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Basic Info of O-Toluidine

What is O-Toluidine?

O-toluidine is one of aromatic amine compounds (aromatic amine is a compound composed of benzene ring and amino group). Methyl ligands have different names in different positions of the benzene ring, and there are isomers in three positions, namely, ortho, meta and para. Toluidine has three isomers, namely o-toluidine, m-toluidine and p-toluidine. o-toluidine is an in situ substitute and m-toluidine is a shift substitute.

O-toluidine, also known as “o-aminotoluene”, is a colorless to light yellow liquid that turns reddish brown when exposed to air and light, and generates white precipitates when exposed to formaldehyde. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in dilute acid, alcohol and ether. Relative density: 1.004 (20 ℃); Melting point: – 16.3 ℃( β Type), – 24.4 ℃( α Type); Boiling point: 199.7 ℃; Flash point: 85 ℃; Self ignition point: 482.2 ℃; Steam density: 3.69. Its steam and empty gas can form an explosive mixture, and the maximum allowable concentration in the air is 5ppm. It can burn in case of open fire, and will emit toxic gas when exposed to high heat. Its toxicity is similar to that of aniline, and it is easy to form methemoglobin when entering the body, resulting in neurological disorders and cyanosis.

O-toluidine is an organic substance with the chemical formula of C7H9N. O-toluidine is generally made use of to make dyes. O-toluidine is extremely poisonous to people when absorbed with the skin, breathed in or swallowed in the form of vapor. Intense (temporary) direct exposure to o-toluidine in human beings influences the blood (i.e. methemoglobinemia) and is accompanied by scientific symptoms of main nerve system depression. Persistent (long-lasting) impacts of workers subjected to o-toluidine include anemia, anorexia, weight reduction, skin damages, main nerves anxiety, cyanosis, as well as methemoglobinemia. Pet research studies have actually revealed that lasting exposure to o-toluidine will certainly influence the spleen, liver, bladder and also blood. Occupational exposure to dyes, consisting of o-toluidine, is connected with an enhanced threat of bladder cancer. 2-toluidine hydrochloride (o-toluidine hydrochloride) is carcinogenic to rats and computer mice. O-toluidine has actually been categorized as Group B2 by EPA and may be a human health hazard.

O-Toluidine Uses

  1. O-toluidine is utilized for the determination of sugar in organic materials, as a forerunner for the synthesis of poly (o-toluidine) and copper nanoparticles compounds.
  2. O-toluidine is used in the manufacture of numerous dyes, printing as well as dyeing blue as well as black fabrics, and as an intermediate of rubber chemicals, pesticides as well as medications.
  3. O-toluidine is an intermediate of the fungicides tricyclazole, metalaxyl, furalaxyl, insecticides and acaricides, fenamidine, chlorpyrifos, herbicides isobutachlor, napropamide, acetochlor, etc. o-Toluidine is the main intermediate of dyes, which can be used to manufacture jujube red base GBC, scarlet base G, red base RL, chromophore As-D, acid red 3B, basic fuchsin, etc., and can manufacture reactive dyes.
  4. O-toluidine is a methemoglobin induced chemical as well as human health hazard. In 1922, the industrial production of o-toluidine was first reported in the USA. O-toluidine and also its hydrochloride are generally used as intermediates in the manufacture of dyes and pigments for published textiles, color digital photography and organic dyes. On top of that, o-toluidine is likewise used as an intermediate of rubber vulcanizing chemicals, medicines and pesticides. Other second usages include natural artificial intermediates and also medical lab reagents for sugar analysis (IARC, 2000, 2010; Woo as well as Lai, 2012).

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Application of O-Toluidine

O-toluidine is utilized or applied in different situations. It is most generally made use of in dyes, especially hair. Other uses o-toluidine are specific decision of sugar in blood, as well as one of the most recent one is splitting up of poisonous steel ions, which is still in the study phase.

  • Dyestuff
    Since the production of synthetic dyes in the 19th century, o-toluidine has actually been used as a dye precursor. In the complying with years, aromatic amines worked as forerunners of many consumer dyes and also pigments. Nonetheless, when the carcinogenicity of o-toluidine to pets is confirmed and also it may create cancer to people, the production of o-toluidine as well as its use in dye making have been basically prohibited in lots of parts of the Western and the East.

    Yet there are still some dyes based on this substance. The most popular substances are petroleum items and also yellow natural pigments. It is additionally a vital compound for the manufacturing of dyes 4-chloro-o-toluidine as well as 4-amino-2 ‘, 3-dimethylazobenzene.

  • Industry
    O-Toluidine is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of triphenylmethane dyes and saffron colors (Northcott 1978; Windholz 1983). It is an antioxidant and pharmaceutical intermediate in rubber manufacturing. It has been used as a laboratory reagent in glucose analysis, as well as to prepare ion exchange resins and make various colors acid resistant.

Synthesis of O-Toluidine

O-toluidine can be synthesized from toluene. It is very effective when the parent nitrium ion is used for direct aromatization, but o-toluidine can also be synthesized in other ways. For example, in the presence of aluminum trichloride, toluene is aminated with methylhydroxylamine or hydroxyammonium salt. The reaction using nitrium ions is not regioselective, and there will be many structural isomers in the product. Figure 2 shows a very general synthesis reaction of o-toluidine and other products (p-toluidine and m-toluidine). In order to obtain pure o-toluidine, isomers need to be separated.

  1. In dilute acid medium, o-nitrotoluene, iron powder and water are heated together to synthesize o-toluidine.
  2. O-nitrotoluene was preheated with hydrogen in an induction heater and hydrogenated to o-toluidine in the presence of copper catalyst. 
  3. Under the action of rhodium carbon catalyst, sodium ammonia aminates toluene to o-toluidine.
  4. Aniline is alkylated with methanol under the catalysis of ferric nitrate and germanium dioxide to obtain o-toluidine.


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