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Basic Info

What is Octyl Methoxycinnamate?

Octyl methoxycinnamate is a natural substance utilized in some sunscreen products, lip balms as well as other charm products to soak up UVB in the sunlight as well as safeguard the skin from its damage. It is the most typically utilized UVB sunscreen agent is a transparent liquid insoluble in water at space temperature.

There is a conjugated large π bond in the molecule of octyl methoxycinnamate. This conjugated structure can be regarded as the core of the benzene ring, one side extends to include the oxygen atom in the substituent methoxy group, and the other side extends to the double bond and ester group in the other substituent. This conjugated structure determines that the substance has the property of absorbing ultraviolet rays. Experiments have revealed that octyl methoxycinnamate can absorb ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 280-310nm, and produce maximum absorption at 311nm.

Octyl Methoxycinnamate Uses

  • In industry, it can be utilized as anti-aging agent and also ultraviolet absorber of plastics and ink.
  • 2-Ethylhexyl 4-Methoxycinnamate is a UV induced inhibitor of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer (CDP) formation.
  • Chromophores, such as C=C, C =O, and also ON =O, have loose electrons excited by radiation. As a result, when the electronic energy level boosts to the ecstatic state, octyl methoxycinnamate can soak up radiation.
  • The study evaluated the efficiency of octyl methoxycinnamate in protecting against postoperative peritoneal bonds, and also determined that octyl methoxycinnamate covering the peritoneal surface can lower the development of bonds. This effect is extra considerable when octyl methoxycinnamate is used prior to injury induction.
  • Octyl methoxycinnamate is the most common active ingredient in sunscreens, which can resist UV-B rays. It can be combined with oxybenzone and titanium dioxide. It can effectively absorb the ultraviolet ray in the sun, prevent human skin from being sunburnt, sunburnt, and sunburn. It is also a therapeutic drug for photosensitive dermatitis.

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Application of Octyl Methoxycinnamate

Synthesis of Octyl Methoxycinnamate

In a three-necked flask equipped with a stirrer, a thermometer and a reflux condenser, add 12.1 mL (0.1 mol) of p-methoxybenzaldehyde, 12.4 g of malonic acid and 11.3 mL of pyridine, heat and stir to fully dissolve the solid. After stopping the reaction, the reaction solution was poured into a small beaker, allowed to stand, and allowed to cool naturally, crystals were precipitated, recrystallized, washed, filtered and dried to obtain p-methoxycinnamic acid.

Add 8.9 g (0.05 mol) of p-methoxycinnamic acid into a four-neck flask equipped with a stirrer, thermometer, reflux condenser and water separator, and slowly add 13.0 mL of isooctyl alcohol and 30.0 mL of benzene under stirring. Heat over low heat, stirring to dissolve the solids. After the solid was dissolved, 0.2 mL of concentrated sulfuric acid was slowly added dropwise in batches, the temperature was raised slowly, and stirring was maintained at a constant speed, the color of the liquid began to turn yellow. When the temperature reaches 85°C, start to reflux and keep reflux for 5 hours. After the material in the bottle is clarified, keep reflux for another 1 hour until no more water is formed and the reaction ends. Then cool to room temperature, add an appropriate amount of NaHCO3 saturated solution to neutralize, let stand to separate the organic layer, add anhydrous calcium chloride to the organic layer to dry, separate liquid, and distill under reduced pressure to obtain a light yellow liquid of 250 ° C (0.009 1 MPa) fraction. Isooctyl p-methoxycinnamate.


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