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Basic Info of Octanoic acid

What is Octanoic acid?

Octanoic acid, C8H16O2, also known as hexylacetic acid, n-octanoic acid, octanoic acid and also octanoic acid, is a colorless oily fluid with minor unpleasant odor as well as burning and rancid preference. It is just slightly soluble in water (68 mg per 100 ml at 20 ° C). It is a natural ingredient of coconut oil, Hand Nut Oil and butter fat. A trace quantity of octanoic acid was also discovered in beer, brandy extract, crucial oil of fermented Russian red tea as well as raw soybeans. It is utilized in the manufacture of drugs and dyes.

Octanoic acid is the typical name of 8 carbon saturated fatty acid, and the system name is octanoic acid. It normally exists in the milk of various creatures and is a trace component of coconut oil and palm bit oil. It is an oily fluid, slightly soluble in water, with a mild rancid preference. Octanoic acid is a tool chain fat. There are 8 carbons in its chain, so it is also called octanoic acid. Octanoic acid is taken into consideration to be an important fatty acid and important for correct feature of body. Absence of it can result in memory or focus problems.

The other two acids are named after goats: caproic acid (C6) and decanoic acid (C10). Together with octanoic acid, these account for a total amount of 15% of goat milk fat.

Octanoic acid Uses

  1. Octanoic acid is extensively utilized in numerous areas. As an anti-bacterial chemical, it is utilized as a food call surface area anti-bacterial in commercial food processing areas such as milk devices, food processing tools, breweries, breweries and drink processing plants. Furthermore, octanoic acid is utilized as algaecide, fungicide and fungicide in baby room, greenhouse, yard center and also interior landscape of decorative plants. Products containing octanoic acid are formulated into soluble concentrate/ liquid as well as ready to utilize liquid.
  2. Octanoic acid is also made use of to treat some bacterial infections. Due to its relatively brief chain length, it has no problem in penetrating the adipocyte wall surface membrane layer, so it can successfully deal with versus some lipid coated bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus and numerous streptococci.
  3. Some studies have shown that octanoic acid as a nutritional supplement properly sheds way too many calories, resulting in weight management.
  4. Caprylic acid is a carboxylic acid natural substance, which is generally utilized in the manufacture of dyes, medicines, seasonings, etc. This product is an edible spice permitted by GB 2760-86.
  5. Caprylic acid is utilized to make dyes, medicines, fragrances, plasticizers, lubricants, and so on, as well as can likewise be utilized as chemicals, fungicides, etc. It is acquired by saponification of coconut oil and after that acidification and also fractionation.

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Application of Octanoic acid

  • CN201710877397.6 discloses a preparation method of high-purity antivenom, including material and preparation process. The present invention adopts the preparation process of pepsin digestion, n-octanoic acid precipitation separation and ion chromatography purification, uses n-octanoic acid to induce precipitation for hetero-impurity proteins other than immunoglobulin (IgG), and uses n-octanoic acid for precipitation to remove hetero-impurities The albumen is purified by ion chromatography again, and the technical scheme that the purity of antivenom F (ab’) 2 is improved has overcome the problems and deficiencies that the prior art exists that the purity is difficult to improve, and that the snake venom injury suffers from allergic side effects, The anti-snake venom F(ab’) 2 preparation achieves the purpose of improving the purity index and reducing the allergic side effects of snake venom-injured patients.

  • CN200910003964.0 provides a percutaneous absorption patch, which is a percutaneous absorption patch of fentanyl or its citrate, and is composed of a backing layer, a pharmaceutical preparation layer, and a protective layer. The backing layer is made of a material that is not permeable to drugs; the drug preparation layer is made of adhesive, polyethylene glycol monohexadecyl ether, n-octanoic acid and/or oleic acid, diethanolamine laurate and fenamic acid. It consists of tanyl or fentanyl citrate; the protective layer is a film or paper whose surface is impermeable to the drug and covered with a silicon polymer that can be removed before use. The weight ratio of adhesive, polyethylene glycol monohexadecyl ether, n-octanoic acid and/or oleic acid, diethanolamine laurate and fentanyl or fentanyl citrate in the pharmaceutical preparation layer is: 100:1~10:1~10:1~5:3~15. The transdermal absorption patch of the present invention can be well applied to the skin, and the drug fentanyl can be absorbed quantitatively by the human body through the skin for a long time, so the analgesic effect is lasting, safe and effective.

Preparation of Octanoic acid

The preparation method of pure octanoic acid firstly divides the raw material fatty methyl ester in the dividing tower at a temperature of 105-115°C and a discharge rate of 150-200Kg/h to obtain methyl octanoate; the hydrolysis of methyl octanoate is under the action of a catalyst. , the hydrolysis pressure is 0.85Mpa; the distillation of methyl octanoate is at a vacuum degree of 740mmHg, and the octanoic acid temperature is: 160°C.


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