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Basic Info

What is O-Toluic Acid?

o-Toluic acid, also known as 2-methylbenzoic acid, is an aromatic carboxylic acid with the chemical formula (CH3)C6H4(COOH). It is an isomer of para methylbenzoic acid and meta methylbenzoic acid. When purified and recrystallized, ortho methylbenzoic acid forms needle shaped crystals. o-Toluic acid was first discovered by Sir William Ramsay, a renowned rare gas discoverer and Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 1904.

o-Toluic acid is a white crystalline solid at room temperature and pressure, slightly soluble in water and easily soluble in common organic solvents such as alcohol solvents. o-Toluic acid belongs to the benzoic acid class compounds and has significant acidity. It can undergo condensation reaction with alcohol compounds under acidic conditions to prepare corresponding ester derivatives. In addition, this compound is also a commonly used intermediate in pesticide chemical synthesis, which can be used in the production process of pesticide molecule herbicides such as rice grass, bensulfuron, and phosphoramide.

Obtained by catalytic oxidation of ortho xylene. Using ortho xylene as the raw material and cobalt naphthenate as the catalyst, ortho xylene continuously enters the oxidation tower for air oxidation at a temperature of 120 ℃ and a pressure of 0.245MPa. The oxidation liquid enters the stripping tower for concentration, crystallization, and centrifugation to obtain the finished product. Distill the mother liquor, recover o-xylene and some o-toluic acid, and discharge the residue. The yield is 74%. Each ton of product consumes 1300kg of ortho xylene (95%).

O-Toluic Acid Uses

O-Toluic acid can be used as an intermediate in organic synthesis and pesticide chemistry. For example, o-toluic acid is the main raw material for the production of the herbicide rice without grass. Rice without grass is a selective systemic herbicide that belongs to the sulfonylurea class. The herbicide is low-toxic to humans and animals, and low-toxic to fish, birds and bees. It is a rice field herbicide with high activity, strong selectivity, low toxicity, low residue, and good safety for crops. It was previously used to control sedges and broadleaf weeds in rice fields, and is now used to control broadleaf weeds in wheat fields.

O-Toluic acid is also a synthetic intermediate for the pesticide and fungicide phosphorus amide, which has good bactericidal effects on various powdery mildews, rice diseases and various oomycetes. In addition, o-toluic acid is also a raw material for the synthesis of the fungicides methane, phenoxystrobin, and trifloxystrobin.


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