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Basic Info

What is Oxalyl Chloride?

Oxalyl chloride is a synthetic intermediate for medicines, pesticides, coatings, etc. It is used as a raw material for synthesizing antibiotics in medicine, as a raw material for methacrylic phthalocyanate in coatings, and for the synthesis of ultra-efficient sulfonylureas in the pesticide industry. Herbicide benzsulfuron, plant growth regulators, etc., are widely used.

Oxalyl chloride is a relatively active acylating agent and amidating agent, which can be used for the acylation of acids or amines to prepare a variety of pesticides, fungicides, pharmaceutical antitumor agents, X-ray contrast agents, etc. It can also be used as chlorinating agent, carbonylation activator, crosslinking agent for chlorocarbonylation agent, it can also carry out cyclic polycondensation reaction, esterification reaction, etc. It is used in industries such as plastics, polyesters and polyurethanes. Oxalyl chloride is used as an etchant for semiconductor materials in industry. In conclusion, oxalyl chloride is an important raw material for multi-purpose fine chemical products.

Oxalyl Chloride Uses

  1. Normally used as a poison gas for armed forces usage, and additionally as a chlorinating representative in organic synthesis Analytical reagents.
  2. Oxalyl chloride is used to prepare cardiolipin analogues that induce peroxidase activity by cytochrome C. It is also used to prepare fluorescent indicator of cytosolic calcium.
  3. It is an important carboxylic acid derivative, which has important applications in organic synthesis, drug synthesis, etc. It can mainly undergo hydrolysis, alcoholysis, ammonia (amine) hydrolysis, reaction with organometallic reagents, reduction Hydrohalogenation and other reactions.
  4. Oxalyl chloride is an intermediate or reagent for organic synthesis of pesticides, medicines and coatings. It can be used in pesticides to synthesize sulfonylureas, herbicides benzsulfuron, plant growth regulators, etc.; in medicines, it can be used to synthesize cephalosporins Pu or cefuroxime axetil; in coatings, it can be used to prepare methacryloyl isocyanate, etc.; it is often used to prepare other acid chlorides in laboratories or factories, and it has a wide range of uses.

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Reaction Mechanism of Oxalyl Chloride

Oxalyl chloride is the most active acylating reagent, a resonance hybrid of the limiting structure.

This resonance effect stabilizes the entire molecule and also strengthens the bond between the carbonyl carbon atom and the leaving group. The resonance effect is a stabilizing effect that relies on the overlapping of the bonding atomic orbitals, and acid chlorides may be least affected by this resonance, fatty acids (including unsaturated fatty acids), aromatic acids, organic sulfonic acids and substituted acids (such as amino acids) and halogenated acids, etc.) can generate acid chloride with thionyl chloride in the presence of a catalyst, and the catalyst usually uses N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF), N,N-dimethylaniline and pyridine.

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