Phenyl Dichlorophosphate CAS 770-12-7

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Basic Info of Phenyl Dichlorophosphate

What is Phenyl Dichlorophosphate?

Phenyl phosphate dichloride is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis, and can also be used as a dehydrating agent in the oxidation reaction of dimethyl sulfoxide. It is widely used in synthesis.

Mono phenyl dichlorophosphate is present in liquid form. May cause serious irritation to skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Phenyl Dichlorophosphate Uses

  1. Phynyl dichlorophosphate is a reagent used to prepare phosphate diester. Dichlorophenyl phosphate is used to prepare symmetrical phosphate diester.
  2. Phenyl dichlorophosphate is used as a phosphorylator for alcohols and amines.
  3. Phenyl dichlorophosphate was involved in the preparation of phenyl phosphate di – (1-imidazole) and 2-phenyl-bis-triazolyl phosphate for peptide synthesis.
  4. Phenyl dichlorophosphate plays an important role in Pfitzner Moffatt oxidation, which involves the oxidation of alcohols to corresponding aldehydes and ketones.
  5. Phenyl dichlorophosphate was made use of for Beckmann reformation and also prep work of n-phenylacetamide from acetophenone oxime.

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Preparation of Phenyl Dichlorophosphate

  • Synthesis process
    In a 500mL three-neck flask, add 359g (2.3mol) of phosphorus oxychloride, heat in an oil bath, and the liquid temperature rises to 80-90°C. During this process, the system emits HCl white smoke, and the temperature is maintained until no white smoke is emitted. When the equipment is dried, 7.5g (0.068mol) of quaternary ammonium salt catalyst is added, and the liquid phase temperature is kept at 80-90℃. Phenol should be heated and dissolved in advance. After adding 150g (1.56mol) of dissolved phenol into the dropping funnel, add phenol dropwise within the range of 80-90℃ in the three-necked flask. Not too high, otherwise side reactions will occur. After dropping phenol, keep the reaction at 80-92 °C until no white smoke is released from the tail gas, and then heat up to 92-120 °C. The reaction end point is when there is little white smoke in the tail gas; the tail gas should be introduced into the water pump absorption system, and the reaction time A total of about 4h.

  • Distillation cutting process
    (1) Atmospheric pressure distillation Excess phosphorus oxychloride is heated and evaporated under normal pressure. When the temperature of the gas phase rises to 120 °C, the atmospheric distillation is stopped when no fraction is evaporated.

    (2) Distillation conditions before vacuum distillation: gas phase temperature: 140°C, liquid phase temperature: 145-150°C, vacuum degree: 0-93310Pa Phase temperature: 146-150°C, vacuum degree: 9464.3Pa, the collected product is high-content phenyl dichloride phosphate, about 250g in weight, ≥96% in content, and about 73% in yield.


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