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Basic Info of Olibanum Oil

What is Olibanum Oil?

Frankincense is a kind of gum resin secreted by several frankincense plants widely growing from southern Arabia to Somaliland. Small trees or shrubs will produce exudates after being cut on the bark; It is composed of an emulsion liquid, which will harden into small yellow droplets. It is called fragrant tears commercially. Tears sorting; The most valuable quality (white tears) is sold as incense, while the less valuable quality (powder and fragments) is used for essence and perfume because their cost is more reasonable. The part used is gum resin exudate.

This oil was obtained by steam distillation of tree B. Carterii Birdw. And other frankincense plants, with a balm smell and a slight yellow crystal smell.

Rosin glyceride is a kind of material for making adhesive strips. It also exists in sanitary adhesive strips, self-adhesive tapes and sealants. It should be widely used. When selecting it, it should be noted that it cannot be used indiscriminately. Rosin glyceride, also known as ester gum, is an irregular transparent block, sheet or granular solid made of rosin and glycerol after esterification and vacuum treatment. The lighter the color, the better the quality. It forms a transparent system with NR, Cr, EVA, SIS, SBS and other polymers in a large proportion.

Olibanum Oil Uses

Edible rosin glyceride is a rosin-like glyceride produced by esterification of refined gum rosin and food-grade glycerol, and its appearance is light yellow transparent solid. Food-grade rosin glycerides that meet my country’s national standards GB10287-88 and GB2760-86 are safe to use in food.

Edible rosin glyceride has excellent emulsifying properties and viscosity-increasing properties, and can be used as a gum base agent to impart foaming, shape-enhancing, chewing resistance and better taste to gum.

Main application: As the base agent of gum candy, giving gum candy foaming, plasticizing, chewing and other functions It can also be used for depilation of chickens and ducks, and can also be used as an emulsion stabilizer in beverages.

Frankincense (Boswellia thurifera) has been described as an anti-inflammatory and mild antiseptic that can relieve dry and sensitive skin and help heal all types of wounds. Its astringent properties are said to help balance oily or hyperactive skin. This is one of the oldest essential oils, dating back to ancient Egypt.

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Application of Olibanum Oil

Rosin Glycerides (Frankincense Oil) is an irregular transparent block, flake or granular solid with good oxidation resistance and thermal stability, anti-aging, and good compatibility with polymer materials (NR, CR, SBR, SIS , EVA, etc.), good initial adhesion, can be used in yellow glue to improve initial adhesion, and can also be used as hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, oil-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive, self-adhesive, laminating adhesive, EVA hot-melt adhesive , Polyamide hot melt adhesive, sealant, varnish paint, binding adhesive, piping adhesive, laminating adhesive, decorative adhesive, label adhesive, tape adhesive and other tackifying resin. Application examples are as follows:

  • To prepare a skin-beautifying essential oil, the formula of its raw materials by weight is as follows: 70-90 parts of lavender oil, 30-40 parts of frankincense oil, 20-30 parts of myrrh oil, 8-12 parts of eucalyptus oil, dog tooth 8-12 parts of rosehip oil, 8-12 parts of grape seed oil, 5-8 parts of crabapple seed oil, 0.5-1 part of patchouli oil, 0.5-1 part of pine oil. The invention also provides a preparation process of the skin-beautifying essential oil. The present invention can make the essential oil have an active aromatic smell, and release it slowly and keep it in the space for a long time. The frankincense oil can make the essential oil anti-corrosion, and can also make the essential oil have anti-inflammatory function. Substances that have no side effects on the skin and avoid the impact on the skin.
  • Prepare a compound nanoemulsion spray for treating frozen shoulder, which is composed of the following raw materials by mass percentage: 30%-45% of surfactant, 1%-5% of co-surfactant, 1%-2 %, hyssop oil 0.5%~1.5%, frankincense oil 1%~2%, white camphor oil 0.2%~0.8%, angelica oil 0.5%~1.5%, myrrh oil 1%~2%, parsnip oil 1% ~2%, Qiang live oil 1%~1.5%, eugenol 0.1%~0.8%, azone 0.5%~2%, the balance is deionized water, and the sum of the mass percentages of the above raw materials is 100%. The nano-emulsion spray has the functions of dispelling wind-damp-cold, promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals, promoting qi and relieving pain, etc., and has a significant curative effect on frozen shoulder. The nanoemulsion spray of the present invention is convenient to use, does not pollute clothes, exerts analgesic effect when sprayed, and does not affect normal activities.
  • A soft capsule containing frankincense oil is prepared, which is a soft capsule characterized by containing oil obtained by dissolving frankincense in medium-chain fatty acid triglycerides. After dissolving frankincense in a vegetable oil, animal oil, mineral oil and other oils and fats, adding an amphiphilic substance to the oil, and adding chitin or chitosan and its derivatives to the oil, the oil The liquid is processed into soft capsules. In the soft capsule of the present invention, the frankincense can be easily dispersed to the whole stomach in the stomach, and can directly contact Helicobacter pylori, and other components in the soft capsule cooperate with it to play the best coexistence effect, so it can inhibit the Helicobacter pylori has a significant effect.

Top 10 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

When breathed in, incense oil has actually been shown to reduce heart price and also high blood pressure. It has anti-anxiety as well as clinical depression buildings, but unlike prescription medicines, it has no side effects or triggers unwanted drowsiness.

For example, in mice, burning mastic has antidepressant impacts. “Sparkling wine acetate, a chemical constituent of frankincense, generates psychoactive task by activating the TrPV3 network in the brain.” This channel in the mind is involved in the skin’s assumption of warmth.

Research study has revealed that frankincense has immune-boosting capabilities, which can aid defeat harmful bacteria, infections, as well as even cancer. Researchers at Mansour University in Egypt carried out a research laboratory research and located that frankincense has strong immune-stimulating task.

It can be utilized to prevent microorganisms from basing on the skin, mouth or in the home. This is why many people pick to use incense for natural relief of oral illness; the disinfectant homes of this important oil work in protecting against gingivitis, foul breath, tooth decay, tooth pain, mouth abscess as well as other infections.

Numerous study groups have actually found that incense has anti-inflammatory and also anti-tumor results in lab research studies as well as pet experiments. Boswellia has actually been revealed to aid battle particular kinds of cancer cells. Chinese researchers researched the anticancer impacts of incense and myrrh oil on five tumor cell lines in the laboratory. The results showed that human bust cancer cells and skin cancer cells cell lines showed a sensitivity-enhancing feedback to the mix of myrrh as well as frankincense essential oils.

A 2012 study also found that a substance in incense known as AKBA efficiently killed cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy, and it was thought that incense could be a prospective natural cancer treatment.

Incense is a bactericide and anti-bacterial with antibacterial buildings. It has the capability to remove cold and flu germs from the house and also body, as well as can change chemical house cleaners.

A lab study published in the journal Applied Microbiology found that incense as well as incense vital oils are particularly efficient in fighting microorganisms. The two important oils have been utilized in combination considering that 1500 BC, and also they have collaborating and also additive results when subjected to microorganisms such as Cryptococcus neoformans and also Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Frankincense has the capacity to enhance the skin, enhance complexion, flexibility, fight bacteria, lower acnes, as well as improve the look of aging. It boosts the skin and also raises the skin, lowers the appearance of marks and also acne, and heals injuries. For stretch marks, medical marks or with stretch marks. Along with healing completely dry or fractured skin, it also aids.

According to a testimonial released in the Journal of Typical and also Complementary Medicine, incense can minimize soreness and skin inflammation while likewise producing a more even skin tone. Research shows that the pentacyclic triterpenoid (steroid) structure of frankincense assists relieve inflamed skin.

Research study reveals that incense can be made use of to improve memory and knowing function. Some pet research studies also show that making use of frankincense during pregnancy can boost memory in the spawn of a mommy. In one such research, when expecting rats were provided frankincense by mouth during pregnancy, their spawn’s capability to discover, temporary memory, and long-term memory was considerably enhanced.

Frankincense may decrease signs and symptoms connected with menstruation and also menopause by balancing hormone levels, although research study on this subject is restricted. It has actually been made use of to assist alleviate discomfort, cramps, irregular bowel movements, frustrations, anxiety, nausea, fatigue as well as mood swings. Frankincense likewise aids manage estrogen manufacturing and might minimize the danger of lumps or cysts creating in premenopausal ladies.

Pet studies suggest that frankincense can be used as a fertility booster, possibly as a result of the important oil’s chemical structure that resembles the activities of steroids. When incense was utilized in rats, it enhanced fertility and also increased the variety of implants and also live unborn children, recommending that frankincense most likely rises sperm motility as well as density.

Incense aids the digestion system to correctly detoxify and defecate. It likewise helps in reducing tummy discomfort and cramps, relieve nausea, drain excess water from the abdominal area that can create bloating, as well as also ease tummy pain associated with PMS.

It assists food digestion by increasing the secretion of digestive enzymes, raising the manufacturing of peeing, kicking back the muscle mass of the digestion system, while boosting blood circulation, which is necessary for gastrointestinal health and wellness. It has actually been shown to be useful in decreasing signs of dripping intestine syndrome, persistent colitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s illness and also IBS.

Incense crucial oil helps reduce anxiety or chronic anxiety, which is likely the primary factor we keep up during the night. It has a relaxing, secure fragrance that aids us fall asleep naturally. This all-natural rest help helps open your breathing flows, enables your body to get to the optimal rest temperature, and also can get rid of discomfort.

Boswellia can inhibit the production of key inflammatory particles connected with numerous illness such as arthritis, asthma, cranky digestive tract syndrome such as IBS, and also numerous others. It helps avoid the malfunction of cartilage cells and has been revealed to substantially lower levels of harmful and uncomfortable swelling, making it an all-natural treatment of choice for pain-related issues in muscle mass, joints, and also tendons.

Note: Regarding the safety of important oils, you must know that incense oil is extremely well tolerated, specifically compared to prescription medications. To date, there have actually been no reports of serious side effects from making use of incense. Nevertheless, following the safe use essential oils and also consuming just a few drops in water or other drinks is always the most effective method.

Still, some people have had negative reactions to incense, including mild rashes and also gastrointestinal problems such as nausea or vomiting or tummy discomfort. Boswellia is also recognized to have blood-thinning impacts, so any troubles related to blood clot should not be utilized with incense, or need to be gone over with a physician initially. Otherwise, incense might weaken the results of some anticoagulant drugs.


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