Octyldodecanol CAS 5333-42-6 2-Octyl-1-dodecanol

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Basic Info

What is Octyldodecanol?

Octyldodecanol, whose English name is 2-Octyl-1-dodecanol, is a colorless and transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure. Octyldodecanol is a fatty alcohol derivative with a long alkyl chain in its molecular structure, making the compound difficult to dissolve in water, but soluble in most organic solvents. Since the molecules of this substance contain hydroxyl units, hydrogen bonds can be formed between molecules, and strong van der Waals forces exist, which increases the stability of the compound.

Octyldodecanol is a branched primary alcohol, which is used as the isomer 2-octyl-1-dodecanol in cosmetics, such as lipstick as anti halo representative and powder. It is a medium dispersing emollient with a balanced spreading stress of 17.0 dyne/cm. Octyldodecanol belongs to the Gelbert alcohols, because it is β A bit has a branch chain. Compared with the straight chain alcohol arachidonic alcohol with the same molecular weight, its melting point is lower, but its volatility is lower.

Octyldodecanol exists in the form of transparent, colorless or yellowish oily liquid. It is produced by Gelbert condensation of decanol.

When octyldodecanol is melted with alkali, it will generate octyldodecanoic acid through dehydrogenation reaction.

Octyldodecanol Uses

Octyldodecanol can be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and has certain applications in the synthesis of long alkyl chain aldehydes, acids and esters. In addition, the compound can be used as a reaction solvent in organic reactions. This chemical has certain surface activity and can reduce surface tension, so it is widely used in the preparation of emulsions, liquid purifiers and other fields. This is because its long-chain groups can be adsorbed on the liquid surface, giving the molecules a certain directionality and order, thus increasing the force between molecules.

  • 2-Octyl-1-dodecanol is used as intermediate of medicine, organic and material
    2-Octyl-1-dodecanol has been used as a lotion stabilizer for polymer matrix patches.

    2-Octyl-1-dodecanol can be used to study its interaction with resorcinol aromatic hexamer capsules. It has been used as a diluent in the screening of extractants for liquid-liquid extraction.

  • Octyldodecanol in skin care
    Octyldodecanol is widely used in cosmetics and medicine as emulsifier and sunscreen. Because of its lubricating and skin wetting properties, it is mainly used for local applications.

    Octyldodecanol has been used to prepare oil/water microemulsions. It has been studied as a carrier for skin drug delivery, with no or low skin penetration. Octyldodecanol was also evaluated as a solvent for topical application of naproxen. The study of estimating the permeability coefficient shows that octylde canol may be a potential skin penetration enhancer.


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