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Basic Info

What is Nonanoic Acid?

Pelargonic acid, also called nonanoic acid, is a colorless transparent liquid at normal temperature and pressure. Nonanoic acid is an organic compound with certain polarity and acidity, and has a series of characteristic physical and chemical properties, which determine its application in many fields, such as the preparation of spices, coatings, plastics and rubber.

Nonanoic acid can undergo oxidation reactions, for example, it can be oxidized to nonanoic acid peroxide by hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, it can be reduced to heptane. Nonanoic acid can react with alcohols to form corresponding esters. For example, reaction with ethanol produces nonyl acetate, a common ingredient in fragrances and paints. Nonanoic acid is an organic acid that can react with bases to form corresponding salts, for example, sodium nonanoate can be produced by reacting with sodium. Nonanoic acid can react with hydroxylamine to form nonanoyl oxime, which is a commonly used chemical reagent.

Nonanoic acid is a relatively stable organic acid, which has good thermal stability and is not prone to thermal decomposition reaction under normal conditions. Nonanoic acid can be oxidized by oxidizing agents such as potassium permanganate, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide, so its stability in oxidizing environments will be affected. Nonanoic acid is an organic acid that can react with bases to form corresponding salts. In an alkaline environment, the stability of nonanoic acid will be reduced.

Nonanoic Acid Uses

  1. In the manufacturing of water-soluble salts (water-soluble salts form liquid remedies, which liquify a little soluble substances to a greater level than water); Used for manufacturing paints and also plastics.
  2. An intermediate used in the production of cleaning agents, bleach activators, and also polyol esters as lubricants for fibers as well as jet turbines.
  3. The primary uses nonanoic acid are in natural synthesis, as well as in the production of varnishes, plastics, drugs, artificial odors and also condiments, gasoline ingredients, flotation agents, lubricating substances, and plastic plasticizers. Azonic acid has discovered some uses in pharmaceutical preparations, as local bactericide and also Fungicide. It is also used as a herbicide.
  4. The natural synthetic resources can be oxidized to produce Azelaic acid, ammoniated and also hydrogenated to produce nonamine, and pressurized hydrogenation to produce nonanol. Non acid is likewise used in the production of non acid ester plasticizers and also as a paint drying representative. Azonic acid has a light fat as well as coconut fragrance. It is allowed to use as a food spice according to GB2760-86 in China, and also is generally utilized to prepare coconut and also berry essence.
  5. Nonanoic acid is normally present in geranium oil as an ester. It is often utilized together with the non discerning herbicide Glyphosate to accomplish the result of swiftly eliminating grass weeds. It is also an efficient antifungal representative that can prevent the spore germination and mycelium development of pathogenic fungi. Its artificial esters, such as methyl nonanoate, can be utilized as flavoring representatives. In addition, it can likewise be used to prepare plasticizers and varnishes. It can likewise be utilized to treat Seizure.

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Application of Nonanoic Acid

Nonanoic acid and its derivatives can be used as polymer plasticizers to increase the flexibility, ductility and toughness of polymers, and improve the impact resistance and crack resistance of polymers.

Nonanoic acid can be used as a plasticizer in the production of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and other plastic products. The carboxyl group and carbon chain structure of nonanoic acid can be used to synthesize various lubricants, such as gear oil, machine oil, grease, etc.

The synthesis of nonanoic acid derivatives can introduce different functional groups through chemical reactions to adjust the properties and uses of lubricants. For example, nonanoic acid ester lubricants can be synthesized by reacting nonanoic acid with polyether monools, which have good lubricating properties, low toxicity and good biodegradability.

Nonanoic acid can also be used to prepare ionic surfactants, such as sodium nonyl sulfonate. These ionic surfactants can be used to prepare various detergents and detergents with good surface activity and cleaning ability.


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