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Basic Info of p-Toluenesulfonic acid

What is p-Toluenesulfonic acid?

P-Toluenesulfonic acid (its molecular framework formula is p-CH3C6H4SO3H, additionally called TsOH, referred to as PTS, is a non oxidizing organic acid, white needle or powder crystal, soluble in water, alcohol, ether as well as other polar solvents. It is simple to deliquescence, dry out and carbonize timber as well as cotton textiles, and also is insoluble in benzene and also toluene. P-cresol is developed throughout alkali melting. Typically, it is preferred to utilize p-toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate (TsOHH2O) or tetrahydrate (TsOH4H2O).

In the industrial prep work of methyl p-cresolic acid, concentrated sulfuric acid p-toluenesulfonic acid is utilized for toluene sulfonation. The prepared p-toluenesulfonic acid typically contains benzene sulfonic acid and also sulfuric acid contaminations, which can be detoxified by recrystallization with concentrated hydrochloric acid and azeotropic drying.

P-Toluenesulfonic acid is commonly used as driver, coating intermediate as well as material curing agent in the synthesis of medication, chemical, polymerization stabilizer and natural synthesis (esters, and so on). It is also an acid catalyst commonly made use of in organic synthesis. Reduce the effects of with salt hydroxide to acquire sodium p-toluenesulfonate, and after that respond with phosphorus pentachloride to obtain p-toluenesulfonyl chloride. The latter is made use of in nucleophilic replacement reaction, as well as likewise as alcohol hydroxyl shielding team. p-CH3C6H4SO3Na + PCl5 → p-CH3C6H4SO2Cl 。.

Making use of p-toluenesulfonic acid additionally militarizes the security of dihydrofuran to alcohol, carboxylic acid esterification, ester exchange response, and also aldehyde to acetal.

p-Toluenesulfonic acid Uses

  1. It is used as chemical reagent, dye and natural synthesis.
  2. p-Toluenesulfonic acid is used as an intermediate of medicine (such as doxycycline), chemical (such as dicofol) and dye. It is additionally made use of in detergents, plastics, layers, etc.
  3. It is used in medication, pesticides, dyes and cleaning agents, in addition to plastics and printing finishes.
  4. p-Toluenesulfonic acid is extensively used as a stimulant for the synthesis of drugs, chemicals, polymerization stabilizers and natural synthesis (esters, etc). It is also used as medication, repaint intermediate as well as material curing agent.

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Application of p-Toluenesulfonic acid

  • Catalyst
    In a wide range of reactions, including acylation, acetalization, dehydration, alkylation, dealkylation, Beckmann rearrangement, polymerization, and depolymerization, it is as effective as, but better than, sulfuric acid. Because it does not cause side reactions such as oxidation or char formation, the resulting product is highly pure and light in color.
  • Organic Synthesis
    Commonly used p-toluenesulfonic acid to manufacture p-toluenesulfonamide, saccharin, chloramine T, p-toluenesulfonyl chloride and p-aluminium diaminophthalamide. The largest use of p-toluenesulfonic acid is in the production of p-cresol.
  • Stabilizer
    In industry, p-toluenesulfonic acid and zinc oxide are commonly used to prepare zinc p-toluenesulfonate. In the copolymerization process of acrylonitrile and methyl acrylate or acrylonitrile and vinylidene chloride, zinc p-toluenesulfonate can be used as a stabilizer, and its dosage can reach 0.2%. p-toluenesulfonic acid can also be used in phenolic, epoxy and aminoplastics, furniture varnishes, dyes, adhesives, synthetic anti-diabetic medicines and anti-stress additives for electroplating baths. With the introduction of one-step acrylic and acrylic units, the demand for high-quality p-toluenesulfonic acid as a stabilizer is growing rapidly.

Preparation of p-Toluenesulfonic acid

In industry, p-toluenesulfonic acid (tsoh) is prepared by the method of sulfonating toluene. The sulfonating agents that can be used are sulfuric acid (including concentrated sulfuric acid and oleum), sulfur trioxide and chlorosulfonic acid. From the sulfonation speed From the above, the higher the concentration of the sulfonating agent, the better (such as pure sulfur trioxide or oleum written with “), but too high a concentration will cause side reactions such as polysulfonation, oxidation, and formation of maple. It can affect the position where the sulfo group enters the benzene ring. Therefore, the appropriate sulfonation conditions must be selected according to the type and concentration of the sulfonating agent.


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