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Basic Info

What is Phytic acid?

In plants, natural phytic acid (phyti cacid) hardly exists in free form, but in the form of phytate. This is the brilliance of plants – phytic acid uses six phosphate groups in its molecule to store phosphorus. Preserve all kinds of nutrients in it, and release them as nutrients for sprouts after germination and activation in the next year.

Therefore, when it comes to phytic acid in plants, it generally refers not only to free phytic acid itself, but also to phytate. These phytates are compound salts (with several metal ions) or single salts (with one metal ion) formed by combining phytic acid with calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other metal ions. It is mainly in the form of calcium magnesium double salt, that is, calcium magnesium phytate, commonly known as phytin.

For legume seeds, phytate is also combined with protein in the form of a “phytic acid-metal-protein” complex, which is also a water-insoluble complex.

Phytic acid in Skin Care

The principle of value acid in skin care is rather comparable to kojic acid, which can hinder the task of tyrosinase in the body, thereby managing skin coloring. However, because kojic acid is removed from plants as well as is edible in itself, it has reduced sensitization rate as well as high security when it applies anti-oxidation as well as whitening effects, and is thought about a perfect alternative to kojic acid.

As early as early 1995, phytic acid was made use of clinically as a skin lightening representative. It functions by blocking the entrance of iron and copper during the formation of melanin, an antioxidant essential to the skin to aid secure it from sun damages while lightening up a boring complexion. The value acid is used in numerous packaged foods because of its attributes. The seeds are challenging to rot and also wear away because of the antioxidant impact of phytate. The food market frequently utilizes phytic acid as a preservative to prevent food from rotting and also deterioration. system.

The anti-oxidation and also anti-free extreme effects of phytic acid result from the chelating buildings of phytic acid, because most oxidation processes in nature need steel ions as stimulants, which will generate highly energetic free radicals and also complicated iron ions Finally, it can not just decrease the generation of free radicals, yet also slow down the oxidation response, as well as it is reasonably steady. These results have been focused on in the field of cosmetics, so the value of acid parts has actually been paid more and more focus recently.

On top of that, acid also has the impact of gently exfoliating follicles. Compared with other acid components such as pectin, it is much milder under the exact same pH problems. The acid binds to the calcium in the pore and also softens it, helping to momentarily make the pore smaller. Research studies have actually additionally shown that phytic acid lowers swelling, so it’s terrific for people with delicate skin or rosacea.

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Application Fields of Phytic acid

Decomposition and Utilization of Phytic acid in Plants

Phosphorus is an essential element for life, and most of the phosphorus in plants exists in phytic acid. How to open this “treasure house of nutrition” in plants, so that the phosphorus element in it can be converted into a bioavailable form, and at the same time release other nutrients in it, such as minerals and proteins, is a problem worthy of people’s great attention. Nutritionists give the following methods.


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