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Basic Info of o-Phenanthroline

What is o-Phenanthroline?

O-phenanthroline is an organic compound with molecular formula C12H8N2. The solid is white crystal and dissolves in water to form a light yellow to yellow solution. When recrystallized with water, it contains a crystal water molecule. The o-phenanthroline hydrate is a white crystal. When recrystallized with benzene, there is no crystal water, and the melting point is 98-100 ℃ (117 ℃). The boiling point is above 360 ℃. Soluble in ethanol, benzene and acetone, insoluble in petroleum ether. It forms complexes with iron, copper, cobalt, nickel and 2,2-BIPYRIDINE, forms red complexes with Fe2 +, and oxidizes with potassium permanganate to obtain 2,2-bipyridine-3,3 ‘- dicarboxylic acid.

O-phenanthroline is a common redox indicator. It is a bidentate heterocyclic compound ligand, similar to 2,2-BIPYRIDINE. It is a common auxiliary ligand in the construction of crystal materials. It has a strong chelating property and can form very stable complexes with most metal ions. It can be used as a quantitative colorimetric reagent for copper and iron, and also as an indicator for cerium sulfate titration of iron salts; It can also be used as a dye for animal fibers.

O-phenanthroline can form facilities with different transition metals. Given that the complicateds created are chelate complexes, they are fairly steady. The complicateds and also their by-products formed with copper can be used as non-oxidative nucleic acid cleaving enzymes because they have particular cleavage activity on DNA, and also further have specific anticancer tasks.

o-Phenanthroline Uses

O-phenanthroline is a typical ligand for spectroscopic decision of steels and also spectroscopic evaluation of CO2 reduction. It is used for the cross-linking response of organic boronic acid catalyzed by Cu(II), etc. It can also be used as a redox sign as well as a reagent for the decision of ferrotitanium.

It forms facilities with iron, copper, cobalt, nickel as well as 2,2′-bipyridine, forms red facilities with Fe2+, as well as is oxidized with potassium permanganate to acquire 2,2′-dipyridyl-3,3′-dicarboxylate acid. It can be used as a measurable colorimetric reagent for copper as well as iron, and as an indication for titrating iron salts with cerium sulfate; it can likewise be used as a dye for pet fibers. The o-phenanthroline-Fe(II) indicator can be prepared by liquifying 1.485 g of o-phenanthroline monohydrate and 0.695 g of FeSO4-7H2O in 100 mL of water. Indicator for ceric sulfate titration of iron salts. A related ligand is red phenanthroline (BPT), 4,7-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline. O-phenanthroline can likewise be used for the analysis of the material of alkyl lithium substances. The details steps are to make the example react with a small amount (about 1 mg) of o-phenanthroline to provide a dark shade, and after that titrate with alcohol till the colorless titration end point is reached.

In the solution of pH=2 ~ 9, o-phenanthroline responds with divalent ferrous ion (Fe2+), the selectivity of this reaction is very high, and also the resulting orange-red complex is extremely secure, lgK stable = 21.3 (20 ° C), its option has an optimum absorption top at 510nm (visible light), as well as this shade reaction can be made use of to establish trace iron by visible light spectrophotometry.

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Application of o-Phenanthroline


  • 1,10-Phenanthroline – PubChem
  • CN201410517030.X Organo-silica hybrid capillary monolithic column modified by o-phenanthroline
  • Evaluation of uncertainty in the determination of iron content in industrial sodium hydroxide by 1,10-phenanthroline Spectrophotometry.

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