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Basic Info

What is Platinum Carbon?

Platinum, commonly known as white gold, is a rare element. Platinum group metals include six elements: osmium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, and palladium, and are collectively called the platinum family.

Platinum also known as platinum carbon, platinum carbon catalyst, Pt/C. It belongs to the noble metal catalyst, the appearance is black powder, the molecular weight is 195.08, and the molecular formula is Pt/C. Platinum carbon catalyst is a carrier catalyst that loads platinum on activated carbon, and is the most commonly used type of noble metal catalyst. It can be used in pharmaceutical, electronic and other fields, and has a wide range of applications.

Platinum is an extremely rare precious metal that is more precious than gold. It often exists in the form of minerals in nature and is extremely scattered. Platinum is widely distributed and distributed all over the world, mainly concentrated in Canada, Peru, Russia and South Africa. The amount of platinum that can be extracted from the ore is also very small. It takes 5 months to extract 1 ounce (28.35 grams) of platinum from 10 tons of platinum ore.

Platinum belongs to the platinum group elements and also group 10 components. It has six naturally happening isotopes. Platinum is an uncommon aspect in the earth’s crust, placing 71st in wealth, with a typical abundance of regarding 5 μg/ kg01, and ons components 0.0 Countless the planet’s crust is platinum. It normally occurs in certain nickel and also copper ores as well as lies in primary element deposits, mostly in South Africa, where platinum manufacturing represent 80% of the world. The yearly outcome of platinum is just a couple of hundreds of heaps, as well as its application is likewise very essential, so it is very valuable as well as is the primary precious metal trading product.

Platinum Uses

  1. Platinum carbon is made use of for the combination response of hydrogen as well as oxygen, from oxygen, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, helium.
  2. Platinum carbon is utilized for the compound response of oxygen and carbon tetrachloride to purify oxygen from nitrogen.
  3. Platinum carbon is used for the substance response of hydrocarbons as well as oxygen, from oxygen, nitrogen, co2, air, Cleanse hydrocarbons in helium as well as argon
  4. Platinum carbon is used for the substance reaction of carbon monoxide gas and oxygen to cleanse carbon monoxide from co2, nitrogen and also air.

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Application of Platinum Carbon

Of the 218 tons of platinum sold in 2014, 98 tons were for automotive exhaust control gadgets (45%), 74.7 heaps for precious jewelry (34%), 20.0 loads for chemical manufacturing as well as oil refining (9.2%), and also 5.85 heaps for electrical applications such as hard disk drives (2.7%). The continuing to be 28.9 bunches are made use of in a selection of other second applications such as medicine as well as biomedicine, glass manufacturing tools, financial investments, electrodes, anticancer medicines, oxygen sensors, ignition system and also turbo engines.

Platinum Related Chemical Reactions

  • The reaction of platinum with air
    Platinum metal generally does not react with air or oxygen.
  • Reaction of Platinum with Halogen
    Carefully controlled reactions between platinum metal and fluorine gas F2 lead to the generation of volatile platinum(VI) fluoride PtF6 or tetrameric platinum(V) fluoride (PtF5)4. The latter has the same structure type as (IrF5)4, (RhF5)4, (OsF5)4 and (RuF5)4 and disproportionates to platinum(VI) and platinum(IV) fluoride, PtF4.

    Pt(s) + 3F2(g)→PtF6(s) [dark red]
    (PtF5)4(s)→PtF6(s) + PtF4(s)[Tawny]

    Tetrachloride PtCl4, tetrabromide PtBr4 and tetraiodide PtI4 are formed by the reaction of metallic platinum with chlorine, bromine, or iodine.

    Pt(s) + 2Cl2(g)→PtCl4(s) [reddish brown]
    Pt(s) + 2Br2(g)→PtBr4(s) [brown-black]
    Pt(s) + 2I2(g)→PtI4(s) [brown-black]

    The dichloride, platinum(II) chloride, PtCl2, is also formed in the controlled reaction of platinum metal and chlorine. Depending on the reaction conditions, two different forms of PtCl2 are formed.

    Pt(s) + Cl2(g) → PtCl2(s) [deep red or olive green]


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