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Basic Info of Palladium on Carbon

What is Palladium on Carbon?

Palladium (Pd) belongs to the group VIII element. In general, bulk palladium is silvery white. Its density is about 12.02g/cm3 at 20°C, the melting point is 1550°C, and the boiling point is 2900°C. It has good ductility and plasticity.

As a precious metal, palladium (Pd) is mainly used in the fields of catalysis and precision resistance. The general-sized Pd metal is a silver-white, softer material with good ductility and plasticity, but at the nanoscale size, its morphology and properties have undergone great changes. At ultra-fine size, palladium and its dispersions generally appear black and have a large specific surface area. The most striking thing is the excellent hydrogen absorption properties of Pd. At room temperature and 1 standard atmospheric pressure, palladium metal can absorb hydrogen more than 800 times its own volume. When the pressure is constant, the hydrogen absorption capacity of palladium decreases with the increase of temperature. After hydrogen absorption, its lattice constant can change, the volume becomes larger, and properties such as conductivity also decrease with the increase of hydrogen absorption. The excellent hydrogen absorption ability enables palladium to be widely used in gaseous reactions, especially hydrogenation or dehydrogenation reactions. Therefore, catalysts with palladium as the main active component are the first choice catalysts for various reactions.

Classification and Application of Palladium-Carbon Catalysts

Palladium on carbon (Pd/C) catalyst is a supported catalyst prepared by loading the active component palladium on a carrier activated carbon in a certain way. Although Pd has good catalytic performance, bulk palladium or sponge palladium has poor mechanical properties, poor thermal stability, and relatively expensive price, so it is not suitable for direct use in catalytic reactions. Therefore, people use a carrier with certain mechanical strength, high specific surface area, and suitable chemical properties to support and disperse Pd, so that the above problems have been solved. Activated carbon is widely used as a support for the preparation of palladium-carbon (Pd/C) catalysts due to its high specific surface area, good thermal stability and mechanical strength. Pd/C catalysts have some advantages that homogeneous catalysts do not have, so they have been widely studied and applied.

Classification of Pd/C catalysts
According to the Pd mass fraction (loading capacity) supported on activated carbon, common Pd/C catalysts can be divided into loadings ranging from 0.5wt% to 30wt%, among which, 0.5%, 1%, 1.25% , 3%, 5%, 10% common.

Pd/C catalyst application
Due to the excellent catalytic properties of palladium and the stability and dispersion of Pd on the support, Pd/C catalysts are used in many fields. For example: hydrogenation reactions of alkenes, alkynes, ketones, nitriles, imines, azides, etc., as well as hydrogenolysis reactions of cyclopropane, benzyl ester derivatives, epoxides, hydrazines and halides, etc. It has been widely used, and these reactions involve many industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and new energy. Pd/C catalyst is the core of catalytic reaction processes such as hydrorefining. Pd/C catalyst has irreplaceable value in various fields, especially in the field of chemical synthesis, and because its carrier is relatively easy to obtain, its application range is very wide. 

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Preparation Method of Palladium-Carbon Catalyst

Deactivation and Prevention of Palladium-Carbon Catalyst


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