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Basic Info of Paraformaldehyde

What is Paraformaldehyde?

Paraformaldehyde (IUPAC named Polyoxymethylene, POM) is a polymer of formaldehyde (high molecular weight polyoxymethylene), with a general structural length of eight to one hundred units. Long-chain paraformaldehyde is commonly used in heat-resistant plastics, also known as polyoxymethylene plastics (POE, Derlin produced by DuPont). Paraformaldehyde decomposes quickly and releases slightly odorous formaldehyde.

Paraformaldehyde (molecular formula HO-(CH2O)n-H, where n is the level of polymerization, and also the worth of n ranges from 8 to 100), also referred to as polyoxymethylene, polyoxymethylene, polyacetal, solid formaldehyde, is a white Formed granule or powder, quickly soluble in hot water, somewhat soluble in cold water, soluble in dilute acid and water down alkali. Its injury to the body is the same as that of formaldehyde, and there is additionally a dust risk. Its chemical homes and uses are basically similar to formaldehyde, and also it is an exceptional replacement for commercial formaldehyde remedy. It is widely utilized in the synthesis that calls for making use of anhydrous formaldehyde as a basic material.

Paraformaldehyde Uses

  1. Paraformaldehyde is additionally made use of to crosslink proteins with DNA, such as in chip (chromatin immunoprecipitation), a strategy to figure out which part of DNA some healthy proteins bind to. Paraformaldehyde can change water-based formaldehyde to create resin bonding materials.
  2. Paraformaldehyde is not a fixative; It has to depolymerize right into formaldehyde in solution. In cell culture, a regular formaldehyde addiction procedure includes making use of a phosphate buffered saline (PBS) service of 4% formaldehyde on ice for 10 mins. In the prep work of histological as well as pathological specimens, 10% neutral buffered formalin (4% formaldehyde) is usually made use of for the addiction step for a minimum of 24 hr.
  3. When the paraformaldehyde is depolymerized, the created formaldehyde can be made use of as fumigant, anti-bacterial, bactericide and also fixative.
  4. Polyoxymethylene with lengthy chain length (high molecular weight) is made use of as polycarbonate, which is called polyoxymethylene plastic (POM, Delrin). It used to be made use of in the well known Sargenti origin canal therapy.
  5. Paraformaldehyde is primarily used in the manufacturing and use of herbicides, and is also utilized in the preparation of artificial resins (such as artificial horn products or man-made ivory) and adhesives.
  6. Paraformaldehyde is used in the pharmaceutical market (the energetic component of contraceptive lotion) as well as the disinfection of pharmacies, clothing as well as bed linen, etc. Paraformaldehyde can also be utilized as fumigant disinfectant, bactericide and insecticide.

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Application of Paraformaldehyde

Paraformaldehyde is solid formaldehyde with high formaldehyde web content in solid granular kind, which is convenient for storage space as well as transportation. It can become formaldehyde vapor at greater temperature, which is very easy to change high-concentration formaldehyde to take part in different responses, which is beneficial to chemical synthesis such as chemical sector, drug store as well as other commercial applications, specifically in the synthesis that calls for the use of anhydrous formaldehyde as resources, Wide variety of uses.

  1. Pesticides: Synthesis of acetochlor, butachlor and glyphosate, etc.
  2. Coatings: Synthesis of high-grade automobile paints.
  3. Resins: Synthesis of urea-formaldehyde material, phenolic resin, polyacetal material, melamine resin, ion exchange material, etc and different adhesives.
  4. Papermaking: artificial paper strengthening agent.
  5. Shop: sand casting release representative, synthetic shop adhesive.
  6. Tank farming: smoked Steam disinfectant.
  7. Organic basic materials: used for the prep work of pentaerythritol, trimethylolpropane, glycerol, acrylic acid, methyl acrylate, methacrylic acid, N-hydroxymethacrylamide, alkylphenol, methyl vinyl ketone, etc.
  8. Others: medication as well as sanitation.

Preparation of Paraformaldehyde


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