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Basic Info

What is Pigment Blue 29?

Pigment blue 29, also known as ultramarine blue, is a multi-component inorganic pigment (sulfur-containing sodium aluminosilicate), also known as cloud blue or ocean blue. Ultramarine is insoluble in water and is resistant to alkali, weather resistance and light resistance. However, it changes color when exposed to acid and has weak tinting and hiding power. Pigment blue 29 has a wide range of uses and is commonly used in coatings, plastics, resins, inks, construction, paper, detergents, painting pigments, cosmetics and other industries.

At present, many manufacturers at home and abroad use kaolin to produce ultramarine series pigments, but the use of halloysite to prepare ultramarine pigments has not yet been reported. Halloysite is an octahedral layered silicate mineral with a 1:1 structural layer and belongs to the kaolinite group. Halloysite clay is also an important non-metallic mineral raw material. Halloysite clay, like other clay minerals, has been utilized by people for a long time. Especially since this century, many experts at home and abroad have studied it and made great progress. In terms of its development and utilization, it has been involved in the fields of electronic components, optical glass, glazes, high-voltage electrical porcelain, Japanese Ceramics, building ceramics, industrial fillers, chemical raw materials, etc.

Pigment Blue 29 Uses

Used in the paint industry to make colored paints that make whiteness more vivid.

In the rubber industry, it is used for coloring and whitening rubber products such as sneaker soles and rubber plates, or blending them with yellow pigments to create a greenish color.

Used in the paper industry to produce a distinctive white or bluish pulp.

In the printing and dyeing textile industry, it is used in white cotton cloth and knitwear to increase the whiteness of the fiber and to print trademarks on cloth and knitted fabrics.

In the pigment industry, it is used for coloring oil paints and as a whitening agent for white pigments.

In the plastic industry, it is used for coloring, patchwork and whitening of plastic products and artificial leather.

In the construction industry, it is used for coloring cement bricks and artificial marble.

In addition, ultramarine can also be used as an antioxidant for perfluorocarbon resins, as a hydrocracking catalyst, and to adsorb uranium from seawater.

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Preparation of Pigment Blue 29

  1. Grinding of raw materials: Halloysite and quartz sand are crushed using a disc crusher and then passed through a 200 mesh sieve. Other raw materials (sulfur, soda ash, rosin) are also crushed and passed through a 200-mesh sieve.
  2. Dehydration of raw materials: Dry and dehydrate the raw materials (soda ash, sulfur, quartz sand, rosin) in an oven at 110°C for 24 hours and set aside. Halloysite is first calcined in SPJX-6-13 resistance furnace at 700°C for 3 hours before use. Calcining not only removes the interlayer water and structural water of halloysite, but also activates the structure of halloysite to facilitate subsequent use. process reaction.
  3. Preparation and mixing of raw materials: The molecular ratio of SiO2 and Al2O3 should be strictly controlled below 3, generally 2.6~3; the dosage of excess sulfur and sodium; the materials weighed according to the formula should be placed in a mortar and stirred thoroughly, well mixed.
  4. Calcination process: Control the silicon-aluminum ratio and the calcination atmosphere, and control the heating time to 6 to 8 hours, and the high-temperature constant temperature time is about 8 hours. After calcination, the crude product of Pigment Blue 29 is obtained, which has a stable crystal lattice and a gorgeous blue color.
  5. Pigmentation treatment: wash with water to remove water-soluble salts, remove free sulfur, grind the crude product, wash twice, dry and crush, color match, mix, and package, and finally obtain Pigment Blue 29 that meets the standards.


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