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Basic Info of Oxalic acid

What is Oxalic acid?

Dibasic acids are acids that can ionize in aqueous solution to produce two hydrated hydrogen ions H3O +. For example, sulfuric acid H2SO4, etc. In organic chemistry, it mainly refers to the carboxylic acid containing two carboxyl groups – COOH, such as oxalic acid (COOH) 2.
An alcohol containing two hydroxyl Oh in a diol molecule. For example, ethylene glycol CH2OH · CH2OH, etc.

Oxalic acid is a substance metabolized by plants. In order to prevent natural enemies from eating themselves up, leaving seeds to breed offspring, some toxins have been produced in the evolution of nature. That’s why some people get sick and vomit after eating uncooked vegetables. Oxalic acid is common in green vegetables, some of which we often eat, such as broccoli, spinach, amaranth and so on. Eating a small amount of oxalic acid will not cause immediate problems, but if you eat too much in a short time, it may be life-threatening.
Oxalic acid is not easy to absorb and decompose in the human body, which will lead to acid-base imbalance in the body. Eating too much will form stones, interfere with the central nervous system, damage cell tissues and cause inflammation. It is best for children not to eat too many vegetables containing oxalic acid, which is bad for physical development.

Oxalic acid Uses

Long-chain dibasic acids refer to straight-chain aliphatic dibasic acids containing more than ten carbon atoms in the carbon chain. This product and its derivatives are used in the manufacture of cold-resistant plasticizers, advanced lubricants, nylon fibers, engineering plastics, resins, and coatings. It is an important raw material or intermediate for pesticides, medicines and spices, etc. It has a wide range of industrial uses and is an extremely important fine chemical product. It is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pesticide, medicine, liquid crystal materials and other fields.

The general structural formula of long-chain oxalic acid is: HOOC–(CH2)nCOOH???(n=9–16) The abbreviated form is DC11-DC18.

  1. Undecanedicarboxylic acid
    Mainly used in high-grade polyamide engineering plastics, it is the main raw material of nylon 1011 and nylon 611, and can also be used as an important raw material for high-grade hot melt adhesive, high-grade lubricant and synthetic musk.
  2. Dodecanedicarboxylic acid
    (DDDA/lauric acid) is mainly used in high-grade polyamide engineering plastics, and is the main raw material of nylon 1212 and nylon 612. It can also be used to prepare high-grade fragrance intermediates, high-grade lubricating oils, high-grade rust inhibitors, high-grade powder coatings, and hot melt adhesives. , synthetic fibers and other polymers.
  3. Tridecanediacid
    Tridecanediacid can synthesize a series of fragrances with different flavors. The musk-T synthesized from DC13 can be used as a fixative, and can synthesize cyclopentadecanone, musk ketone and cyclopentadelactone. Musk ketone is one of the main effective components with physiological activity in natural musk. It can be formulated into a variety of precious Chinese herbal medicines instead of musk.
  4. Fourteen carbon dibasic acid
    Fourteen carbon dibasic acid is a supplement to 12-carbon oxalic acid, mainly used in the hot melt adhesive industry, which can enhance the viscosity, wear resistance and washability of the colloid.
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What is the harm of oxalic acid to the human body?

  1. Lack of minerals
    After oxalic acid enters the human body, it will quickly combine with the mineral components in the body. If you usually like to eat food containing oxalic acid, it will cause mineral deficiency. Mineral deficiencies can cause many problems, vitamin deficiencies can lead to joint pain and osteoporosis, protein deficiencies can lead to cracked nails, hair loss, dry and frizzy hair, and micronutrient deficiencies can lead to physical fatigue and lack of energy. If it is a lack of minerals during the development of adolescents and children, it will lead to poor development of bones and teeth, and it will also affect brain intelligence.
  2. Inflammation
    The combination of oxalic acid and sodium ions in the body will form oxalate. Human cells cannot metabolize oxalate, so a crystal-like substance is formed and attached to the cell, which is very unfavorable for cell health. If the cell membrane is damaged, the cell dies. Don’t underestimate this small injury. It is precisely because of cell death that inflammation in the body will continue to recur, and the wound on the patient’s body will not heal easily.
  3. Disrupting the acid-base balance
    Oxalic acid will not be easily oxidized and is difficult to be decomposed. Because it is an acidic substance, it will increase the acidity of the human body and disrupt the acid-base balance. If the acidity continues to rise, it will cause human poisoning. If oxalic acid combines with calcium ions in the body, calcium oxalate will be formed, and calcium oxalate will solidify and turn into stones. Therefore, patients with kidney stones and urinary tract stones should eat less foods high in oxalic acid to prevent the formation of stones.
  4. Interfere with the central nervous system
    Oxalic acid will damage the brain barrier and affect the central nervous system. Regular consumption of oxalic acid will cause insomnia. Severe patients will keep waking up at night, and the body will gradually lose the ability to move and cannot control the limbs to walk.


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