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Basic Info

What is Icaridin?

Icaridin, also known as Picaridin, can repel mosquitoes for up to 14 hours, resist mosquitoes, ticks, flies, black flies, tabanus, ants, ants, etc., and effectively resist insects and ticks carrying pathogens of West Nile fever, malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, Lyme disease, meningoencephalitis, etc. Most importantly, it is extremely safe. It is an active mosquito repellent chemical that can be used by very few pregnant women. It has good low absorption, environmental compatibility, excellent non irritation and non skin sensitization. In addition, it has a good skin feeling, without sticky and greasy feeling.

Because of the above characteristics, the mainstream mosquito control and mosquito repellent spray in Germany uses Eckaretin as the core formula. For example, the five anti tick, mosquito control and mosquito repellent spray under the Zeckito brand all use Eckaretin as the core ingredient, with concentrations ranging from 15% to 25%.

Pecaridine is an insect repellent. It inhibits Aedes aegypti odorant receptor 2 (AaOR2) or AaOR8, whose odorant activators are indole and octanol, respectively, which are expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes (IC 50 s=1452 and 1911 μ M. Respectively). In olfactory based selection tests, Pecaridine reduced the number of times female Drosophila melanogaster entered the food room. When used at a concentration of 10 g/m 2, it can increase A Gambiae mortality and reduce blood sucking on the net around the cage of guinea pigs. Preparations containing Pecaridine have been used as insect repellents against flies, mosquitoes, chigger mites, ticks and fleas.

Icaridin Uses

Icaridin acts on certain olfactory receptor cell types to reduce the activation or attraction of odor sources. Insect repellent.

The mosquito repellent mechanism of Ekaredin is to prevent mosquitoes from locating human skin by forming a barrier on the skin. The medicine is odorless, residue free and has a lasting effect (8-10 hours). In general, compared with DEET, DEET can prevent mosquitoes more effectively, has lower potential toxicity to human body, and has no skin irritation. It is a pity that few mosquito repellent products are used in China. Ekaredin can be safely used on the skin of children over 2 months old.

Icaridin has actually been shown by WHO to be an efficient pesticide active ingredient, which plays an important role in avoiding and regulating malaria, dengue hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, West Nile infection, Lyme illness (Lyme condition), forest sleeping sickness and various other highly fatal insect birthed diseases. Ekaredin items consist of sprays, insect repellents, insect repellent wipes and also insect repellent sticks. According to various dose degrees, the active solution of Eckaretin can generally supply 3-5 hrs (10% web content) of bug spray protection, and the maximum defense time can be approximately 14 hours (20% web content), which is significantly far better than its peers.

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  1. Piperidine derivative Pecaridine (also known as KBR2023) is the latest insect repellent launched in the United States.
  2. Since 1998, Pecaridine based insect repellent has been sold in Europe under the Bayrepel brand.
  3. In 2005, the first insect repellent based on Pecaridine was marketed in the United States, named Cutter Advanced, which contains 7% active ingredients.
  4. This almost tasteless, non greasy insect repellent is effective against mosquitoes, flies and ticks.
  5. 7% insect repellent shall provide protection for up to 4 hours.
  6. The research shows that when used at a high concentration of up to 20%, the Pekaritin insecticide can provide the same efficacy as DEET, providing up to 8 hours of protection.
  7. This chemical is aesthetically pleasing, and unlike DEET, it has no adverse effects in contact with plastic.
  8. EPA found that the risk of toxicity of Pecaridine was low.
  9. In April 2005, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement adding Perkaretin to the list of approved insect repellents that can effectively prevent mosquito borne diseases.


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