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What is Phosphoric Acid?

Ammonium alginate is a natural polysaccharide produced by digestion and extraction of algae. Common alginate products on the market include water-soluble sodium alginate, potassium alginate and other monovalent alkali metal salts of alginic acid and water-insoluble calcium alginate and other divalent metal salts of alginic acid (except magnesium and mercury). ). The above-mentioned common alginates have many manufacturers, complete product specifications and extensive application development. Ammonium alginate is an emerging alginate, and its product properties are also quite different from other well-known alginate products.

Ammonium alginate is widely used as a pharmaceutical excipient in foreign countries, and it has a positive effect on heart and cardiovascular diseases. At present, few enterprises in China produce ammonium alginate, the production technology of ammonium alginate is immature, and the conventional production technology of ammonium alginate will have the disadvantages of incomplete neutralization reaction, long reaction time and uneven final product. Ammonium itself is astringent and cannot be granulated in actual production, which brings great resistance to the subsequent crushing process.

Phosphoric Acid Uses

  • Fertilizer industry
    Phosphoric acid is an important intermediate product in the production of chemical fertilizers, and is used to produce high-concentration phosphate fertilizers and compound fertilizers.
  • Electroplating sector
    Treat the metal surface to create an insoluble phosphate film on the metal surface area to secure the metal from deterioration. Blended with nitric acid as a chemical gloss to enhance the coating of steel surface areas.
  • Paint as well as pigment sector
    Phosphoric acid is used as a basic material for the production of phosphates. Phosphates are developed as pigments with special functions in the paint pigment industry. It is used as an additive for flame resistant, antirust, anticorrosion, radiation resistance, anti-bacterial, luminescence, and so on, to be included in finishings.
  • Used as chemical raw material
    Raw materials for various phosphates and phosphate esters used in the production of soaps, detergents, insecticides, phosphorus-containing flame retardants and water treatment agents.

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Application of Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid is mainly used as fertilizer, accounting for about 90% of the output.

Food-grade phosphoric acid (additive E338) is used to acidify foods and drinks, such as different sodas as well as jam, to offer sour preference or sour taste. Phosphoric acid is likewise utilized as a chemical. Sodas containing phosphoric acid (consisting of Coca-Cola) are occasionally called phosphate soft drink or phosphate. Phosphoric acid in sodas may create tooth corrosion. Phosphoric acid might likewise bring about the development of kidney stones, especially those that have actually formerly experienced kidney rocks.

Specific applications of phosphoric acid include:

  • Phosphate conversion film or passivation antirust treatment.
  • Prevention of iron oxidation through parkerization process.
  • As the external standard of phosphor 31 NMR.
  • In phosphoric acid fuel cells.
  • In the production of activated carbon.
  • In compound semiconductor processing, indium gallium arsenic is selectively etched relative to indium phosphide.
  • Selective etching of silicon nitride relative to silicon dioxide in micromachining.
  • Etching aluminum in micro-machining.
  • As a pH regulator in cosmetics and skin care products.
  • As a disinfectant for dairy, food and brewing industries.


Following the discovery of phosphorus by the German businessman Portland and the production of phosphorus by the German chemist Kunkel, the British chemist Boyle also independently produced phosphorus. He was also the first chemist to study the properties and compounds of phosphorus. He published in 1682 The paper “A New Experiment of Observation of Luminescent Light” wrote that “phosphorus generates white smoke after burning, and the solution generated after the action of white smoke and water is acidic.” The white smoke is exactly phosphoric anhydride (phosphorus pentoxide ), and the solution formed by the reaction with water is phosphoric acid, but he did not conduct further research on phosphoric acid.

The earliest drug store to study phosphoric acid was the French chemist Lavoisier. In 1772, he trying out burning phosphorus in a bell container secured with mercury. According to the experimental results, it is wrapped up that a particular amount of phosphorus can be burned in a certain quantity of air; when phosphorus is shed, white powder flakes of anhydrous phosphorus are formed, like great snow; after burning, the air in the bottle remains about the original capability 80%; Phosphorus after burning is about 2.5 times heavier than before shedding; white powder flakes liquify in water to develop phosphoric acid. Lavoisier likewise confirmed that phosphoric acid can be prepared by the reaction of focused nitric acid as well as phosphorus.

Concerning one a century later on, German drug store Liebig did many experiments in agricultural chemistry to expose the worth of phosphorus as well as phosphoric acid to plant. In “The Feature of Organic Chemistry in Farming as well as Physiology” written by Liebig in 1840, he clinically showed the trouble of soil fertility and also explained the duty of phosphorus on plants. At the same time, he additionally discovered the application of phosphoric acid and phosphate as fertilizer, as well as since then the production of phosphoric acid has actually entered the age of massive.

Orthophosphoric acid is phosphoric acid made up of a solitary phosphorus-oxygen tetrahedron. In the phosphoric acid molecule, the P atom is sp3 hybridized, 3 σ bonds are developed between the 3 hybrid orbitals as well as the oxygen atom, as well as the various other P– O bond is composed of a σ bond from phosphorus to oxygen and also 2 bonds from oxygen to oxygen. Phosphorus d-pπ bond composition. The σ control bond is developed by the sychronisation of an only set of electrons on the phosphorus atom to the vacant orbital of the oxygen atom. The d ← p control bond is created by the overlapping of two sets of lone pairs of electrons on the py as well as pz orbitals of the oxygen atom as well as the vacant dxz and dyz orbitals of the phosphorus atom. Since the 3d energy level of the phosphorus atom is a lot higher than the 2p energy degree of the oxygen atom, the molecular orbitals formed are not very reliable, so the P– O bond is a triple bond in terms of number, however it is intermediate in regards to bond energy and bond size. in between single as well as dual bonds. Both pure H3PO4 and also its crystal hydrate have hydrogen bonds, which may be the reason the concentrated phosphoric acid service is viscous.


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