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Basic Info

What is Phenothiazine?

Phenothiazine is an aromatic compound with the chemical formula S(C6H4)2NH. It decomposes when heated and in contact with strong acids, producing toxic and irritating fumes containing nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. Reacts violently with strong oxidants creating a fire hazard.

In the 1940s, when people were studying the antihistamine drug promethazine, it was found that when the length of the carbon chain between the side chain amino group and the parent ring was increased to 3C, the antihistamine effect of the drug was weakened and the stabilizing effect was enhanced. Chlorine atoms are introduced into the ring, and the drug will enter the brain more easily, and the antipsychotic effect will be enhanced, thus developing the first anti-schizophrenia drug chlorpromazine in human history, ending thousands of years of anti-schizophrenia. A history of being able to resort to brutal and ineffective physical therapy.

Phenothiazine Uses

  1. Phenothiazine can be used as the polymerization inhibitor of vinyl acetate, the raw material of anti-aging agent for rubber, synthetic dyes, drugs, insecticides for fruit trees and insect repellents for livestock, etc.
  2. Phenothiazines are suitable for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic schizophrenia, mania, reactive psychosis, and other severe mental illnesses, and can control excitement, aggression, hallucinations, delusions, and thinking association disorders.
  3. It can be made use of as an intermediate in the manufacture of methylene blue dyes, and also can likewise be used to produce a vital class of depressants and antihistamines such as chlorpromazine, perphenazine, promethazine, as well as thioridazine.
  4. Phenothiazine is an intermediate of great chemicals such as medicines and dyes, and also it is a supporting agent for synthetic products (polymerization inhibitor for the production of vinylon), insecticide for fruit trees as well as bug spray for animals. It has a significant impact on twirling belly worms, nodular worms, antistommodes, charbroiled worms, and also ovine nematodes of livestock, lamb, and also horses.

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Phenothiazines of Sedatives and Tranquilizers

Sedatives are drugs that can inhibit the central nervous system, thereby weakening functional activities, regulating excitability, eliminating restlessness and restoring tranquility.

Tranquilizers are a class of drugs that can relieve anxiety without excessive sedation. They can be divided into mild tranquilizers and deep tranquilizers. Mild tranquilizers, also known as anti-anxiety drugs, can partially dispel anxiety, and most of them have sedative and hypnotic effects. . Deep tranquilizers, also known as nerve relaxants or antipsychotics, block the dopamine-mediated response in the central nervous system to calm excited or volatile animals and regulate or control their behavior or mental state.

Phenothiazines were first developed as antipsychotic drugs, and then antihistamine and other effects were discovered. The structure and pharmacological action of this drug are very similar, but the intensity and duration of action are different.

This class of drugs is well absorbed when administered parenterally; it is also well absorbed when administered from the gastrointestinal tract (highly fat-soluble drugs), but there is an obvious first-pass effect. The plasma protein binding rate is high, the distribution volume is large, and it can be widely distributed in tissues. Most drugs undergo extensive metabolism in the liver, and some metabolites are active (such as 7-hydroxy metabolites) and are mainly excreted in the urine as inactive conjugates and unchanged forms.

This class of drugs is used clinically in veterinary medicine for chemical immobilization, preoperative and postoperative sedation, drug administration before anesthesia, stability and analgesia (combined with opioid analgesics), antiemetic, antipruritic, anti-heat shock, relaxation of the penis, Relieve tetanus ankylosis etc.

Chlorpromazine and Acepromazine


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