Phosphonitrilic Chloride Trimer CAS 940-71-6

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Basic Info

What is Phosphonitrilic Chloride Trimer?

Hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene is a very important intermediate. Since the phosphorus atom contains two replaceable chlorine atoms, it can generate a variety of derivatives, which can be used as flame retardants, adsorbents and antioxidants. Its polymer, polyphosphazene, can be made into special rubber, low-temperature elastomer, Flame retardant electronic materials, biomedical materials, etc.

Add 150ml of chlorobenzene and 30ml of triethylamine into a 500ml three-necked flask with a stirrer, stir evenly, add 40g of phosphorus pentachloride, stir evenly, add 0.02g of anhydrous aluminum chloride after no longer exothermic, Ammonium 12g, stirred evenly, rapidly heated to reflux temperature, reacted for 1 hour, cooled, washed with water to neutrality, added 10g of molecular sieves, soaked for 24 hours, filtered with suction, and distilled under reduced pressure to obtain 17.9g of white crystals, yield 80%, six The content of chlorotriphosphazene is 75%.

Phosphonitrilic Chloride Trimer Uses

Polyphosphazene, a polymer of hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene, can be made into special rubber due to its excellent properties such as water resistance, solvent resistance, oil and chemical resistance, radiation resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, non-combustibility and flame retardancy. , low temperature elastomers, flame retardant electronic materials, biomedical materials, etc.

Reagent used to synthesize “dandelion” (spherical) dendritic polymers. The study of ring opening polymerization of transition metals, ligands and/or ligand precursors, and P-Cl bond substitution reactions are interesting uses for this product.


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