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Basic Info of Nonivamide

What is Nonivamide?

Chili peppers are one of the vegetables and spices that are widely consumed around the world, and their main spicy ingredient is capsaicin, whose chemical name is 8-methyl-6-decenyl vanillylamine. Capsaicin usually coexists with other capsaicinoids in capsicum, mainly including dihydrocapsaicin (DC), nordihydrocapsaicin (NDC), high capsaicin (HC) and homodihydrocapsaicin (HDC).

Capsaicin, also known as capsaicin, is the active ingredient in red peppers of the Capsicum genus. It is irritating to mammals including humans and can cause a burning sensation in the skin. Capsaicin and some related compounds, also known as capsaicinoids, may be secondary metabolites produced by peppers to prevent grazing by herbivores and parasitic fungi. Birds are usually not conscious capsaicinoids. Pure capsaicin is a water-repellent, lipophilic, anemic, odor free, crystalline or waxy substance.

Nonivamide, also known as vanillin nonanoate or PavA, is an organic compound and capsaicin. It is an amide of nonanoic acid (n-nonanoic acid) and vanillin amine. It is found in chili peppers, but is usually made synthetically. It is more heat-resistant than capsaicin.

Nonivamide Uses

  1. Nonivamide is mainly used in the production of single or compound ointments and other preparations, and is widely used in the treatment of arthritis, muscle pain, back pain, sports sprains and postherpetic neuralgia.
  2. The non-toxic biological antifouling paint made of capsaicin as an active ingredient to prevent the attachment of marine organisms is widely used in marine ships to prevent the adhesion of marine organisms and ensure the normal navigation of ships in the ocean. At the same time, it can be widely used in coastal areas. Thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and other equipment that require a large amount of seawater for heat exchange to prevent marine organisms from clogging the water inlet pipes.
  3. As a pest repellant, Nonivamide has been used in the manufacture of termite- and rodent-resistant functional plastic granules and coatings for electrical cables, underground buildings and domestic furniture manufacturing.
  4. Nonivamide, also known as vanillin nonanoate or PavA, is an organic compound and capsaicin. It is an amide of nonanoic acid (n-nonanoic acid) and vanillin amine. It is found in chili peppers, but is usually made synthetically. It is more heat-resistant than capsaicin.
  5. Nonivamide is also used in the confectionery sector to generate warm, as well as in some formulations in the pharmaceutical market as a less costly alternative to capsaicin.
  6. Like capsaicin, it prevents creatures (however not birds or pests) from consuming plants or seeds (such as the seeds of squirrels and bird feeders). This follows the impact of nonivamide as TRPV1 ion channel agonist. Animal TRPV1 is triggered by heat as well as capsaicin, however birds are not sensitive to capsaicin.
  7. Nonivamide is used as a payload for “non lethal munitions”, such as the FN 303 projectile of FN Herstal or as an active ingredient in the majority of pepper sprays, as well as can be made use of as a chemical weapon.
  8. As a chemical irritant, pepper spray is made use of not only as anti riot ammo, but additionally as a tool to disperse calm demonstrators; They are additionally used in other circumstances, such as armed forces or police training exercises.

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Physiological Function of Capsaicin

  1. Reduce fatigue
    Capsaicin can specifically bind to sensitive receptors in the human body, release signal molecules to act on the transport channels of special cations, and then release specific active substances to reduce fatigue.

  2. Hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering
    Capsaicin’s hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering effects are mainly accomplished by acting on lipid-related cytokines, acting on intestinal flora and regulating bacteria.

    Insulin plays an important role in regulating fat content, and several types of monocytes in adipocytokines can affect insulin by triggering inflammation. The effect of capsaicin is to reduce these types of monocytes that have an adverse effect on insulin action to lower blood sugar and lower lipids. The intestinal flora is closely related to the intake, metabolism and storage of glycolipids by the human body. The structure of the intestinal flora will be affected by various substances absorbed by the human body. Among them, capsaicin can act on the intestinal flora to change its structure and diversity, so as to achieve the purpose of lowering blood sugar and lipids.

    Capsaicin reduces the body’s intake of food by increasing the concentration of anorectic hormones and reducing the concentration of dietary hormones, so that the body’s energy intake is lower than the energy consumption.

  3. Protect the stomach
    Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa caused by various reasons, which has a serious adverse effect on the digestive system. Due to the strong irritating properties of capsaicin, it is generally believed that capsaicin will have adverse effects on the human intestine, and is especially not suitable for patients with gastritis. However, current research has shown that small doses of capsaicin not only do not cause damage to the stomach, but can also repair damage to the gastric mucosa.

Application of Capsaicin in Food

  • Spicy and spiciness applications in beverages
    Water-soluble capsaicin, placed in drinks, is colorless and transparent, it will not affect the original color of the product, and the taste is still very soft and spicy, so it will not conflict with coffee or drinks, and the main taste will not be affected. Spicy will give you a kind of unexpected surprise. Therefore, the current drinks are also matched with salty flavors, which will collide with different effects and concepts.
  • Application in meat products
    Capsaicin Function: Apply water-soluble granular capsaicin to meat products. During the marinating process, capsaicin quickly dissolves in the marinade and penetrates into the meat product, which not only plays a role in removing fishy smell, but also enhances the delicious taste of the meat. After being coated in flour, fried, the color is golden and not black. The taste in the mouth is fresh and crisp, and the spicy feeling is soft and even.


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