitation temperature level depends upon the molecular weight as well as concentration of the polymer. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a non-ionic polymer and is secure under normal problems. It can oxidize with oxygen in the air at 120 ° C or greater. It is protected by inert gases such as co2 or nitrogen. 200 ~ 240 ℃ does not transform, when it rises to concerning 300 ℃, the molecular chain sector breaks and breaks down.

Polyethylene Glycol Uses

Typical polymer compounds in our daily life are typically insoluble in water, yet polyethylene glycol has a high solubility in water, due to the fact that the oxygen atoms in its particles will communicate strongly with water particles, which we call hydrogen bonding. When we put polyethylene glycol into water, each polyethylene glycol molecule will be thoroughly blended with several water molecules, so even polyethylene glycol particles with molecular weights as high as tens of thousands will remain in water. liquifies swiftly. Polyethylene glycol is not just extremely soluble in water, however likewise has superb solubility with several organic compounds. It is as a result of this special property that polyethylene glycol is widely made use of in numerous family chemicals such as cosmetics, toiletries and also toothpaste.

Among its main features is as a solvent or surfactant, helping to mix together parts with various chemical residential properties. At the same time, polyethylene glycol has a strong interaction with water, so the polyethylene glycol added to these items aids maintain it damp. Additionally, some day-to-day chemicals require a certain thickness, as well as polyethylene glycol comes in handy currently. Considering that low molecular weight polyethylene glycols are viscous liquids, they can considerably increase the viscosity of these day-to-day chemicals.

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Application of Polyethylene Glycol

Exactly What is Polyethylene Glycol Adjustment?

Chemical modification of polyethylene glycol is to chemically combine polyethylene glycol polymer chains to protein molecules. By enhancing the size of the medicine molecule, it can successfully lengthen its half-life in vivo, and also at the same time shield its immune site to dramatically decrease immunogenicity. It is worldwide recognized as one of one of the most efficient long-acting healthy protein solution technologies.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a neutral, safe, high molecular polymer with distinct physicochemical residential properties and great biocompatibility. It is also among the few synthetic polymers accepted by the FDA that can be made use of for in vivo injection. Polyethylene glycol, or PEG, is very hydrophilic, has a huge hydrodynamic quantity in aqueous remedy, and also is not immunogenic. When combined to a drug molecule or medication surface area, its exceptional residential properties can be conveyed to the customized medication particles, changing their biodistribution actions and solubility in aqueous options, creating a steric obstacle around their modified medicines, lowering the chemical task of the medicine solution, stay clear of quick removal in the metabolism of the kidney, and allow the drug to be acknowledged by cells of the immune system; the PEG modifications introduced by Zhongpeptide include:

( 1) PEG2, PEG4, PEG8, PEG12, PEG24
( 2) PEG2000, PEG5000, PEG3400
( 3) PEG20K, PEG40K


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